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Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet – Secret Weight Loss of Jessie James Decker

Do you think only you are concerned about your weight? No, not at all.

A large number of people are overweight or obese around the world; you are one of them. Don’t worry; you can be slim again if you can follow some rules and specific diet habits. Can’t you believe it? Ask me why?

Hope, you know Jessie James Decker, who is an American famous pop singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and reality television personality. She has lost 25lbs weight, where her expectation was lower than the amount.

Do you know what secret lies behind this? It is only the south beach diet. If she can lose about 25lbs, why can’t she? We should know details about Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet and her weight loss plan.

So that we can discover a secret that will help us to lose weight as our expectation. So, we need to know the south beach diet first, right? Then we will know how Jessie James Decker loses her weight with the South Beach Diet.

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What is the South Beach Diet?

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South beach diet is a mixture of 3 types of food (Carbohydrate, protein, and fat) where the ratio of these three kinds of foods is maintained so that the diet can help to lose weight. You know this composition was invented by someone who’s named Dr. Arthur Agatston. He is a famous American cardiologist.

Dr. Arthur had been thinking about this diet from the 1990s. He advised this diet for many patients, and he noticed the patients become well day by day, and they lose weight significantly. And ultimately, he had reached in a decision in 2003 that this diet response excellently on weight loss. After that, he included this south beach diet to his most selling book, “The South Beach Diet.”

The diet contains a maximum portion of unsaturated fat, a moderate amount of protein, and the minimum amount of low-glycemic-index (The carbohydrate that releases glucose slowly into the body after intake) carbohydrates.

The diet indeed contains low carbohydrates, but it is not like a strict low-carb diet. That is why you don’t need to count the carbs that you are taking. Also, I want to make you understand this south beach diet is not directly equal to a ketogenic diet.

Nowadays, the south beach diet becomes one of the most popular commercial foods only because of its effectiveness. This is an ideal diet for those persons who want to go on a weight-loss event and get the result quickly with a healthy diet.

How Does the South Beach Diet Work?

It is essential to know how this diet will work for you. This diet has three phases; two phases are to cut down the excess pounds, and the third one is to keep your body in shape you desire.

Phase one:

The duration of phase one is fourteen days. Among other phases, this phase is considered harsh because it limits the intake of grains, fruit, and high carb foods. This will help to decrease your blood glucose levels, stabilize your hunger, and reduce excess cravings.

You can expect to lose 8-13 pounds of total body weight during this phase. You have to consume three meals per day in phase one, which should consist of non-starchy vegetables, lean protein, and a small number of legumes and fats. Additionally, it is mandatory to consume two snacks per day. A combination of vegetables and lean proteins is preferable.

Phase two:

Phase two kicks in on day 15, and it is necessary to maintain this phase to achieve your goal weight. On average, you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds every week during this phase. All foods from phase one can be taken in phase two, and you can also add limited portions of whole grains, fruit, and a few types of alcohol.

Phase three:

BINGO! So now you have achieved your desired body weight, you advance to phase three. This phase is to maintain your weight and prevent you from gaining again. The guidelines of phase two should be the basis of your lifestyle. You can have cheat days as well. But if you start putting on weight again, it is better to return to phase one for one or two weeks before beginning phase three.

Is Jessie James Decker Really Takes South Beach Diet To Lose Weight?

Jessie James Decker gave birth to her third child in March 2018. Just after the time she was struggling with weight loss. But recently, she posts her many photos in online social media. Where she also posts her side by side photos. Jessie James Instagram pictures show that she has got a slim figure now, and she is also excited about this fact.

Jessie James Instagram
Jessie James Instagram

She also tells about the secret behind this weight loss program. She also mentions that she can make it possible only for the south beach diet. Decker says this truth about the south beach diet to many television programs, and this news is also published in many US magazines. You can also verify the truth.

Decker also added that she was surprised by the result, which was more than her expectation. According to Decker, you can also take this diet for a healthy and fast weight loss program, and it is not complicated at all.

Jessie James Decker on South Beach Diet

Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet Weight Loss Plan

Decker had a weight loss plan and started the program after setting up a goal. At this point, I’m going to disclose the weight loss of Jessie James Decker.

Food plan

She had a secret and most important plan for weight loss that was a food plan. She believes if she could maintain a healthy weight loss diet, she would have a good result. She maintained The South Beach Diet, and she was also the ambassador for that. The diet contains low carbohydrates (low-glycemic-index), moderate protein, and the maximum portion contains unsaturated fat.

Exercise Plan

Decker was not satisfied only taking a proper weight loss diet; rather, he loved high-intensity circuit training and weight lifting. Her goal was to be able to feel good and to obtain the energy to run after her babies. That means she was working hard at the time, and as a result, she had got the result that was more than she expected.

Sugar-free Drink

Some people ask whether they can drink or not during the weight loss program. For those I want to add, Jessie James also drank zero-sugar Smirnoff, and her favorite flavor is strawberry and rose. She added that she is always concerned about what she is putting inside the body.

Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet Pictures for Comparison

Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet Pictures for Comparison

I want to share advice with you that comes from Jessie James Decker. She took pictures of her won every couple of months so that she could compare. She got inspired when she noticed that the recent picture is leaner than the previous one. This difference inspires everyone.

Helpful hint from Jessie James Decker: A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Why Jessie James Decker love south beach Diet?

Jessie James Decker’s net worth is $1,500,000 and is a very busy lady who is a singer, songwriter, and at the same time, she is a proud owner of renowned clothing and accessories brand “kittenish.” You know she is very concerned about her health, and she also manages the time to keep her body healthy.

