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No Sore Breasts After Conception? Will You Be Able to Become Pregnant Without This Symptom?

For almost every woman, the one beautiful yet excruciating experience in their lives is probably motherhood. During this phase, from conception to delivery and beyond, they endure tons of different changes in their whole body. 

The hormonal surges, morning sickness, the irresistible cravings, what not! Not to forget the baby bump and the massive reformation in their breasts, which gets sore and painful at times. 

This brings us a common question, can you be pregnant without sore breasts? 

Sore breasts are one of the commonest signs of pregnancy, but not the most conclusive either. Certain myths revolve around the development of sore breasts when you get pregnant. Some women can get sore, tender breasts while others won’t notice any distinct difference.

To have your queries cleared, go through this write-up and let your disappointments or concerns settle. 

Your breasts become sore for a very extraordinary and obvious purpose – to prepare your body for breastfeeding the unborn little human being in your womb.

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Can You Be Pregnant Without Sore Breasts?

As life-changing and exciting pregnancies seem to appear, several undesirable things can occur to your body. Your body usually shows symptoms by the 5th week, later by the 8th week you will be able to see prominent signs.

That’s when you need to adjust yourself to eating more nutritious food to transition into comfortable maternity wear! Sounds like a huge thing, right? You need to adapt to the ongoing alterations in your own body and take measures so that you feel relaxed and feel better.


Changes in the breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It usually starts developing in the first few weeks of conception, say the third or fourth weeks of gestation. Sore breasts might be an indication but not the surest and most explicit finding to confirm the pregnancy.

Your breasts change for a specific purpose and the alterations are usually noticeable to most expecting women. Even if you do not have sore breasts, there is no harm in it. You can have a normal-looking breast and can still get pregnant.

There is no correlation that you must have changes in your breast to get pregnant. This is just a common indicator that most people “assume” to be a standard when they consider pregnancy.

Now let’s read the important details. 

Why Do Breasts Become Sore During Pregnancy?

Your breasts become sore for a very extraordinary and obvious purpose – to prepare your body for breastfeeding the unborn little human being in your womb. To break it down into simpler terms: when you get pregnant, the hormonal levels (particularly estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin) stimulate the development of your breasts, taking a steady spike than the normal level.

After this, the blood flow to your breasts increases and it appears different from normal. Not only this, the hormones made up in the placenta promote the development of milk ducts within the breast tissue.

During this stage, your hormone levels are a wreck and the milk ducts are further proceeding to produce mammary secretions. This flooding hormone level in your body doesn’t only affect your breasts but other parts of your body as well.

Will You Be Able to Become Pregnant Without Having Sore Breasts?

Now let’s move on to the main context- can you get pregnant without sore breasts?

You will hear a lot of mothers saying their breasts were sore and stinging, making them unable to sleep for several nights; while others will say they felt no breast changes at all. No pain, no tenderness, and obviously, no enlarged breasts!

You can puke all day, you might crave bizarre foods at the most inappropriate ungodly hours, you may wanna scream at everybody around you, you may become overwhelmed with these conflicting emotions all at once! 

I personally know a woman who didn’t even know she was pregnant till she was in her fifth month! 

Therefore, you have your answer: Yes, you can get pregnant without having a sore breast, not just sore breasts but also any other alterations in the shape, size, consistency, or color of the breasts. This phenomenon is however not very common, although not impossible either.

If you do the math and talk to people, at least 1 out of 2000 women at their initial weeks of pregnancy didn’t show common symptoms of pregnancy. 


Your breasts look larger (and attractive as well!) they become sensitive to touch and sometimes you would feel itchy all over your boobs! Even the slightest touch can cause pain on your tender breasts. The nipples get more protruded, areolas change their colour from a light to darker shade.

All these changes are found typically in the first few weeks of gestation. If not, then in the last trimester. 

So what you should do is, After having a missed period, go for a strip test. Don’t just take one, at least 3 at different times of the day to confirm your pregnancy.

