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How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck Easily and Effectively

Do you want to get rid of unwanted fat from your face and neck? If yes, you are not alone. This is the best place where you will get everything to shed off some pounds from these affected parts of the body. It is hard to live in a society where people mock you because of a chubby face or double chin. Face fat makes you look more aged. An appealing and attractive face leaves a great impression on others and people start loving you.

A face and neck are the most visible and prominent parts of the human body. Whenever you gain weight, it is easy to cover the other parts of the body except for your face and neck. Most of the people spend hours in the gym and but it will be useless when your double chin is showing up. However, evidence-based knowledge can only help t get a slim and trim face. This article will impart a complete insight on how to lose fat around your face and neck?

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Why Should You Remove Fat from Face and Neck?

  • Losing fat from your face and neck makes your face slim.
  • It purifies your face and removes foreign materials.
  • It makes you look younger.
  • Face fat is a sign of obesity and weight gain. It makes you self-conscious as well.
  • When you somehow burn fat on face and neck, it improves your beauty, famine look and appearance.
  • Losing fat from the targeted parts helps in losing overall body weight.
  • If you lose fat off face and neck, it will improve your confidence. You will be motivated to burn excess weight as well.
  • It improves your popularity, and no one will make fun of you.

The Main Reasons Behind Fat on Face and Neck

The accumulation of fat on the face and neck usually occur after weight gain. Some other factors also take part in face fat which is as follow;

  • Age is one of the major factors for face fat and neck fat.
  • It may be due to some diseases.
  • Because of dehydration, the facial tissues store in one place and blots your face.
  • Genetic factors
  • Consumption of poor diet, high carbs, and other addictions such as smoking, and alcohol leads to face and neck fat.
  • Obesity is the leading reason for fat on the face and neck. When the overall body gains weight, it affects the face and neck too.

How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck?

These are some of the main reasons that encourage a person to search “how to lose fat from face and neck”? There are many possible ways, and if you ask this question to 10 different people, then everyone will answer differently. Even the same person will not be sure about his answer. But I am going to share the working and helpful methods. You will be able to get the desired results by following those methods.

Both neck and face are the integral parts of the body. Everyone wants to adore his body parts and for a better appearance. The causes of fat accumulation on the face and neck are almost the same. By following these healthy and proven tips, you will see measurable results.

I will divide the whole article into three main parts which are as follow;

  • How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck with Effective Diets?
  • How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck with Home Remedies?
  • How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck with Exercises?

First of all, there will be a discussion on a specific diet for the face and neck since diet plays a major role in your overall health.

How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck Through Diets?

Drink More Water

Drinking enough water provides great help to lose face neck and chin fat. This is the reason that dieticians always recommended to drink eight glasses of water in a day. Keep yourself hydrated and drink more water if you perform regular physical activities. Drinking more water leads to visible weight loss and detoxification of the body. It removes free-radicals and toxic substances from the body.

It will not provide substantial help if you keep eating processed fat and a high amount of carbs. For the prominent results to lose fat from the face and neck, you need to drink fresh water because it reduces calorie intake to 13% (1). Drinking fresh water also uplifts metabolism and burns fat rapidly.

Make Dietary Changes

Well, this is the leading and the most forgotten part whenever you try to lose fat from the specific part of the body. As we know that, if you want to reduce extra fat from the face and neck, then you must reduce body weight as well. It will trigger the effective weight loss from other parts of the body. For this purpose, you need to reduce calorie intake.

A normal person usually consumes 2000-2400 calories a day, but you will have to reduce to 500 calories per day. Both fruits and vegetables are the best options when you consider low-calorie food items. So, I always add fruits and healthy vegetables instead of eating a lot. Drinking healthy juices instead of soda drinks. These dietary changes will help to achieve your ultimate goal soon.

Use Milk and Lemon To Lose Fat from Face and Neck

For centuries, mankind used milk as an anti-aging food. It tightens your skin and improves natural glow. All you need to do is to take some milk and apply it on your face. After some time, wash it off, and it will help you get rid of a double chin. You can also mix honey with milk to enhance its effects, and it provides guaranteed results in making a slim and trim neck.

On the other hand, lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, and it promotes metabolic activities and reduces inflammation. To enhance its effects, add some drops of lemon in water with half tbsp of honey. It will not only lose fat on your face and neck fast but also increases the energy level.

Use Healthy Carbs

Instead of choosing refined grains, you need to go for the whole grains. Eating whole grains helps to reduce fat from the face and neck quickly. Don’t choose the processed carbohydrates, but you should choose fiber because it makes you feel fuller for a long time and slows down digestion.

Watch Your Sodium Intake

Excessive use of sodium leads to swelling of cheeks and face fat. When you consume sodium in more amount, it stays in the body and puts the body in great trouble to hold extra water. There is a specific term ‘fluid retention’ which is entirely associated with sodium. Studies have shown that processed foods result in 77% of sodium intake, which again put horrible effects on your face and neck fat. Once you cut sodium intake, you will see admirable results.

How to Lose Fat from Face and Neck Through Home Remedies?

In this section, you will learn about some of the proven home remedies to shed off some fat from the affected parts, such as the face and neck. These home remedies will not only burn fat from the face and neck, but they will also improve skin health. These remedies include 100% natural ingredients so, there are no side effects, and you can easily try these remedies at home.

