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The Truth About Gatorade: Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

Are you on a hunt for the best sports drink that doesn’t stall your weight loss plan? Or you think Gatorade is the culprit of those few more pounds you’ve gained! Well, this exercise enhancement drink is both a sugar bomb and an electrolyte treasure for hydration but 

what about its risk factors, are they inevitable? With multiple versions of sports drinks available, Gatorade is one the leading beverage brands since 1965. 

However, “Is Gatorade good for weight loss?” 

Well, it’s both “YES AND NO” because Gatorade ditched sugar a few years back and came out with a zero-calorie drink. Moreover, it also has low-calorie sports drinks, however, the usual Gatorade has a high sugar and sodium content which makes it a health-risker, especially for those who live a sedentary lifestyle. So, what’s the final verdict? Is Gatorade healthy for you? Let’s decide.   

This write-up has an in-depth analysis of Gatorade which is a go-to product for many athletes and workout freaks but is Gatorade good for health and weight loss? To find out, read on. 

Gatorade gives you 50 calories which is nearly half that of Coca-Cola. It is a sports drink that majorly focuses on replenishing electrolytes so that muscles can move easily.

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What Does Gatorade Do to Your Body?

Before the sports drinks took over the market, athletes experienced extreme fatigue, cramps, dizziness, and dehydration after intense workouts. After studies, it was revealed that this was due to the loss of electrolytes and water in the form of sweat during work out. That’s how Gatorade and other sports drinks were developed. 


Gatorade is one the leading companies that provide us with top-quality sports drinks but is Gatorade good to drink every day? And is Gatorade healthy for you? Based on its components, it might be of great help to athletes but not to everyone! If you’re not working out and still having Gatorade daily, then you might be risking your health. Water is more than enough for you because consuming Gatorade daily with a sedentary lifestyle can make you fat and even cause high blood pressure.  

So, is Gatorade good for you? Well, it is only good for athletes and workout freaks because high sugar and sodium are risk factors for those living a sedentary lifestyle while drinking Gatorade. So, choose your drinks wisely and keep a check on your teenage children when it comes to beverages. 

Per 100  Energy in kJ24KCal
Per 100 Sodium45mg
Per 100 Sugar6g
Per 100 Carbohydrates6g
Per 100 Protein0g
Per 100 Fat0g
Table: Nutritional Facts of Gatorade

Now, you must be wondering how much energy does Gatorade give you? Well, Gatorade gives you 50 calories which is nearly half that of Coca-Cola. It is a sports drink that majorly focuses on replenishing electrolytes so that muscles can move easily. So, it’s not an energy drink, in fact, it is a sports drink that works well in rehydrating your body.

Benefits of Drinking Gatorade

So what are the benefits of drinking Gatorade? For one, it can help you stay hydrated. Gatorade contains electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which can help replenish the body’s fluids. It also contains sugar, which can give you a quick energy boost. Additionally, some research has shown that Gatorade can help improve athletic performance.

Stabilizes Electrolytes

Electrolytes are minerals including sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium which play a significant role in the maintenance of fluid levels inside and outside the cells and in membrane permeabilities. 

There are minerals in your body that are lost during workouts through sweating and must be replenished to avoid dehydration called electrolytes. So, does Gatorade give you electrolytes? Yes, it is a mineral-rich hydrating drink that helps stabilize the electrolytes lost during intense exercises. 

In a warm environment, one can lose 3-4 liters of fluid from the body which must be replenished to avoid dehydration. Gatorade provides its consumer with a good quantity of electrolytes with sodium as a major. 


Energy Booster

Gatorade is an energy booster as it contains carbohydrates which are the main source of energy in the body. During an intense workout, your muscles need ATP (currency of energy) produced from carbohydrates. Hence, Gatorade serves as a fueling agent when muscles become energy-deprived. 

Hydrating Agent

During the workout, a lot of water is lost from the body through sweating which must be balanced by proper intake to avoid dehydration. When your body becomes dehydrated, it can lead to cramps, fatigue, low blood pressure, and even heat stroke in the worst possible situation. 

Based on the nutritional facts, there are 140 calories in 32 Oz of Gatorade blue which explains why Gatorade leads to weight gain. If you’re working out to lose weight, then Gatorade isn’t the type of sports drink you should use. 

So, does Gatorade actually hydrate you? Well, it restores the fluid that is lost during workouts. Gatorade plays a significant role in replenishing the water lost in the form of sweat and all this happens because of the high proportion of sodium present in it. 

