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How Long After BBL Can I Sit Without Pillow?

Your buttocks provide cushioning and support for your body when you sit down. However, many people have recently started to look at the buttocks as an aesthetical element that contributes to the physique.

Following several photographs from celebrities showing off large butts, many people have started to look for ways to increase their size. Various procedures can help to improve the size, shape, and overall aesthetics of the buttocks.

The Brazilian butt lift is becoming quite a popular option. This is a more invasive procedure that can be great for those individuals who want a more significant increase in size.

After undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, often called a BBL, it is important to follow a series of strict instructions. This includes using a special type of pillow. Many people ask how long after BBL can I sit without pillow. In this post, we take a closer look at this question and help you better understand what to expect from the procedure.

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When Can I Stop Using A Booty Pillow For Sitting?

One of the most common questions people ask after a Brazilian butt lift is how to sit after bbl and how long they will need to use the booty pillow. This particular pillow plays an essential part in the recovery process.

There are two main reasons why you should use a booty pillow after the surgery. First, your buttocks undergo a surgical procedure. This means your skin needs to heal after the procedure. If you sit down on a hard surface, it causes pressure on the wound. This can lead to a higher risk of complications associated with surgical procedures.

how long after bbl can i sit without pillow

Secondly, the process of a Brazilian butt lift includes the addition of extra fat in your buttocks. The fat does not settle immediately after the procedure. It takes a while for the fat to settle in place effectively. If you put pressure on the buttocks during this time, it can cause the shape of the fat. This will adversely affect the results you expect to see from the Brazilian butt lift.

So rather than asking how soon after BBL can I go on vacation, it is better to focus more on the recovery process. I will also bust some sitting after bbl myth.

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The booty pillow has a special design that adds support to your buttocks. The pillow reduces pressure on your skin when you sit down. This helps to facilitate the healing process and reduce the risk of complications. The support provided by the pillow also ensures you do not experience changes in the shape of the fat that you added to your buttocks.

So, how long after BBL can I sit without pillow? Well, the average timeframe you will use the booty pillow is two to four weeks. Some surgeons may tell you it is okay to stop using the pillow after two weeks. You should only do this if you visited the surgeon and did a physical examination of the area.

If the surgery included a larger amount of fat, consider extending the period you use the pillow to four weeks. This gives the wound more time to heal while also allowing the fat to settle properly before applying pressure to the region.

How Should I Sleep After A Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Transfer?

Pressure on your buttocks can lead to problems shortly after the Brazilian butt lift. This can make things tough when you are going to bed. The worst sleeping position at this point is on your back. This would put excess pressure on the buttocks. It can also lead to sweat accumulating at the wound, resulting in an increased risk for infection.

Then when can I sleep on my back after BBL?

Most surgeons recommend a patients sleep on their stomachs for two to four weeks after the procedure. When you sleep on your stomach, there is nothing that adds pressure to your buttocks. This position also makes you less likely to turn over onto your back while you are sleeping.

Side sleeping is another option to consider but less advisable than a stomach sleeping position. When you sleep on your side, there is always a risk that you could turn over onto your back during the night. This would, of course, result in pressure from the mattress being applied to your buttocks.

If you need to sleep on your side, consider adding a body pillow behind you. This can help to prevent you from rolling over onto your back. And you can pick a BBL pillow any time. However, don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon, ”how long after bbl can I sit without pillow.”

Things To Expect After Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

It is important to remember that a Brazilian butt lift procedure is a type of surgery. Thus, the standard side-effects of surgery will develop following the procedure.

This means you will likely experience inflammation in the area where the surgeon made an incision. Pain and tenderness are also likely to develop at the surgical site. Some people report a numb feeling in the area as well. In addition to these, expect at least some degree of bruising afterward.

These are all temporary side-effects that will clear up as the wound heals. You may feel some discomfort while the wound is recovering. In most cases, your surgeon will provide you with pain medication. If they expect a lot of swelling, your surgeon also gives you a prescription for anti-inflammatory medication.

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Make sure you take these as prescribed by the surgeon. This way, you can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by the procedure. It also helps you feel less pain while you are in recovery.

When looking at what you should expect following the procedure, it is important to note that not all of the fat will survive over the long term. Surgeons usually state that 60% and 75% of the fat they deposit into your buttocks will remain present. Still, the procedure usually provides a permanent change in shape and size.