Her body was not fit just after welcoming her 3rd baby, but she makes her body well-fit in time, and she told south beach diet help her a lot for it. She also loves the food for the following reasons.

South Beach Diet is Delicious

Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet Meal
Image Credit: southbeachdiet

It is a little bit difficult to take the diet, which is not tasty and flavorful. Diet becomes boring when it is tasteless, or it is not according to your taste buds. Even if it is healthy, you cannot convince yourself to follow it religiously. Weight loss foods are not always tasty and delicious, but the difference is here with the south beach diet. According to Jessie James Decker’s blog, you love the food for its fabulous flavor and always end up satisfied.

What’s not to love when you have options of meals like; Garlic ginger beef and broccoli, Indian style sausage, and the Caribbean inspired chicken?

It is Easy

The south beach diet is healthy, and you lose weight if you eat. According to the decker statement, it is a balanced diet that contains balanced nutrients. After eating the diet, you will not feel any inconvenience; instead, you will get enough energy. And in the end, you lose weight quickly.

It is Not a Temporary Fix

South beach diet is not a temporary or quick solution to your extra weight. This diet helps you to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You learn what a balanced diet is? How many portions of food are suitable in a day? And most importantly, how can you break the vicious sugar cycle which is holding you back from losing weight.

This is the reason, despite Jessie James Decker’s ageshe looks healthy and younger than her age. Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet shows that she is in love with this diet plan and motivates others to try this out.

It is Convenient

The food is prepared perfectly proportioned, nutritionally balanced, and digested quickly. It is the food that starts watering in your mouth and starts losing weight. This is not the only reason that I’m saying it is convenient; you can also customize your order. You can make a menu that suits your lifestyle. Do you expect more?

It Really Works

I think anyone can love this food only for this reason. A lot of weight loss supplements are there in the local and online market, but everybody has a question against them, does it work? But there is no space to ask this question here because everybody knows it really and works. Jessie says the secret of her body shape is the south beach diet.

Jessie James Decker South Diet Results

It is possible to lose 7lbs in the first seven days of the south beach diet. But many studies are studied regarding this diet, and it is proved that the early 7 days’ average weight loss is 5.8lbs.

After that, the weight loss of 1-2lbs per week can be possible easily. Jessie James Decker was able to lose 25lbs in 12 months where she lost 17lbs in the first six months, which was surprising.

Is South Beach Diet Costly?

Jessie James Decker on South Beach Diet Plan

In my view, it is not costly at all. Many people waste a lot of money on many weight loss supplements which don’t work at all, and some others need extreme exercises. But the south beach diet cost only about 300$ for a monthly plan.

Jessie James Decker south beach diet promo code can save you money on the monthly plan. You need to add just 40$ if you want to get snacks with a south beach diet, which are affordable

Benefits of South Beach Diet

There are various benefits of the south beach diet. This nutritional and balanced diet is a combination of several advantages, which are as follows.

Improves heart health

Although the main focus of this diet is to lose extra weight, it also protects your heart’s health. When you consume anti-inflammatory foods, for instance, fish, healthy fats, and vegetables. As a result, your cardiovascular function is improved. The risk of coronary heart disease is reduced when you switch to healthy fats from saturated fats.

Helps in losing weight

This is an excellent diet to lose weight or reduce your waist. Not only it helps in your weight reduction, but it gives you the idea of a healthy and balanced diet. According to the latest studies, it is proved that reduced carbohydrates and increased protein intake help boost weight loss. The before and after photos of Jessie James Decker on south beach diet are visible proof for everyone who is giving second thoughts.

Reduce hunger

It is normal to have food cravings while you are on a diet, but the south beach diet reduces your hunger pangs. When you consume a diet rich in carbohydrates, it increases your Ghrelin hormone levels. This hormone is responsible for causing hunger. South beach diet focuses on low consumption of carbohydrates, which slows down your digestion and reduces your appetite.

Normalizes blood glucose levels

The main emphasis of this diet is high fiber carbohydrates and whole grain. So, fiber helps to slow down the uptake of glucose in the bloodstream. As a result, your blood sugar levels do not rise after eating. Therefore, it can help to keep your blood glucose level normal. It has been seen a twelve-week diet plan led to a decrease in fasting insulin levels.

Healthy eating pattern

After losing weight, the main issue is to maintain yourself. Without maintenance, you can start gaining again, and it is not healthy. So, most of the guidelines included in the South Beach diet are recommended by the doctor for a healthy diet. All the instructions are easy to follow, and you can stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet Commercial

Only because of the effectiveness of the south beach diet, it becomes a commercial diet, but its quality remains unchanged. Instead, the manufacturer always tries how they can improve.

If you purchase a 28-days plan, you can get simple fit shakes free for one week. Sometimes they also offer the 28-day policy at 40% off. You can try now to check the offer.

Also, Jessie James Decker became the south beach diet commercial actress.

Jessie James Decker south beach diet commercial actress

Bottom Line

Just think, a food that is delicious, easily digestible, and finally, it works, fantastic! Is there any lack according to your expectations from a weight loss diet? I don’t think so.

Just remember Jessie James Decker, who is very much sincere about her health, and before that, she is also sincere about what she is putting into her body. If it has any difficulty and significant side effects, she never takes this diet. For that reason, she mentioned that the diet is easy and convenient. At the same time, its price is not so costly.

I hope you will come to this platform again to tell us that you are also satisfied with your weight loss program after taking Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet. See you again. Oh, one more thing, you can use Jessie James Decker South Beach Diet Promo Codeand its “JESSIE” for $30 OFF.

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