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Lower Belly Pooch Won’t Go Away

We all love a fit and slim body. Society has visualized the feminine part to be slender and beautiful. But, in reality, our bodies vary from one to another. Some of us are of average weight. Some of us are little off the charts. Moreover, there are undernourished people.

Look at the mirror. Does your body make you worried about weight? Do you want to shed those extra pounds on your lower belly? Sadly, your lower belly pooch won’t go away that easily. You need to work for it. Maybe, you will not see the result right away. But do not give up!

You may be a newbie mom. The joy of seeing your baby’s face is wonderful for you. But this tremendous journey of pregnancy has made your body fat. This stubborn mom pooch won’t go away unless you are willing to change. This article will guide you on how to get rid of belly fat that won’t go away. Stay tuned.

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Pregnancy: Lower Belly Fat

There is no doubt that pregnancy is the most memorable experience for every woman. Though it is hard and tiring, they are willing to go with it. The period is extended. It takes nine months or more to see your offspring, the part of your own womb.

Pregnancy or gestational period is the time from fertilization up to the delivery of your precious little one. It can last for about nine months or less. Some may have a more extended pregnancy period. During this time, your body goes through some phenomenal changes. These particular adaptations are useful for your body. It helps your body to accommodate your growing child.

Weight gain is a common thing for any mother. Some may gain average, some may gain less. Surprisingly, some women gain more pounds than the average amount. This is common for people having more fatty tissue than usual. This pounds of growth gathers in your lower belly fat.

Some like to call it baby pooch. Sounds sweet, but in reality, it is troubling for many new mothers. These stubborn belly fats have a negative impact on their body and mind. The uncontrolled increase in body fat gives rise to the body’s BMI. Some may carry on gaining more weight later in their life.

What Causes Lower Belly Pooch?

If you develop a habit of consuming a balanced and healthy diet, it is enough for you and your baby. Some possess this peculiar idea that you must eat double of your healthy meals during your pregnancy. That is absolutely false information. This can lead to excessive lower belly pooch!

So moms, eat whatever you eat normal days. No need to overestimate your calories and no need for overfeeding. Even, many doctors advise maintaining a normal diet chart. Just add some extra calories, about 500 to 600, enough for the little one growing inside your tummy. Eat fresh and eat daily.

It is never essential to maintain the norm to eat for two. On the other hand, you will gain weight despite eating normally. It is a normal physiological process. Eventually, mothers gain ten to twelve pounds throughout the pregnancy. It is the combined mass of your baby’s weight and lower belly fat.

Fat Belly Fix

Baby Pooch: Why you gain more than others?

Pregnancy is a hard time for your body. To combat the extreme time, your body collects some belly fat, you know, for emergency use. We already mentioned, gaining weight is entirely normal. But gaining more than average is undoubtedly alarming.

Do you face this problem during your motherhood? Maybe someone you know has it? Well, science does not know the exact reason. There are some risk factors that may cause stubborn lower belly fat. Many researchers have found a common link between your weight gain and the body’s natural physique.

Are you worried about your baby pooch? It may affect your outlook on life. These may be the reasons for your over the counter gains during pregnancy:

  1. Overeating: During your pregnancy, certain hormones increase in your body. These are progesterone, oxytocin, prolactin, etc. These chemicals are necessary for the baby’s growth. Unfortunately, these may accelerate your food craving and cause you to eat more than usual.
  2. Junk food: Eating junk foods like fast foods, cold drinks, burgers, etc. causes an increase in your fatty content. Your body stores these in the lower belly and hip lines.
  3. Drugs: Some drugs may accumulate in your body and cause gaining more pounds.
  4. High BMI: BMI or body mass index means the ratio of your weight to the total body surface. If you have a high BMI, you may gain more belly fats.

Stubborn belly fat: When the judge won’t budge!

Let’s face it, we all desire to be slim and trendy. After the turmoil of majestic motherhood, you will find it difficult to stay that way. Maybe, you can not even fit in those jeans that you loved the most! We get some questions about this painful situation. Why my belly fat won’t go away? Why on the earth, my side fat won’t go away?

Sure, those belly fat can be really stubborn sometimes. You may need some extra works to get rid of it. These are no apparent reasons why your body doesn’t let go of those stubborn lower belly fat. Some researchers proclaimed that maybe your estrogens have something to do with it.

During pregnancy, your body produces less amount of estrogen than progesterone. So, after the delivery of the baby, there is a rapid rise in the level of estrogen. This hormone has a tendency to store fat into the breast and lower belly. After the pregnancy, this can lead to premature obesity.

Others have found that the contents of our fatty tissues play a vital role in this process. If your body contains more white adipose tissue or saturated fat, it will use less of those fats. So, even after the pregnancy is over, your lower belly pooch won’t go away after pregnancy like the rest of others!

The reality: Why your belly fat won’t go away!

