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Can You Use Neosporin for Anal Fissure: Is It Effective?

It is more likely that gastrointestinal issues such as indigestion and anal fissure will occur with a poor diet and unhygienic living conditions. Many ointments and creams are available on the market for anal fissures. However, not all ointments are suitable for treating anal fissures.

Topical medications like Neosporin are popular due to their soothing effects on tears and cuts. But can you also use Neosporin anal fissures?

You can use Neosporin to relieve itching and pain in the anus. As well as reducing inflammation, it also strengthens the anus epithelium. But it is only an ointment that helps you feel comfortable for a while by reducing itching. It is not a proper treatment. For fast and proper recovery, you must consult your doctor.

Consider all the factors listed below when researching Neosporin’s use to treat anal fissures.

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What Is Neosporin?

A topical antibiotic medication called Neosporin is used to treat minor cuts, burns, and scrapes on the skin. To kill bacteria on the skin, it is only intended for topical use.

Additionally, it is used as a pain reliever. Although Neosporin doesn’t contain any ingredients that relieve pain in its original formulation. However, packaging available in the market also contains some active ingredients that make it versatile in its use as a pain reliever.


Another Neosporin packaging with its specific components can also help remove or lighten burn and cut scarring.

Apart from the uses listed above, doctors can also prescribe Neosporin for a variety of other purposes. 

Can You Use Neosporin Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure is a small tear in the epithelial lining of the anus, that often comes with bleeding and severe pain during bowel movements.

Neosporin, on the other hand, works primarily by killing bacteria. You can use it for the cleansing of the anal lining to prevent infection. People suffering from anal fissures and irritating hemorrhoids often use Neosporin to get relief from itching and pain. 


But, patients should not consider it a treatment for anal fissures. It can just soothe you from irritation for some period. You should consult your doctor for proper medication and treatment to recover from anal fissures.

How Does Neosporin Work?

Neosporin contains some specific active and inactive ingredients that promote its use with anal fissures. Let’s examine the properties of Neosporin that can soothe external anal ailments.

One of the inactive Neosporin ingredients is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has lubricating properties that effectively prevent friction in anal linings, which otherwise can worsen minor cuts in the anus. Just keep in mind, that in our daily routine activities, movement is the most crucial one. 

Whenever we move or do some strenuous physical activity, it results in friction which further ruptures the small cuts or tears in the epithelial membrane of the anus. Thus, Neosporin’s lubricating base prevents small cuts from expanding.

Neosporin cream also works by preventing inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce the risk of swelling in the anus. Otherwise, swelling can worsen the condition by increasing pain.


In addition, Neosporin contains some ingredients added by manufacturers that increase its pain-relieving effects. In most cases, combining Neosporin with another pain reliever is the most effective method of treating anal pain.

What Are the Better Alternatives of Neosporin for Anal Fissures?

If you are not finding Neosporin effective in treating anal fissures, you should use some other creams and ointments. Always choose ointments that contain are free of harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients including herbs and amino acids are effective painkillers without any side effects. Use topical ointments that contain these natural substances. 

Polysporin can be a better Neosporin alternative. It is also an antibiotic topical cream manufactured by the same company as Neosporin. For better and more effective recovery from anal fissures, recommend your doctor.

How to Recover Anal Fissure Fast?

You must be interested in knowing, how to heal a fissure fast.

Besides medications, you should add some habits to your daily routine to recover fast from anal fissures. The primary recovery activities that patients should follow are listed below:

  • Increase the intake of fluid. Drink more water in a day. You can also replace your diet with juicy foods like fruits. Juices and shakes will also be a good source of water in the body.
  • Take a fiber-rich diet including fruits and vegetables. Dietary fibers prevent indigestion and constipation. These abdominal ailments can worsen the anal fissure by making hard stools.
  • Avoid strain during bowel movements. Putting pressure while excreting stools can worsen the cuts on the epithelium of the anus. 
  • Adapt the habit of sitting hot water bath one to two times a day. This will help in cleansing the area and soothing the irritation and itching in the anus.

What Are the Effective Treatments of Anal Fissures?

You should treat anal fissures as soon as you know about them. If left untreated, it can result in severe external hemorrhoids. So, how to heal anal fissures with greater chances of recovery? Here are some of the effective methods to treat anal fissures.


Nitroglycerin applied externally on the anal lining enhances blood flow to cuts and fissures. It relaxes and soothes the anal sphincter and promotes healing. More blood flow towards the anus, provide more essential nutrients and increase the recovery rate.


Although nitroglycerin promotes fast healing it can result in some side effects mainly headaches.

Botox Injection

Botulinum toxin type A or Botox injections are effective in paralyzing the anal sphincter muscle. It relaxes and soothes muscle spasms, thus relieving itching and pain in the anus.

Topical Ointments 

Topical anesthetic creams such as Neosporin and lidocaine hydrochloride (Xylocaine) may help relieve itching, pain, and irritation. These topical medications also reduce the risk of bacterial infection.


If creams and medications remain unaffected in treating anal fissures, surgery is still an option. Doctors usually perform a procedure called lateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS), which involves cutting a small portion of the anal sphincter muscle to reduce spasms and pain and promote healing.

Surgery is the most effective method in treating anal fissures, but it can cause some side effects. It can result in mild to severe pain, bleeding, constipation, and difficulty in bowel movements. There is also the chance of the anal fissure occurring again.

Bottom Line

Neosporin is used for soothing effects from burns and cuts on the skin, but can you also use Neosporin for anal fissures?

Neosporin can aid with anal fissure by soothing some of its symptoms, The lubricating, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects of Neosporin make it beneficial for curing cuts or tears on epithelial linings of the anus. But, you should not consider it a proper treatment for anal fissures. Medications including injections are always in need of proper recovery. 


To sort out the confusion about Neosporin and anal fissure, let’s find out the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Does Neosporin Help Hemorrhoids?

Yes, Neosporin can be used to relieve hemorrhoids. The pain relieving, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Neosporin promotes its use with external anal disorders. It soothes irritation in epithelial linings. But, keep in mind that Neosporin is not the proper treatment for hemorrhoids, you must have to consult your doctor for fast recovery.

How Do I Choose the Best Anal Fissure Ointment?

Harsh chemicals in ointments used for anal fissures can worsen the condition. It can increase the pain and burning sensation. Always read out the ingredients before buying any ointments. Choose creams and ointments with natural ingredients like herbs, minerals, and amino acids. These ingredients will help you recover with fewer side effects.

Is Neosporin the Best Way to Treat Anal Fissures?

Neosporin is just a topical ointment that can prevent bacterial infection and soothes pain in the anus. It also prevents the inflammation of the anus but does not completely recover the anal fissure. There is always a need for proper medication and even surgery to treat anal fissures. 

Is Anal Fissure Surgery Risky?

An anal fissure is first treated with medications and ointments. If it does not recover, surgery is the last option. Surgery known as lateral internal sphincterotomy is done by doctors to treat it. It can result in some side effects including rectal bleeding, constipation, and difficult bowel movements. Also, there are chances of anal fissures to re-occur.

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