In some cases, a surgeon may prefer to give you a stool softener after the surgery. Since the surgical procedure is done on the buttocks, you may experience difficulty with bowel movements. The medication used to block pain in the area can also contribute to constipation. A stool softener can effectively relieve these complications and make it easier to have a bowel movement.

Another thing to expect is frequent checkups with the surgeon. Since there are risks involved with a Brazilian butt lift, the surgeon needs to ensure the fat settles the right way and that signs of infection do not develop.

Are There Complications With A Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift does not come without its risks and potential complications. Make sure you know exactly what to expect before opting for the procedure. This means understanding both the good and the bad of a BBL. And of course, don’t forget to ask your surgeon. “how long after BBL can I sit without pillow.”

It is also important to ensure a professional perform the surgical procedure on you. This is due to the risk of a fat embolism. This is a term that describes fat entering your bloodstream. When this happens, the fat can cause a blockage in your blood circulatory system. This can cause tissue death and even result in complications like a stroke.

The incision made during the procedure also yields potential risks. In rare cases, you can develop an infection in the area where the surgeon made the incision. This happens when bacteria enter the wound. If you develop an infection, you will need to take a course of antibiotics to prevent it from worsening or spreading to other parts of your body.

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Apart from these, there are aesthetical complications to consider too. If anything goes wrong following the procedure, it could result in fat moving to parts where it should not be. This can change your buttocks’ visual appearance (shape and size) or even cause lumps to appear in some areas.

Can I Sit Down After The Brazilian Butt Lift?

Sitting down directly after a Brazilian butt lift is something that you need to avoid at all costs. Pressure on the wound will cause pain and can worsen the side effects of the surgical procedure. Surgeons usually recommend lying down on your stomach or side for a couple of days. Once you are allowed to sit down, it is important to avoid any hard sitting surface. These surfaces will put stress on your buttocks and thus increase your risk of experiencing adverse effects.

how long after bbl can i sit without pillow

You do not have to lie down for the entire recovery period, however. After a few days, you can sit down on most surfaces – as long as you have your booty pillow with you. Place this pillow on top of any couch or chair you want to sit on. Your surgeon will tell you how long you need to stay off your buttocks. They will also give you instructions on how to use the booty pillow and for how long.


When Can I Stop Sitting On The BBL Pillow?

After the BBL surgery, it is important to avoid any pressure on your buttocks. This can result in irritation and cause the fat to lose its shape. This is why you need to question how long after BBL can I sit without pillow.

The minimum time in which you should use the pillow is two weeks. If you sit down on a hard surface before the two-week mark, you will likely experience complications. Sometimes, the surgeon will suggest using the pillow for a period of four weeks instead. This allows more time for the fat to settle effectively and provides a greater reduction in the risk of complications.

How Long Does It Take For Fat To Settle After BBL?

While you may see results immediately after a Brazilian butt lift, this does not mean the fat injected into your buttocks has settled already. In fact, it takes multiple weeks for the settling process to complete.

It takes at least two weeks for the fat to settle, but it does depend on the amount of fat the surgeon uses. It is a good idea to allow about four weeks for the fat to settle. This ensures you do not experience changes in the desired shape when applying pressure to your buttocks too soon.

Can I Sit 3 Weeks After BBL?

Sometimes, a surgeon will tell you that you can start to sit down without your pillow after three weeks. This, however, depends on the recovery, as well as how quickly the fat settles. It is important to ensure you visit the surgeon before you stop using the pillow. This allows the surgeon to inspect the area following the procedure closely. The surgeon can then advise whether you should continue using the pillow for a few weeks.

When Do You Use A BBL Pillow?

Many surgeons advise patients to try and find positions that won’t put pressure on their buttocks after the surgery. This is especially important for the first few days after the procedure. If you need to sit down, you should always ensure you use a BBL pillow for at least two weeks after you go for the Brazilian butt lift.

Place the pillow on the seat where you will sit down. Note that this is important even if you are sitting on a chair that has its own padding. BBL pillows feature special designs that help to support the buttocks without changing the shape before the fat settles.

how long after bbl can i sit without pillow

How Long Do I Wear My Faja After BBL?

After a Brazilian butt lift, you need to wear a Faja. This helps to provide support and ensures the fat settles correctly. It will also ensure that you don’t have to worry about how long after bbl can I sit without pillow.

You will wear the Faja for a minimum of three weeks after the procedure. Make sure you wear the Faja as much as possible. Most surgeons recommend only removing the Faja when you take a shower, as well as when you want to clean it.

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