Ok ladies! Let’s not panic here! Even if you gained some extra mass, you still are perfect. This new role being a mom has already troubled you enough. Those baby pooch will not change the real you.

But, in reality, this overgrowth can be a health issue. On a study of the British Public Health Association, scientists found an alarming thing. Lower belly fat can cause a permanent weight gain. This premature obesity can cause many diseases and syndromes. So, you may like to know what is causing the problem. We listed the 7 reasons why your belly pooch won’t go away?

  1. Pregnancy at an older age

    Our reproduction period span from the early twenties to menopause. The older you are, the more likely for you to gain excessive weight. Mainly because of the slowing down of your normal metabolism and digestion.

  2. Prenatal obesity

    Obesity is the root of many problems. If you are slightly off the weight charts, you may gain more pounds than others. Obese people have greater BMI than normal. Their body tends to store more fatty tissue. Eventually, this process accelerated during pregnancy.

  3. Diet

    If you have habits of eating fast food and heavy meals, we have bad news for you. These pungent foods may look mouthwatering, but these will cost your health. These produce saturated fat and stores as lower belly fat.

  4. Lifestyle

    If you lead a sedentary life, you may gain more weight during pregnancy. You may lay lazy on the couch, not a care of the world. But it is incredibly harmful.

  5. Smoking

    Smoking is harmful, whether you are pregnant or not. It decreases your fat metabolism. So, fats have nowhere to go.

  6. Dehydration

    Water is essential for our body. It is crucial even more during your pregnancy. If you drink waterless, your digestion will slow down. So, fats will store in your body.

  7. Family predisposition

    Some say obesity runs in your family. If your mother or aunt had faced this problem, you might also have it.

Disadvantages of having lower belly fat:

Fatty tissues are not purely evil, as the media like to proclaim. But anything excess of the average level may cause harm to your body. Those stubborn lower belly fat are good until a specific time limit. If they continue to store in the lower belly, it may cause problems.

Note that every mother may not face the same problems. Even if they do, severity and duration may vary. The side effects of having lower belly fats are:

  1. Overweight: If you don’t get rid of your baby pooch, they may stay forever. This can lead to an increase in body weight. Some may have higher hip circumference. You may be lost your typical body figure
  2. Diseases: Obesity has always warranted for graver health issues. Excessive weight is never good for you. You may face severe cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, renal disease, and the list continues.
  3. Mental health: Conception is a stressful period itself. Gaining weight may cause anxiety and depression for many moms. Postnatal Blues may be troublesome, mainly for a new mom.
  4. Poor baby care: If you are not sound bodily, your mind will be distressed as well. The little one may not have the love and nurture it needs. It will affect the baby’s growth and development.

Baby pooch: Ways to get rid of it

As we have approached the end, the most important question arises. How can you get rid of lower belly fat? Are there any ways to wash off these stubborn belly pooch? Well, yes! No need to worry about the extra weights. Follow some simple rules and watch them vanish in weeks!

lower baby pooch lose exercise

We have searched high and low, to find the best ways to shed your lower baby pooch. One thing we like to mention, not every rule applies to everyone. Choose something that will suit you and your body.

These 8 are the best ways you can follow so that your belly fats will go away:

  1. Changes in diet: We are not telling you to starve to death. On the contrary, it is totally harmful to both you and your newborn. Just make some adjustments to your regular meal. Cut down saturated carbs and fats. Use a plant source for your nutrients. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. At this point read this List of  25 Vegetables to Lose Belly Fat Naturally.
  2. Drink plenty of water: Don’t dehydrate yourself. Drink at least eight or more glass of uncontaminated water. Make juices of fresh fruits such as orange, mango, guava, berry, etc. Avoid soft drinks in every possible way.
  3. Exercise: Try some easy activities. Walk for an hour in the morning or afternoon. Try hand exercises. These will be helpful for your organs, too.
  4. Stop smoking: Don’t continue smoking. Try reducing the amount step by step. Try alternative ways to satisfy your tobacco cravings.
  5. Consult a professional: If you still having a hard time controlling your weight, visit a professional. Meet a doctor or nutritionist. He will guide you through this process.
  6. Try supplements: There are many supplements available for burn lower belly fat. You can try them. You may check these top 10 Belly fat burner.
  7. Go out: Your mind needs refreshment, too. Studies show that your mood controls your hormone levels. Hormones control your metabolism. If you are cheerful, you will burn fats faster. Go out with friends. Enjoy dinner with your family.
  8. Couple help: You don’t have to fight this battle alone. You have your partner by your side. Try a new workout together. Go on a hike or just an evening stroll in the park.

In the end:

In the end, you are who you are. You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t let those belly fats let you think otherwise. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Healthy you say a healthy and happy baby.

We hope this article will help you to reduce your total body fat as well as Stomach fat that won’t go away. As always, thanks for reading. Be happy, and be blessed!

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