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Does Declinol Really Work? Revealing the Facts!

According to WHO, 5.3% of the total deaths occurring worldwide are due to the harmful use of alcohol! Some alcoholics have been struggling for years to get over this detrimental habit but still aren’t able to get away with it. However, there is a way to curb alcohol cravings by using Declinol which is a natural anti-alcohol supplement that not only helps you reduce alcohol intake but also helps you quit!

So, does declinol really work?

Well, Declinol is made up of Kunduz extract, vitamin B complex, pantothenic acid, folic acid, and ascorbic acid which are all vital and helpful in helping you reduce alcohol intake. However, the efficacy varies from person to person. 

So, to learn what is Declinol and does it work or not, read on! 

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Declinol Uses

Nearly 1.4 percent of the population worldwide is suffering from alcohol use disorder which clearly indicates that a major chunk of our population is alcoholic. Usually, drinking is something you can’t get rid of once you’re started. However, a study reveals that nearly 36% of alcoholics recovered within a year. The road to escape looks a little hard but in the end, it’s worth it! 

Millions of people worldwide are in search of something that could help them leave the recreational habit that turned into a probable disaster. This is when Declinol comes to work. Declinol aids in reducing the habit of drinking but the question here is, is declinol safe?   


As far as safety is concerned, let me first share with you the ingredients of Declinol:

  • Kudzu Root – This is the most significant ingredient in Declinol and is a part of Chinese medicine for years. It provides declinol with daidzin which is the master ingredient that makes it effective.  
  • Vitamins (Folic acid, ascorbic acid, B complex, and pantothenic acid)
  • Gentian (Bitter herbs)

Now, the fact what people are curious to know is, what does declinol do? Well, the aforementioned ingredients are all combined to reduce alcohol cravings and provide nutritional support to your body once you feel lethargic after drinking. 

Pros and Cons of Declinol

Most people are confused and often ask, is declinol legit? Well, the brand makes it look like a legit product but there are some reviews that make the consumers perplexed. Many people ask for Declinol side effects which aren’t really obvious and can’t be concluded easily. 

When it comes to the pros of Declinol, the most prominent one is that it is made up of natural ingredients which consist of the best vitamins and herbs that aid the process of reducing alcohol intake. It is also well-known for not interacting with other medicines because of the presence of natural ingredients. 

The cons of the product aren’t really observed. You must seek a bit of professional advice before using the supplement. Moreover, Declinol has phenylalanine; hence, phenylketonurics, pregnant females, breastfeeding women, and people who are consuming antidepressants must ask for medical advice before starting the supplement. 

Does Declinol Really Work?

You read about the uses, ingredients, pros, and cons of declinol, now, let’s learn how does declinol work? Well, Declinol is a herbal nutritional supplement that helps you in reducing your alcohol intake without having any pharmaceutical ingredients. All products under the brand “Declinol” are FDA approved. 

As mentioned before, daidzin in declinol targets your craving for alcohol and manages it. The efficacy depends on how well the supplement manages the cravings. On the basis of efficacy, you can distinguish three strength packages of declinol.

Declinol regular strengthThis is for light drinkers who are trying to reduce their intake for occasional alcohol cravings.$ 99.00 USD
Declinol extra strengthThis is for medium-use drinkers or those who want to switch back to occasional use.  $ 149.00 USD
Declinol maximum clinical strength This is for those who are trying to get rid of alcohol intake completely and want to restore to a healthy lifestyle. $ 269.00 USD

The aforementioned prices are a 30-day supply. The kit has two parts, one is capsules which are to be used daily, on the other hand, there is also a spray that helps curb the desire when the craving hits its peak. You’ll have to take doses either in the morning or you can divide them with your breakfast and lunch. 

The craving sprayer provides its users with a sudden boost of control against the desire and you may use it when the urge to drink reaches its maximum. The capsules provide an overall feeling of well-being to regular drinkers.  


The supplement seems good theoretically; however, the actual point of consideration is that does declinol really work. Well, reviews suggest that the supplement doesn’t work the same way for everyone! For some consumers, it works like magic but the reviews on the other side are ambiguous. However, there are no side effects of the product reported yet. 

How Long Does It Take for Declinol to Work?

Consumers often ask, how long does declinol take to work? For some people, the symptoms started reducing within the first month of usage whereas for others it didn’t work well. It is usually taken 1-4 months but the efficacy of Declinol depends upon multiple factors including

  • Your alcohol consumption rate 
  • Your health history 
  • The strength package you’re using

Some people often compare the efficiency of declinol with other antialcohol drugs such as sobrenix and naltrexone. So, Declinol Vs Sobrenix, which one’s better? Well, sobrenix is a liquid anti-alcohol supplement that works fastly. Kudzu and vitamin B are common in both two supplements. You should check out the ratings of their products, compare them and then pick up the one with better reviews. 

Similarly, there is another anti-alcohol supplement called naltrexone which is used to curb the cravings and feelings of ecstasy. It is used to manage alcohol consumption and opioid use disorder and due to the same functions, people often debate on, Declinol Vs Naltrexone, which one should be preferred? 

Well, both the medications are FDA-approved; hence, you should consider reviews before choosing any one of them. Must go through the ingredients of both of them to avoid any allergic reaction. 


What is Declinol made from?

Declinol is an all-natural supplement that includes herbs and vitamins. The most significant ingredient is daidzin which actually works to reduce the desire for alcohol. Another bitter herb used is gentian which helps in regulating glucose metabolism. Declinol also includes a bunch of vitamins including vitamin C, B complex, folic acid, and pantothenic acid which are vital for your body to function.

Can you buy Declinol in stores?

To purchase declinol, you don’t need a prescription, the product is non-addictive and can be purchased online from their official website. Moreover, the brand claims that the product will be available in retail stores in the future which means that you can’t get it from the stores right now. 

How do I suppress the urge to drink?

Controlling the urge to drink might seem impossible but you can do it with your willpower and some medical help. Firstly, you have to make a plan and find your triggers. Secondly, start working on your triggers, and avoid the situations which push you to drink. You can also use supplements such as declinol, sobrenix, and naltrexone. However, one must seek professional advice before using supplements and medicines. 

How do you use Declinol spray?

You can use Declinol spray in situations when your urge to drink spikes and also when you’re attending a gathering that might hit your triggers. You can use it in combination with declinol capsules. As per the website, you can use it up to three times a day and four sprays per dose. Hence, keeping the spray with you every time can help you get rid of occasional and regular cravings.   

Final Verdict 

Declinol is a natural supplement that helps in curbing the cravings for consuming alcohol. It consists of all-natural ingredients including herbs and vitamins which provide the body with all essential elements to curb alcohol intake. 

The supplement comes in three strength packages which are for light drinkers, medium drinkers, and for those who want to quit completely. The kit also has a spray that provides immediate control in reducing the craving for alcohol.  

The question here is, does Declinol really work? Well, the composition suggests that the supplement works well against the craving; however, you must consider reviews and professional advice before using the supplement. Pregnant females, lactating women, and phenylketonurics shouldn’t use the supplement. 

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