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New Mattress Back Pain- A Detailed Guide

As a person who is very sensitive to his bed, I have suffered for a long time with chronic back pain. After seeking treatment from various orthopedic doctors, I finally came to the realization that the problem was not with my body, but my sleeping habits.

All I did was change my mattress and it saved me from the back pain that was plaguing me for months. A simple mattress can cause you a lifetime of pain or grant you instant relief just by changing it to one more suited to your body. So the simple question is,

Will a new mattress help back pain? Does a new mattress help back pain?

The simple answer is yes, a new mattress is the most surefire way to get rid of back pain once and for all. A new mattress can relieve a variety of pain in the joints, hips, and back.

5 Best New Mattresses for Back Pain

  1. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress
  2. Sweetnight 12 Inch Queen Size Mattress
  3. 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress
  4. LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress
  5. LUCID L300 Bed Base 5 Minute Assembly Adjustable Bed Mattress

However, adjusting to a new mattress can take some time. Some people face back pain in new mattresses. Again there also reports of new mattresses causing hip pain.

So it is important to understand which type of mattress suits you to prevent pain.

In this article, we will show you how to choose the perfect new mattress for back pain and help you figure out if your new mattress is causing back pain.

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How Mattresses Cause Back Pain

Your back might hurt for a number of reasons, it can be because of stress, over-exertion, exercise or various types of diseases. But your back pain might also be exaggerated by your mattress.

Can a mattress make your back hurt?

If you wake up in the morning with your back hurting, then the pain is probably because of your mattress.

Back pain caused by mattresses is usually muscular in nature, for example, if you wake up and your back feels stiff and aches whenever you try to move, it may be because your mattress is uneven and causing your muscles to tense up when you sleep.

If your mattress is old it might form lumps and indentations in different areas so when you sleep on it’s uneven surface it causes pain in your muscles, especially those of your back as it tries to adjust. In most cases, your old mattress is causing lower back and hip pain.

New Mattress Back Pain

Again, different types and different qualities of mattress are made from different materials. Some materials might not be suited to your particular needs. In this case sleeping on a mattress that isn’t suited to you may cause prolonged pain in back, shoulders, hip, joints, and various other health problems in the future.

If you find any similarity with your current sleeping situation with those stated above then it’s probably time for you to change your mattress.

Mattress Back Pain Symptoms

How to tell if your bed is causing back pain?

If your mattress is causing back pain, the first sign is getting back ache when you wake up which gradually recedes within 15 to 30 minutes after stretching.

Another symptom is waking up frequently in the middle of sleep and tossing and turning to get in a comfortable position.

The general pain can be hard to describe, but normally associated with stiffness and aching, radiating from a wide area. The pain is deep and muscular, which is relieved by stretching and light exercise.

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Guide to Choosing the Perfect New Mattress To Get Rid of Back pain

So you’ve learned that your mattress can cause back pain, and it’s now time for a change. But how do you know which mattress is suited for you? What are the benefits of a firm mattress over a soft one? Is a memory mattress better than a latex one? Which mattress is least likely to cause you discomfort are a pain? What are your options if you have lower back pain need new mattress?

In this guide, we will show you how to choose the perfect mattress for you.

Types of mattresses to choose from:

Before you choose a mattress, it’s first necessary to know what your options are. The market is filled with many types of mattresses, which differ in quality, material, and the way they are manufactured.

So let’s look at the different types of mattresses you can buy today:

Innerspring mattresses:

Innerspring mattresses are a classic design first developed in the 1880s. The mattress is so named because of the metallic support coils or springs embedded within it, which gives its springiness and support.

Most innersprings today have other materials such as memory foam and latex to add more comfort. The quality of an innerspring mattress depends on its coils. If the coils are of high quality and are moderate to high in density, the mattress is considered to be high quality as well.

There are also various comfort and cooling layers on top of the coils to make the mattress more comfortable.

The downside of innerspring mattresses is that the coils gradually lose their elasticity (their springiness) that might cause sagging, which if not addressed in time, can cause back pain.

Memory foam mattresses:

Memory foam mattresses are made from a space age material called memory foam which was first developed by NASA for astronauts. This unique material can change its shape in response to heat and pressure.

So as a sleeping surface it takes the shape of your body and preserves it’s natural posture. This is incredibly important for a good night’s sleep, maintaining muscle tone and preventing back pain.

Memory foam mattresses are made from a kind of visco-elastic substance which is a type of high density polyurethane foam. The mattress has a bottom layer called the support core and then another layer called transition foam and finally a top layer called comfort layer or memory foam.

Generally the higher density of foam, the better the mattress. Newer types of memory foam mattresses include a gel-infused layer which adds comfort but also causes increased heat accumulation while sleeping.

There are now eco-friendly memory foams which use plant-sourced and biodegradable components thus reducing it’s impact on the environment. Memory foam mattresses are now the largest growing type of mattress in the market.

Latex mattress:

Latex mattresses have been around since the 1930s. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are made from an all-natural material called latex. Latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree. Thus it’s eco-friendly and sustainable.

A true latex mattress is made from 100% natural latex derived from the sap of the rubber tree. Most latex mattresses are not made from a single layer of foam, but from several layers having varying degrees of thickness and density.

As like memory foam mattresses, they have a support core for their bottom layer and a top player which is engineered for comfort. You can find both natural and synthetic latex mattresses in the market.

Synthetic mattresses might seem similar to natural latex, but it isn’t eco-friendly. A synthetic latex mattress costs less than natural latex but all in all it’s not a good option.

Adjustable air beds:

Adjustable air beds are advertised to give you the feeling of sleeping on clouds, and to some extent they do deliver.

