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Is Fish Acidic? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Health-conscious people often wonder whether it is worth it to include Seafood in their diet plan or not. The reason is that highly acidic foods have been causing trouble now more than ever. One in every four Americans has been suffering from high stomach acidity levels. So, it is now important for everyone to know which food is acidic and which is basic.

The question now is, is fish acidic or basic? 

Fish is considered mildly acidic, with a pH level generally between 5.5 to 6.5. Since there are lots of fish species, there is no single answer to the pH question. But one thing is common: almost every kind of fish is mildly acidic in nature. 

If you want to know the reason behind these acidic levels and also which fish are best, then stay till the end.

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Why Is Fish Acidic

is fish acidic

The Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids are high in fish. These compounds are the reason why the pH value is low (and acidity levels are high). 

In addition, they are also responsible for the beneficial impacts of this Seafood. 

Omega-3 is clinically proven to improve heart health, prevent cancer, maintain cholesterol levels, and increase brain functioning. Similarly, amino acids make up proteins in your body. 

After knowing about the mildly acidic nature of fish, let me now tell you whether it is good for you or not. 

Is Fish Good for Acidity

Many types of fish are low in acidity, so they can become a part of low acid diets. 

To know whether eating fish is a good idea for acidity, you must understand the reasons why this situation arises in the first place.  

Stomach acidity primarily occurs due to two reasons:

  1. When the stomach can’t digest food properly
  2. Obesity

When the stomach can’t digest food, the brain sends signals to release more HCL acid. Hence, acidity occurs. 

Similarly, an obese person’s stomach also can’t do the digestion properly. 

Fish deals with both of these problems. 

People ask, is fish good for the stomach? And the answer is yes. It improves digestion and bowel movement due to the super beneficial Omega-3 content. 

Moreover, fish can also lubricate the digestive system pathway for the smooth flow of food. As a result, your stomach does not feel any need to release more acid.

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When Is Fish Bad for You

Fish are extremely bad if they are filled with pollutants. 

Due to pollution, fish also contains mercury, dioxins, chemical residues of pesticides, and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl). If they are found in high quantities, your central nervous system can get affected. 

Moreover, your lungs, kidneys, and heart performance are also compromised. 

To avoid consuming mercury, you should not eat swordfish, sharks, and Golden bass as they absorb more chemicals. Go for low mercury fish like Tuna, salmon, catfish, etc. 

Moreover, don’t eat raw fish. Cook it to make it soft and easily digestible for the stomach. 

Now, let me tell you one of the biggest health concerns attached to eating fish- Acid Reflux. 

Can You Eat Fish With Acid Reflux

is salmon acidic

Yes, you can eat fish if you are suffering from Acid reflux. I suggest you go for the least acidic fish in this situation. 

Want to know what fish is good for acid reflux? Then keep on reading. 

Is Codfish Good for Acid Reflux:

Yes, codfish is safe for those who have Acid reflux.

 Its pH ranges from 6.2 to 6.5, and it is considered one of the least acidic fish we eat today. Plus, it improves the digestive process, so the stomach has to release less acid.

Is Salmon Acidic:

Yes, Salmon is also slightly acidic, with a pH of 6. However, It is not much acidic after digestion, so you can add it to your low acidic diet plan. 

Plus, its great taste will also prompt you to eat it frequently. 

Are Sardines Acidic or Alkaline:

Just like other fish types, sardines are also acidic. 

This fish has a pH value ranging from 5.7 to 6.5. So, I suggest you eat it in low quantities if you are already facing acid reflux symptoms. 

Is Catfish Acidic: 

Yes again. The pH level for catfish is between 5 and 6. Hence, it generally doesn’t cause any damage to the stomach acidity levels. 

In fact, eating them right can lessen the severity of Acid reflux. 

However, if you are sensitive to acidic foods, even the fish types I just described can cause you trouble. 

Now, let me tell you a bit about fish oil.

Is Fish Oil Acidic or Alkaline

Fish oil has an alkalizing effect when digested. Just like the cooked fish, it is also rich in Omega-3 and protein content.

However, make sure you don’t “over-add” it. 

Fish oil contains saturated fat that is hard to digest by the stomach. Thus, the acid levels will increase in the stomach.

Another question arises- Is fish oil good for heartburn?

If you frequently consume fish oil, then it can cause heartburn. The acid levels can rise towards the chest due to this oil; hence, the burning sensation can be felt in the chest.

Is Fish Good for GERD

best fish for acid reflux

Yes, low acidic fish can prove to be good for GERD. 

The rich compounds in it can improve stomach health and protect cells of stomach linings. 

Similarly, people also ask, Can fish oil cause GERD? Yes, cooked fish is beneficial for you, while its oil may not be. Fish oil is acidic and also contains high-fat content. 

So, it is hard to digest, which leads to more release of acid, and eventually, GERD occurs.

While we are on the subject of fish, another popular seafood, known as shrimp, should also be discussed.

Is Shrimp Good for Acid Reflux

It all depends on how you are cooking shrimp. 

If you cook it in cooking oil rich in saturated fat and then wrap it in bacon, then shrimp is definitely bad for acid reflux. 

If you boil the shrimp and then wrap it in a less fatty covering, then shrimp won’t cause acidity levels to rise. 

Another question people ask is, can shrimp cause heartburn?

If you are cooking it with high-fat ingredients, then heartburn is inevitable. If you are cooking it with healthy ingredients, then you won’t feel any side effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is fish sauce acidic?

Yes, fish sauce is acidic. Just like fish oil, the fish sauce should also not be added in large quantities. It contains saturated fat and high sodium content, so it can hinder the smooth digestion process and encourage the stomach to release more acid. 

Does seafood cause acid reflux? 

No, if you are cooking Seafood with healthy and low-fat ingredients, then Seafood won’t cause acid reflux. All Seafood themselves contain less saturated fat, so no digestive problem occurs. Thus, the acidity levels in the stomach stay stable. 

Is fish without scales harmful?

Answer: Fish without scales cannot be claimed to be unhealthy. However, the chances of free radicals are more in “scale-less” fish. So, it is better if you go for fish with scales. 

Wrapping Up

So, is fish acidic, and should we eat them? 

The pH of every fish type is generally between 5.5 to 6.5, so they are considered mildly acidic. But this acidity level is not damaging to health. 

Eating it twice a week can lead to better heart health, enhanced brain functioning, prevention of cancer, and many more amazing health benefits. 

That is why I recommend you to keep eating this Seafood the right way and live healthily.

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