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How Long Does Numbing Cream Last: Effects Of Different Formulas

Tattoos, injections, and other procedures tend to cause irritation and sensitivity on the skin. To reduce the pain and other symptoms, professionals usually apply a numbing agent to the skin first.

There are different options when it comes to numb an area of the skin. In addition to the skin, dentists also sometimes turn to numbing agents before they perform an injection. One common question is how long does numbing cream last. While there are some general answers, we need to consider a few factors to provide an accurate solution.

In this post, we take a look at how long these creams last. We consider different kinds of numbing agents. How long dental numbing lasts is different from asking about a numbing solution for a tattoo is essential.

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What Is Numbing Cream?

A number cream is a topical solution that some medical facilities use during specific procedures. There are non-medical areas where numbing cream is helpful too. This is usually the case when a person wants to go for a tattoo.

how long does numbing cream last

In some cases, a numbing cream can help to reduce pain sensations when a person gets a piercing. These creams can be described as a local anesthetic too. There are different types of numbing creams on the market. A common one is Emla, which combines prilocaine and lidocaine, two highly effective numbing agents.

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When asking a question like how long does numbing cream take to wear off, it is essential to understand the mechanism of action behind these solutions. At the same time, there are different numbing creams, the majority of these work in a similar way. 

When you apply numbing cream on your skin, it works by blocking what are known as sodium channels.

These channels play a role in the pathway of pain signals. The nerves that are responsible for sending a pain signal to your skin rely on sodium channels. Thus, when the cream blocks these channels, you are less likely to feel pain during a procedure.

A similar action occurs when a dentist applies numbing cream to your gums. The cream will help to block the signals sent to the surface of your gums. This happens because the agent stops the activity of sodium channels.

Uses For Numbing Cream

Numbing cream has many uses. It is often a solution used in medical practices. These creams are not only helpful in the medical industry, however. There are several areas outside the medical sector where numbing cream plays an important role as well. 

Here are some of the most common reasons why numbing cream is used:

  • When a doctor needs to give you an injection, they may use numbing cream. The cream helps to reduce pain sensations in the area where they need to make the injection. This can be especially useful for people who have a phobia of needles. Once the numbing cream starts to work, you won’t experience as much pain while the doctor makes the injection.
  • If you need a dentist to perform a procedure on your mouth, then numbing cream is also commonly used. Do note that the numbing cream won’t help reduce pain sensations when the dentist extracts a tooth or performs another procedure. Instead, the dentist uses the numbing cream to reduce the sensation of the injection. The injection contains a more potent numbing agent that will reduce feelings in the area where the dentist needs to work.
  • When you opt for a tattoo, the tattoo artist uses a needle to deliver the ink into your skin. This can result in discomfort and pain sensations during the procedure. To reduce these sensations, the tattoo artist may decide to rub some numbing cream on the skin. They may choose to cover small areas of your skin with the numbing agent at a time. This reduces the risk of leaving the cream on one spot of your skin for too long.
  • If you want to go for a piercing but have a phobia of needles, numbing cream can also be helpful. The numbing cream reduces pain sensations when a needle makes a hole in your skin.

In addition to these uses, there are scenarios where numbing cream is used for a minor surgical procedure. This usually involves less invasive procedures where the surgeon only needs to make a tiny incision.

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Some dermatologists also take advantage of numbing cream. This can be very useful in cases where you want to undergo specific dermatological procedures. In this case, you might want to ask how long does numbing cream last for micro-needling. If you plan on botox or a similar procedure, then instead ask how long does numbing cream last on lips, for example.

How Long Does Numbing Cream Last?

The duration for a numbing effect created by a topical anesthetic cream depends on the product itself. The strength of the formula also matters when asking how long does numbing cream lasts. Furthermore, there also seems to be a difference between patients. In some patients, even the strongest numbing cream may start to wear off quickly. Other patients rather experience an extended duration of numbing.

how long does numbing cream last

When asking how long Emla’s numbing cream lasts, the answer is usually between one and two hours. In most cases, Emla numbing cream starts to wear off during this period. This also accounts for other types of creams that help to numb the skin. When asking how long does numbing cream last for lip injections, you can expect a similar duration.