Adjustable air beds have a huge advantage as they allow you to precisely adjust the level of firmness of any area of the bed. Air beds contain individual air chambers which can be adjusted by inflating or deflating for a precise level of comfort.

This is done through an electric pump which is controlled via a remote or app. The number of chambers can vary from to 2 to 10 or even more and there can be anywhere from 20 to 100 possible settings.

Adjustable air beds provide the ultimate level of comfort as it can cater to almost anybody’s sleeping requirements, to the minutest level.

However, they can be quite expensive.

Hybrid mattresses:

Hybrid mattresses are generally mattresses made from various materials and made by incorporating different types of suspension or support system.

For example, a hybrid mattress can have a support core, a steel coil system with an added gel layer and a memory foam top layer. Hybrid mattresses try to give you the best of each type of mattress in a single package.

However, because of its complexity choosing a hybrid mattress can be tricky and also expensive. It’s important to keep your requirements in mind while shopping for a hybrid mattress.

Adjusting to a new mattress:

You might not see results immediately, but if you have chosen the right mattress you can really feel the difference from the first night.

Why is my new mattress causing upper back pain?

You might experience aching or lower back pain after a new mattress. Back pain due to a mattress is not at all uncommon. So is neck pain with new mattress. Most people experience back pain in new mattress. Do allow yourself 2 or 3 days before making a decision.

Normally it takes anywhere from around 30 to 90 days to fully break in a mattress. This period can vary on the basis of the type of mattress and it’s quality.

New mattress back pain is a real problem. If you see the mattress you’ve chosen does not seem to be helping you or the new mattress is causing back pain, you should seek the advice of your physician.

How to sleep healthy and prevent back pain:

Back Pain is often caused due to posture while sleeping, so it’s important to be mindful of the way you sleep and the way your body is positioned.

Lying on the right side of your body is a medically proven way of preventing back pain and ensuring a sound sleep.

As the heart remains above the level of the body, and the left lung is lighter and smaller, sleeping in this manner ensures adequate blood flow while sleeping.

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Make sure that your head is parallel to the body by placing a pillow between your shoulder and your head.

If your neck is placed at an oblique angle, it might cause neck pain and stiff shoulders.

It’s important that the pillow is firm enough to support the weight of your head but also soft enough to be comfortable.

Sleeping in this manner can greatly reduce pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and joints.

The FAQs About New Mattress And Back Pain:

Our Reader asked us many questions about new mattress back pain. Bellow I have tried to answer a few of them.

Q. Can a new mattress help back pain? Or, can a new mattress help lower back pain?

 Answer: If your back pain is being caused by an old mattress, switching to a new one can definitely help reduce back pain and restore back ache.

Q. How long does it take to get used to a new mattress?

Answer: It takes about 30 to 90 days to fully break in a new mattress. However, this period varies on the basis on the type of mattress and personal preference.

Q. What’s the best mattress for back pain in side sleepers? Which is the best mattress lower back pain side sleeper?

Answer: If you are a side sleeper, then the softer the mattress, the better you can sleep. Soft to medium-soft mattresses allow your arm to rest easily without going numb. 

So try to find a mattress which is soft and delicate. Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice in this regard.

Q. Is it normal to have back pain with a new mattress?

Answer: Sometimes you get back pain from a new mattress. As it takes quite some time for your body to break into a new mattress, it is quite normal to experience mild to moderate back pain adjusting to new mattress in the first few days.

Q. My new mattress is giving me back pain, what should I do? What to do if new mattress causing upper back pain?

 Answer: If your new mattress is giving you back pain, you should consult your physician. There are many reports of new firm mattress causing back pain. Check if the mattress you have chosen is firm or soft enough for your back, also compare different mattresses to see which one gives you the most comfort.

Q. Can a new mattress cause back and hip pain? Or, is my new mattress causing hip pain?

Answer:  New mattress and hip pain are a bad combination. Mattresses can take quite some time to be adjusted, so your mattress might cause back and hip pain. However, if the back pain in new mattress is prolonged excessively, it is wise to seek the advice of a doctor.

Q. Can a new mattress cause lower back pain? Or, my new mattress is causing lower back pain, what should I do?

Answer: New mattress lower back pain is a common problem. New mattresses can take quite some time to be adjusted, so your mattress might cause lower back pain. If the pain is prolonged excessively, it is wise to seek the advice of a doctor.

Q. Can a new mattress cause back and neck pain? Or, what should I do if  I have new mattress back and neck pain?

Answer: New mattresses can take quite some time to be adjusted, so your mattress might cause back and neck pain. If the pain is prolonged excessively, it is wise to seek the advice of a doctor.

Q. Is my new memory foam mattress causing back pain?

Answer: If you’re used to firm types of mattresses, then a memory foam mattress might take some time to get used to. During this time, it is likely that the memory foam mattress might cause back pain.

Q. Is my new latex mattress causing back pain?

Answer: Latex mattresses are made from various soft layers of latex foam which are shock-absorbing and quite soft. If you are not used to such types of mattresses before, then it might cause back pain.

Q. Is my mattress causing rib pain?

Answer: If you are experiencing rib pain while sleeping, it is most likely caused by your sleeping posture. If you sleep on your chest for a prolonged period of time, it might cause rib pain. However, your mattress is not likely the cause of rib pain.

Q. What should I do if I get back pain on my new mattress?

Answer: If you get back pain on your new mattress, it probably means the mattress you’ve chosen is not suitable for your body. Try reviewing your choice and compare it to different types to find the best suitable mattress for you. You can also consult your physician for advice.

Q. What is the best mattress back pain relief?

Answer: If you are experiencing back pain due to a firm mattress or have mattress back ache, then a soft mattress is the obvious solution. However, it’s best to seek advice from your physician to assess your back health and find the best mattress for your back pain.

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