Egg White

Egg white is extremely helpful in improving your skin and providing the skin with the necessary nutrients. It contains vitamin A in abundance, which has the power to promote resilience and texture of the skin. This egg mask will give you satisfactory results in a few days.


  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 1 tbsp essential oil
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

How to prepare and Use?

Take the ingredients as mentioned earlier and mix them in a bowl. You need to apply this dense mixture on your face. Use lukewarm water to wash it off after 30 minutes. Use a towel to dry your face. This mixture provides a great solution to lose face and neck fat naturally without any side effects. To see the rapid results, use this mask on a daily basis.

Green Tea

Green tea naturally contains a small amount of caffeine, which is a psychoactive drug. It promotes energy level, boosts metabolic activities because of antioxidant properties. This is a simple but working home remedy to burn fat from the specific area.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tbsp of green tea
  • Honey

How to Prepare?

Add all the above-mentioned ingredients in a saucepan. Boil it for 5 minutes and strain. Let it cool and add some honey and drink. For effective weight loss, you need to take green tea three times a day.


Applying glycerin on your skills is another great thing you can do for you. Studies have shown the remarkable benefits of using glycerin that glycerin improves moisture and elasticity, while other studies proved that it makes your skin healthy. This is a useful home remedy to get rid of fats from your skin. You just have to follow to see astonishing results.


  • 1 tbsp of glycerin
  • 1/2 tbsp of Epsom salt
  • few drops of peppermint oil

How to Prepare and Use?

Take a small cup and add all these ingredients. Mix them properly and apply on your cheeks and neck with the help of a cotton pad. Leave it there for 30 minutes and then wash it properly. For the rapid results, you need to apply glycerin 3-5 times a day.


Aging is one of the main reasons for face fat. Watermelon contains vitamin C, and because of this, it provides fresh skin. It has anti-aging properties, and you can either consume melon juice or apply it on your face directly. Either way, it works best in considerable fat loss from the face and neck.


  • Watermelon

How to Prepare and Use?

Take a watermelon and blend it to make juice. Now apply watermelon juice with a cotton ball on your face. Wash it off after some time. You can also consume watermelon juice too instead of applying on the face. It is an excellent detoxifier and helps to lose face and neck fat in a week.

Best Exercises to Lose Fat from the Face and Neck

Just like diet and home remedies, facial exercises are equally important to burn some fat from fat. The face is the most important part of the human body, and you should bring about all the measures to make it more active and slimmer. These are some of the proven and working exercises for your face and neck. If you perform these exercises perfectly, you will get stunning results in a few weeks.  If you don’t get it properly, you can watch face and neck fat lose video here;

Top Exercises to Reduce Face Fat

Here a list of effective exercises that help you to lose fat from your face.

Lips Pull

No, doubt it is one of the most effective exercises for fat loss from your face. You can easily perform this exercise by sitting and standing. All you need to do is to lift the lower lip and stretch your jaw out. This practice will improve the jawline and helps you get rid of face fat. Hold it for at least 15 seconds and repeat for 10 times.

Tongue Stretch

This is another remarkable facial exercise to lose fat from your face. It is easy to perform this exercise. To perform this exercise, keep your head straight and take out your tongue. Now lift it towards your nose and try as far as you can go. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat this exercise ten times. It will help in achieving the desired objectives.

Fish Face

If you want to get the desired jawline and attractive cheeks, then this is the best facial exercise for you. You can easily perform this exercise anywhere you want. It is easy to do, and you just have to suck in your cheeks and lips. Release after 5 seconds and repeat ten times.

Tightly Close the Eyes

There is no hard science in this technique. You just have you close your eyes firmly. Close your eyes so firmly that you must feel the muscle contraction. Hold it for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Top Exercises to Reduce Fat from Neck

These exercises help you to lose fat from your Neck.

Ball Exercise

This is an easy exercise but a very effective and productive exercise to remove fat from the neck. For this purpose, you need a ball of about 10 inches. The normal tennis ball will do the work too. Put the ball under your double chin and try to press the ball so that it squeezes. Hold it for 20 seconds and repeat for ten times.

Jaw Jut

In this neck exercise, look upward to the ceiling and whistle after this pus your lower jaw to stretch your skin under the chin. If it is tough and causes neck pain, then you may skip this exercise. You need to hold your jaws for 10 seconds and repeat five times a day.

Neck Stretch

This is another effective neck exercise to fix your forward line. In this neck exercise, you just have to stand straight and lower your face. Don’t move your shoulders. Move to the original position and then pull your neck back. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Towel Pull

You can easily make your neck slim with towel pull. In this exercise, hold the towel in lengthwise at the back of your shoulders. Pull the towel straight, and you can also perform this exercise by pulling the towel upward. This exercise is responsible for providing the desired shape of loose muscles, and you get a slim and trim neck.

Final Words

Your face and neck are the most integral parts of your body. The fat accumulation on your face and neck makes it unattractive, and you look aged. You can easily lose fat from the face and neck with correct exercise, diet, and home remedies.

Well, I have covered the whole topic “how to lose fat from face and neck?” in three sections. This is a complete and working formula for everyone who wants to get a slim and trim face and neck. By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you will get the desired results.

These diets and exercises will give you enough confidence, and the appreciable results will be evident in a few weeks.

You can share your experience with any diet, home remedy, or exercise with us. Which method worked for you? Did you get the desired results? Which tip did you find the best and easy to follow? We will be delighted to share your story, as well. Thank You.

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