Another question to consider here is how long does Emla cream last once open. Once the container is open, it is essential to ensure you use the contents within 28 days. After this period, the cream may no longer provide effective results. It is also generally advisable to only use a container for a single individual and not allow the contents to be shared by multiple people.

Side-Effects And Risks Of Numbing Cream

If a professional use numbing cream, then it is generally safe. The professional knows how much of the numbing cream to apply. They also know where to apply the cream. There are still some risks that come with using numbing cream.

When it comes to asking how long does enable numb 520 last, it is essential to consider allergies. Some people have an allergic reaction to certain chemicals used in numbing creams. For example, when asking how long does five lidocaine creams last because the numbing effect does not go away, this could mean you experience a reaction to the solution.

If you are allergic to specific numbing agents, make sure you mention this to the dentist, doctor, or tattoo artist. The same applies to situations where you are going to a dermatologist. This allows the provider to ensure they use an alternative numbing agent. If the provider only uses a single type of numbing cream, then see if they can order an alternative for you.

Symptoms that may indicate an allergic reaction to compounds in a numbing cream include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Swelling in your throat
  • Swollen face, tongue, or lips
  • Hives

Sometimes, a numbing cream causes side effects even when not allergic to the active ingredients. For example, some people experience burning or stinging sensations when they apply Emla cream to their skin. A rash can develop, and some people feel that the area of skin where they use the cream becomes itchy. Sometimes, the skin color temporarily changes.

There are more severe side effects too. In these cases, you may need access to emergency medical services. Severe adverse reactions can happen if too many of the chemicals in the numbing cream enter your bloodstream. This is usually a case when you apply a high dose of the solution to your skin. It can also happen if you leave the numbing agent on your skin for too long.

When an excessive amount of the chemicals enter your bloodstream, then you may experience the following adverse effects:

  • Irritation that feels severe
  • A severe amount of stinging and burning
  • Suddenly feel dizzy
  • Your skin may turn purple
  • A ringing sensation in your ears
  • Suddenly feeling confused
  • The vision that suddenly becomes blurry

In these situations, it is essential to remove any remaining cream from your skin. Make sure to seek medical assistance as well.

There are interactions that you should take into consideration too. If you use sulfa drugs, medication for your heart rhythm, or drugs that treat seizures, it is essential to be careful. Some of these drugs have interactions with Emla, which is one of the most commonly used numbing agents.


How Long Does It Take For Topical Numbing To Wear Off?

There is no fixed answer to a question like how long does numbing cream last. This is because there are different types of solutions used to numb an area. For example, the answer will likely differ compared to asking how long does numbing gel last. There are also different uses for these creams. Some uses require a more potent numbing agent, which means the effects last longer than milder options.

In most cases, when asking how long does topical numbing cream last, the answer is around one to two hours. This is a standard average for numbing agents. Some do not last as long. Other solutions may use stronger ingredients. In this case, the effects remain present for a total of two hours. If you are undergoing a procedure that needs the numbing effect to last longer, then more of the solution is applied after the effects from the initial application start to wear off.

Can You Use Too Much Numbing Cream?

It is essential to realize that the chemicals in a numbing cream seep through the skin. Once the cream penetrates the skin, it causes the area to become numb. The chemicals can also enter your bloodstream. When considering whether using too much of the cream is possible, it is essential to consider the specific agent in question. Some numbing creams can result in dangerous side effects when too many of the chemicals enter your body.

This question is critical when asking how long does Emla cream last. Emla cream is commonly used in various applications. This is why you may see questions like how long does emla create last for tattoos. If a high dose of the active chemicals enters your body, you are at risk of severe side effects.

This can include slowed breathing, convulsions, and an uneven heartbeat. In severe cases, a person can experience respiratory failure or even enter a coma. With this in mind, it is essential always to ensure an appropriate amount of numbing cream is applied.

What Happens If You Leave Numbing Cream On Too Long?

Once again, to answer this question, you need to consider the specific type of numbing agent that you want to use. Many people ask how long does lidocaine cream last – and in this case, they may also want to know how long the cream can be left on the skin.

A numbing agent like lidocaine can absorb into your bloodstream. When this happens, you are at risk of dangerous adverse effects. If the chemicals leak into the bloodstream, you can experience problems with your respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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