For a more accurate diagnosis and assessment of your health condition, visit an obstetrician or gynecologist where you might need to have an ultrasound and necessary tests. Besides, don’t miss that priceless moment of seeing your baby on a screen for the first time! 

With these non-sore breasts, other symptoms of pregnancy might also be absent in some persons. Let’s take a look at them. 

Can You Conceive Without Any Pregnancy Symptoms?

Let’s just bust this myth all at once! You can conceive without having the typical symptoms of pregnancy. You may have multiple debilitating signs of pregnancy.

You can puke all day, you might crave bizarre foods at the most inappropriate ungodly hours, you may wanna scream at everybody around you, you may become overwhelmed with these conflicting emotions all at once! 


On the contrary, you may even experience the opposite! You won’t feel hungry all day, you will feel happier, and the best part, no morning sickness. Hence, it’s important to remember that you can have numerous symptoms all at once or no prominent signs at all. Every “body” shows the troublesome pregnancy signs and symptoms differently. 

There is no guarantee that you will “show” signs from the initial weeks. Neither has there been any established ground rule that these symptoms will persist nor there are any criteria why you feel the way you feel.

The symptoms keep fluctuating over the course of pregnancy. Just have the patience to adjust to those new changes because trust me, you need it even after you have that adorable little human out of your womb. 

Why Does This Happen? 

Everybody responds to pregnancy symptoms differently. The degrees of severity and frequency of the signs and symptoms will not be the same. The reason why some women conceive without symptoms of pregnancy and some don’t: is unknown

You need to keep in mind that the degree, occurrence, or frequency of these manifestations can differ from person to person, even varying degrees of symptoms can appear in the next pregnancies of the same women! 

Should You Be Worried About Having a Miscarriage If You Get Pregnant Without Sore Breasts? 

Miscarriage – a dreadful gnawing thought that peeps into the brain of every expectant lady. You must know the signs of miscarriage from your Ob-Gyn as soon as you conceive.

Before your menstruation starts, you may or may not have sore breasts. Your surging hormone levels are the ones to be blamed for making your breasts look different at that time of the month.

Usually, it occurs in the first 12 weeks of gestation due to fetal abnormalities. It is unfortunate, but it can occur to anybody no matter how cautious or sincere they have been. 

Since, a lot of women have doubts regarding missed or fluctuating symptoms of pregnancy, having no sore breasts being one of them, I will briefly explain the signs of a possible miscarriage. 

  • Vaginal Bleeding- This is also called spotting which occurs in some pregnant ladies. People can have spotting and give birth to healthy babies too. Vaginal bleeding necessarily doesn’t indicate you’re having a miscarriage. Nevertheless, no matter what the situation or amount of bleeding is, DO NOT IGNORE this particular sign. Go to the hospital immediately when you notice any spotting so that they can rule out the condition.  
  • Unusual pelvic cramps– Dull ache around the abdominal and pelvic region that may or might not radiate. 
  • Whitish mucus discharge 
  • Discharge of fluid from the vagina
  • Diminished signs of pregnancy-  morning sickness, breast tenderness, etc

These findings may sound familiar, maybe some of your acquaintances had such experiences during their pregnancy but only your doctor can distinguish if it was harmless or not. Having these symptoms won’t always indicate a probable termination of pregnancy. 


Too many things to keep in mind and too many things to be alert about, right? But hey, don’t get frightened after hearing all the experiences of a pregnant woman. Remember, this is just temporary and everybody has their own pregnancy stories. Once you give birth to your unborn baby, your body will slowly and gradually get back to normal again! 

Now, let’s talk about some concerns regarding breast soreness. 

Breast Soreness and Other Associated Concerns

You can have sore breasts for other reasons as well. Take a glance at them. 