Reduces Muscle Pain

After heavy exercises, you might’ve experienced muscle cramps that are intense initially. Such cramps are caused due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles due to fatigue. Muscle cramps are correlated to water loss, during exercise, the body loses water, sodium, and potassium which leads to dehydration. Gatorade balances the lost electrolytes and plays a vital role in preventing muscle cramps during intense exercises. 

Tastes Well

When it comes to drinks, be they soft drinks or exercise enhancers, customers are always attracted to the ones which have good taste. The makers of Gatorade have prepared the drink, particularly for the workout freaks and they’ve not only focused on the taste, but it also increases thirst as the consumers after drinking Gatorade feel more thirsty, which makes them drink more water, hence, rehydrates the body. 

Does Gatorade Really Work?

Yes! Based on the reviews and studies, we’re able to say that Gatorade actually works! It restores the electrolytic imbalances and promotes muscle activity. Most of the minerals lost during exercises are restored back to normal by Gatorade due to its high mineral content. 

Is Gatorade Good for Weight Loss? 

Based on the nutritional facts, there are 140 calories in 32 Oz of Gatorade blue which explains why Gatorade leads to weight gain. If you’re working out to lose weight, then Gatorade isn’t the type of sports drink you should use. 

Sugar –  Gatorade has a high amount of sugar per serving which is why it stalls weight loss programs and promotes weight gain. 32 Oz bottle of Gatorade has 34 grams of sugar which usually exceeds the prescribed sugar limit for men and women by the USDA. The calories consumed from this sports drink if not burned would store up as fats and will lead to weight gain. 


Can you drink Gatorade on a diet? Well, a few years back, the brand hit the supermarkets with “Gatorade Zero” which claims that the newly launched version of the drinks has no sugar and thereby doesn’t contribute to weight gain! Hence, “Gatorade Zero” is one of those zero-calorie drinks which will help you in stabilizing your electrolytes without the fear of gaining more pounds! 

However, this was about the “Gatorade Zero” but the usual drink has a high sugar content which poses a serious threat to diabetics and to those who are working out to lose weight. Following are some of the health risks associated with excessive intake: 

  • Consumers are at high risk of becoming obese 
  • Excessive intake can lead to diabetes
  • Increase in electrolytes can lead to kidney problems
  • Children are known to experience tooth decay
  • Heart problems 
  • Over-consumption of sodium can lead to high blood pressure and eventually heart attack or stroke.

Gatorade is super-high on the chart of glycemic index as its value is 78 which means that it can raise blood sugar levels very fast. However, the glycemic index has no concern with weight gain so, how can Gatorade make you gain weight? Well, it is those extra calories the sports drink has which are making you gain more pounds! However, you may try the low-calorie and zero-calorie versions of the drink to reduce the risks of weight gain. 


Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about “Is Gatorade good for weight loss?”

  1. Is Gatorade good for replenishing electrolytes?

Yes! Gatorade is a sports enhancement drink with a high proportion of electrolytes, especially sodium. The electrolytes in your body are minerals such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium which are involved in regulating the basic metabolic reactions of the body. During exercise, these electrolytes are lost as sweat which can be easily replenished by Gatorade. 

  1. Is Gatorade healthy to drink all the time?

Well, those who don’t work out and live a sedentary lifestyle shouldn’t drink Gatorade daily because it has a high sodium and sugar content. Hence, daily consumption can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and in rare conditions even a heart attack. For athletes, it is still not recommended to drink all the time, it should be drunk only when needed. 

  1. Does Gatorade have a lot of sugar?

Yes! 32 oz of Gatorade has nearly 34 grams of sugar which are near the maximum daily sugar consumption as suggested by the USDA. However, the brand was smart enough to understand the requirements of the changing world and in 2018 it came with a “Zero-calorie and no sugar” drink which is quite popular among those who favor weight loss.  

  1. Can I drink Gatorade while dieting? 

The usual Gatorade has a high sugar content which makes it unsuitable to be consumed while being on diet. However, the thirst quencher, Gatorade zero comes with zero calories and zero sugar which makes it a perfect fit for people who are working hard to lose weight.  

Final Verdict 

Gatorade is one of the bests and top-rated beverage companies that offers multiple versions of sports enhancement drinks for replenishing electrolytes. It plays a significant role in hydrating the body by stabilizing sodium content in the body.

But, Is Gatorade good for weight loss? Well, normal Gatorade is a sugar bomb that can lead to weight gain over time and is not recommended for those losing weight. However, the brand was smart enough to come up with a “Zero-calorie” product called Gatorade Zero which has no sugar and calories and is perfect for people losing weight!

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