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I Need to Be Dead: I Am Fed up With My Life! How Do I Feel Alive Again?

I need to be dead, my life is a total mess, no one loves me, and I am nothing. I want to die, but not suicide, I wish someday a bus get over me and kill me. These are some types of thoughts sometimes people experience.

Indeed, life is not a bed of roses, but it is also not a bed of thrones! Every person in this world is struggling with something. However, some manage their problems and try to live with them while others overwhelm their problems in their head. 

Nevertheless, If you do not want to live anymore, why is it wrong to die? No matter what, don’t quit, keep trying, and don’t commit suicide. However, why? Should we not continue to live if we don’t like what we see and don’t want to exist?

As a matter of fact, killing oneself emotionally or physically is not a solution to anything!

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I Need to Be Dead

I need to be dead, or dead insides are some abnormal conditions in which we usually have a feeling of emptiness and a deathly feeling in our heart and mind. In this condition, we are unable to make our life happy, even the good things seem temporary, and sadness dominates completely. It may happen due to many reasons, lack of aim, motivation, appreciation, the guilt of rejection, or being deprived of relationships.


Symptoms and Signs of Being Dead Inside

Following are the few signs that indicate the chronic feeling of emptiness:

  • Life seems purposes less, and meaningless
  • Questions about self-worth
  • Feeling of being rejected, ashamed, hated 
  • You don’t feel happiness
  • Constant numbness
  • Heartbroken and emptiness
  • Feel isolated even when you are in your friends or social circle
  • Lack of sympathy and empathy

Reasons People Are Fed Up With Life

We are all fed up with life. We want to be happy and get rid of our problems, but it seems like we never will.

What is the reason for this? If human beings are capable of creating such magnificent things and being able to achieve so much in such a short time span, why can’t we make ourselves happy?

The answer is simple: We don’t know how to do this yet. Our lives have been programmed by society from birth, and we have no say in what happens around us.

We are not taught how to deal with sadness or anger or frustration at school or anywhere else; no one teaches us how to deal with these feelings like adults do. In fact, they try their hardest not to teach us anything about emotions because they want us to be emotionless robots who do what they say without question or resistance.

This is why many people are fed up with life: They have no idea how to live anymore because they’ve been pushed into a box where there’s nothing but rules and regulations that tell them how they should act, what they should think and feel, who they should love and hate etc…

Life Is Not Easy for Everyone

Sometimes we feel our life is worse than anyone else, we find ourselves emotionally down, financially broke up, and alone. However, when we look at other people’s lives then we can observe how lucky we are and what things we have, but others don’t.

For instance, if you are financially unstable but mentally and physically stable then look at the person who has money but can’t buy health for himself or the poor people who don’t have money for health.

If you feel lonely then you can visit the orphanage or old citizen homes where you find hundreds of lonely souls who welcome you with a warm smile. 

Life is not easy for anyone, everyone strives for something. A baby strives for milk, a toddler strives for learning, a teenager strives for learning life, and an adult strives to make a family. They all do hard work to make their life easy. 

To Be Dead Is Not a Solution

You may feel heartless and empty due to your problems. You draw yourself back from life events. Even you may plan to say goodbye to your life. It is indeed very easy to commit suicide and leave everything behind you. But trust me it is not a solution, in fact, it is more hurting, and painful for your family and soul as well. 

Facing the difficulties of your life with bravery and courage is the true achievement of life. When you learn to live with the challenges of life you will learn the true definition of your being in this world.

Cutting from life is not a solution, say hello to life with wide open arms and embrace it like a little kid seeking for protection of his mom from this strange world, then you can love your life as a mother who loves and live for her kid. 

Can I Live a Happy and Peaceful Life?

Indeed living a happy, and peaceful life is the legal right of every person who is born with a heart. Don’t make your life too frustrating and difficult with the additional burdens. Try to live simply, eat simple, and show simple. The more you make your life near to simplicity and away from showing off, the more realistic and happy you can be in your life. 

Nevertheless, below are a few helpful activities that can help you give a few seconds of peace from this headache routine.

  • Nature is a great healer, try to spend your time with nature (birds, greenery, flowers, trees, oceans, beaches, sunset, etc.)
  • Try to eat more organic and fresh food. The less junk you eat the more you become happy in your life.
  • Don’t lose yourself, practice tolerance and gratitude
  • Stay realistic, lower your expectations from people, things, business, or anything. 
  • Be optimistic in every condition.
  • Spend quality time with siblings, parents, spouses, or friends. Stay away from toxic people who give you demotivation.
  • Try to live a simple life, the more simple you will be the more peace you will have in your life.

Life Is Not a Bed of Roses, nor a Bed of Thrones 

For most of us, life is a never-ending series of compromises and concessions. We work hard to earn enough money so that we can buy what we want when we want it. Sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. Either way, life is stressful and unpredictable.

But what if there was a way to simplify life? What if there were a way to make it easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling? Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s possible. And it’s not just one thing; it’s a combination of different things that all come together in one place: the mind.


Following are a few questions, people often asked with “I need to be dead”

What Is the Feeling to Be Dead?

If you have the feeling of death, or emptiness from inside, you may feel numbness, a pressure on your brain and heart. Also, you may have tension, anxiety, and related symptoms along with a strange feeling or discomfort in your chest. 

Why Am I Thinking About Death?

You may have intrusive thoughts or obsessive feelings. In this condition, you constantly have a fear or feeling of losing a dear one or your own life. Apparently, this type of thought is harmless, but it may lead to fear, anxiety, and depression. 

Can You Sense When Death Is Near?

Most people near death may sense their life is over now. It is traditionally believed they see the angle of lives, often dying people say I can see the angle is coming to take my life. Scientifically, a dying person may deny eating and drinking, and he may have a slower heart rate, the person may become agitated, and confused, and his body will become cold. 

How Can Someone Come Back to Life?

A depressed person or a person with emotional damage may return to life with behavioral and cognitive therapy. Also, friends and society help a person to restore their life.

How to Live a Peaceful Life Alone?

You can live a peaceful life alone when you take care of your health, mental peace, living space, and work-life. Moreover reading books, doing yoga, watching movies alone, and seeing old family albums can make you happy and satisfied.

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