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Does Skipping Help to Reduce Belly Fat? Discover The Facts

Having belly fat can be embarrassing sometimes may be a cause of many diseases. You may try to reduce this belly fat by skipping a rope without going to the gym or paying for it.

But does skipping rope really help in reducing belly fat?

Belly fat is just due to the high amount of cholesterol in our body. Doing exercise, or any other physical activity, can reduce this fat by burning the high amount of cholesterol in our body. Skipping a rope involves enough physical exercise. If you do this regularly, and for enough time, you can reduce your belly fat.

Continue reading this article to get a better idea of what we’re talking about. So, let’s get started!

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Skipping: How Does Skipping Help to Reduce Belly Fat?

A person with excess belly fat contains many calories stored in his body.

A large number of calories in their bodies may be due to eating food more than their body needs or may be due to consumption of oily or fatty food.  All we need to do to burn these calories and to avoid fatty food.

By increasing our physical activities, we can easily burn our calories and reduce body fat.


A calorie is a unit of energy that our body needs for all its activities.

If we consume more calories than our body needs, then the body starts storing them in the organs and then in the linings of the body, causing obesity in a person.

You might have heard that obesity is the mother of all diseases. It should therefore be controlled.

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How Does Skipping Work?

Skipping rope includes the working of different body parts including arms, legs, shoulders, and the back of our body. Jumping rope is an intensive physical exercise if you do it for the proper time period.

As discussed earlier, all exercises including skipping rope help to increase the muscular activities of your arms, legs, shoulders, and some other muscles like foot muscles and more.

Our muscles are always in need of oxygen and energy. When muscles do more work, they are in more need of energy that is supplied by the food we eat. Different foods contain different amounts of calories in them.


Thus, by skipping rope, we increase our muscular need for energy, then this energy is supplied by the usage of the stored calories in our body.

The longer we skip, there will be a further increase in demand for energy; this way, we can burn our stored fat and calories.So, if you skip a rope regularly and for sufficient time-lapse, you can definitely lose belly fat.

What’s the Best Way to Skip a Rope?

Keeping some techniques in view, you can get a better result from skipping a rope. You should:

  • Buy a rope that is slightly heavier than a normal rope so that it can retain its balance during usage.
  • Use a rope having wooden edges fixed at its length. It will make the grip of the rope smoother and easier.
  • Purchase the rope having sliders or a beaded rope, that will help to adjust the length of the wire according to your height. Shorter or longer ropes can stick in your feet, causing a hindrance.
  • Now stand at the site where you must skip. Keep your feet new inches apart. Bend your knees slightly. Keep your hands holding the rope slightly below the hips.
  • Relax your shoulders and wrist
  • Keep your head up. Avoid looking down. Keep your eyes forward.
  • Now cross your hands quickly from the front of your body. Jumps over the rope quickly.
  • Try jumping twice over the rope during one round. In other words, you must jump two times, but the rope will pass only once under your feet, completing one round of skipping.
  • Don’t skip after a short period of time. Do it properly for at least 15 minutes, taking a break. If you’re a beginner, you should stop skipping when you get out of breath. A skilled person can skip from 25 to 30 minutes at once.
  • Try not to avoid or skip any day for this exercise. Do it regularly.

Benefits of Skipping a Rope

Skipping a rope doesn’t only help with your weight loss but also comes with a lot of other advantages. Benefits of skipping a rope include:

Good Cardiovascular Health

All types of exercise help to improve the health of the heart. Most heart diseases, including heart attacks, are due to coagulation of blood in the blood vessels of the heart and atherosclerotic plaque buildup, which is usually due to a high amount of cholesterol in the blood. Sometimes, this cholesterol starts accumulating in the inner walls of the blood vessels, creating a blockage in the flow of blood.

If this blockage occurs in the blood vessels within the heart, it can lead to a heart attack.  But if you skip rope regularly, then there may be fewer chances for cholesterol to accumulate in the heart and cause a heart attack. Skipping a rope prevents the aggregation of cholesterol and fat in our body, reducing our weight.

Plus, skipping a rope increases the working capacity of the heart. When you physically work hard, this puts a demand for oxygen to supply the body. The heart, as a result, must pump blood faster, to meet the demand for oxygen from muscles, increasing the heart rate.

Improved Mental Health

Skipping increases the blood circulation to the brain, keeping it healthy and fresh. It may also prevent or help a person suffering from psychological problems like depression, anxiety due to the release of endorphins in the body; like the “runner’s high”.

Strong Muscles and Bones

All kinds of physical activities including skipping rope help to strengthen your bones and muscles.

As muscular activities increase due to skipping, this helps muscles to develop a stronger muscle tone.   strengthening your biceps and thigh muscles is an example of muscle strengthening.

It may also decrease the chances of bones undergoing a disease like osteoporosis and makes the bones denser and stronger.

Lose Weight

Skipping rope helps to reduce weight by burning the extra calories in your body and helps to reduce your belly fat. It increases the body’s need for energy. This energy is then supplied using stored calories.

Enhanced Body Coordination

Skipping rope helps to improve body coordination between arms, legs, and shoulders. It improves the blood circulation in these parts of the body which helps to improve the hormonal coordination among these parts.

Good Pulmonary Health

As skipping increases the heart rate, it also increases the breath rate, increasing the working capacity of the lungs. As there is an increased supply of blood to the muscles, more oxygen is needed from the atmosphere to convert the deoxygenated blood into oxygenated blood.

For these purposes, the lungs must work harder, and this is good for the maintenance of pulmonary health.

Improved Joint Health

Many joint disorders occur due to the immobility of bones. Skipping and other physical exercise keep our bones moving and our joints healthy. By exercising regularly, you replenish the lubrication of the cartilage in the joints and reduce pain and stiffness.

Increased stamina

Skipping rope increases our stamina to do different tasks. It usually decreases our fatigue, keeping us fresh all day. This allows us to do all our activities without feeling tired.


  1. How many calories are burned by skipping rope?

The number of calories burned typically depends on the time in which you skip a rope, on the intensity that either you skip quickly or slowly, and on the weight of the person skipping.

Using 20 minutes of jumping rope quickly, someone who weighs 200 pounds can burn 362 calories, while slow-moving people can burn 241 calories.

  1. Is skipping a rope a better option than running to lose weight?

Yes, skipping a rope is a better option than running. Skipping involves more effort compared to running, and it burns more calories than running does.

  1. Is it okay to skip rope right after getting up in the morning?

Skipping rope should not be done immediately after waking up and before going to sleep. Allow your body to wake up for at least half an hour first and then skip rope.

  1. Does skipping our skin glow?

Yes, skipping helps us to make our skin glow due to better blood circulation in our body.


Thus, the answer to the question, does skipping help to reduce belly fat is yes. Skipping helps in reducing fat by increasing the muscular need for energy and oxygen. This energy need is fulfilled by burning calories that are stored in the body and is a cause of obesity.

Though skipping is not a prerequisite for fitness, it is a great way to improve our fitness. It helps us to burn calories, maintain our heart rate and make our skin glow. So, if you want to improve your health and fitness level, you should skip rope.

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