Breasts Soreness: Reasons Other Than Pregnancy

Have you ever noticed your boobs become painful to touch and bigger before your menstrual cycle kicks in? I bet a lot of you didn’t since this change is insignificant.  You may get sore breasts when you become pregnant and you may also have them before menstruation.Don’t confuse these two phenomena, these are technically conflicting with one another. 

Now let’s find out the other causes of breast tenderness excluding pregnancy. 

  • Before your menstruation starts, you may or may not have sore breasts. Your surging hormone levels are the ones to be blamed for making your breasts look different at that time of the month. The body is producing an extra amount of estrogen and progesterone which makes it appear larger than usual. It persists for 2-5 days and gets back to normal when bleeding starts.
  • Breast lumps or cysts are one distressing reason for breast soreness.  
  • If you have any physical trauma to your breasts or any surgery-induced injury, then you may have tender breasts for some time. 
  • Taking oral contraceptives pills (OCP)
  • Physical activities that engage the muscles in your chest and surrounding areas (for example – weight lifting)
  • Weight gain

So, you see, you may have sore breasts for other factors as well. Hence, it is important to know the other reasons for having a sore breast if you are trying or not trying to get pregnant. 

What to Do If You Have Sore Breasts?

In case you or somebody you know have sore breasts, here is what you can do if you are concerned about the changes in your boobs.

  • Wear a supportive bra that gives full coverage and ensures comfort.
  • Try cold compression. Apply ice packs or a towel soaked in cold water.
  • Take a warm shower if you find that relaxing for yourself.
  • Pain medications- If your doctor recommends
  • Go for loose-fitting clothes that don’t make your chest rub against the fabric. Put on flowy dresses.
  • Now moving to one of the biggest concerns- sex. Your breasts will look super attractive but touching them will only add pain. So until the pain subsides, create a “don’t touch my boobs” policy for your partner.
  • If you feel insecure or anxious about the whole pregnancy period, or the way your breasts look, try consulting with mental health experts. Talking will help a lot.

For the fellow readers and beautiful moms-to-be, if you have read this far, you may feel a little (or a lot!) anxious already. Always remember that pregnancy is unarguably one of the toughest ordeals for a childbearing woman.

These ghastly alterations in your life are just temporary, with the proper care your body will regain its original appearance in a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you see the changes or absolute loss of symptoms of Pregnancy?

This may vary from one person to another because of their health status, dietary intake, lifestyle, or sometimes for no apparent reason at all. You may notice disappearing symptoms after 2 months of gestation and sometimes it may persist for the entire first trimester.

But it is safe to say that you will experience most of these changes in your last trimester and develop symptoms that gradually lessen in your first trimester. 

Will you have a miscarriage if you get pregnant without having common symptoms like morning sickness, sore breasts? 

No, you will not have any miscarriage if you don’t experience the common findings (morning sickness, craving, mood swings, sore breasts, etc) in your initial or later weeks of pregnancy.

There is no relationship between having a miscarriage with the women who don’t show common pregnancy symptoms. 

Does having sore breasts always indicate Pregnancy?

Having sore breasts a few weeks after conception is one of the most familiar symptoms of pregnancy. It might be a common indicator but not the most reliable one.

You may also have sore breasts while you are having Premenstrual syndromes or for other causes as well. Therefore, sore breasts necessarily don’t mean that you are pregnant. 

Is it possible to have more complex signs and symptoms in the next pregnancies? 

Many moms-to-be share that they suffered so much in their first pregnancy and didn’t feel much pain in the next ones. While they get pregnant for the second, third time, these symptoms appear in milder forms or the expectant lady just gets accustomed to the symptoms from their earlier pregnancies.

This applies to women of every age or health type.


I hope you got to know: can you get pregnant without having sore breasts? Not having tender boobs in the initial weeks of pregnancy doesn’t indicate any anomaly.

Pregnancy is a crucial phase of your life when you have so much to tolerate. Remember that these pregnancy symptoms vary a lot.  

So, don’t freak out when you hear somebody else’s story. Everybody has a unique body hence the symptoms may fluctuate.

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