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Top 7 Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Backache or pain in the back is one of those bad things that can affect any person at any point of time in their life. It is never a moment of fun when you have got those severe aches and pains all over your back. But the good news is that in most cases, this issue may not be a serious one. And the pain will start fading away within a week or so.

However, in some specific times when you have a condition such as a slipped vertebral disc, the pain levels can reach extreme levels. And you will need to see a bone and joint specialist who will suggest an effective course of action and treatment plan for you. a wide range of factors can cause these types of backaches. And in this health article, we will look at some of the most common reasons why people may suffer from backache.

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One of the most common and obvious causes of severe backache is various forms of strains. Such as muscle strain, ligament strain, tendon strain, etc. these are particularly common in people who take part in many sports activities. Many sporty people will suffer from backache due to strains or pulled muscles that they have got through various activities.

Tension in the muscles or injuries from a fall during a game such as a football, basketball, or tennis can all lead to undue strains that can trigger back pains. Weight lifters, for example, put a lot of pressure on their back and lower limb muscles, which can result in sustained aches in the lower or upper parts of their back.

Bad Posture

Lots of people sit in front of computers and desktops almost all day at work. Or at home, if they are playing video games until the early hours of the morning and evening. If you find yourself constantly hunched over your keyboard or bending your neck to properly see your computer screen, you are opening yourself up to a range of potential health issues. In the long run, it can cause pain in the back, as well as your neck and shoulders.

Bad Posture

If you are driving for long periods of time, you might also find yourself suffering from an aching sensation in your lower back and buttock region. Incorrect posture is a huge problem for many people, especially those who work in regular office jobs. Luckily, it is something that New York’s top back pain doctor, Amr Hosny can help you with.

General wear and tear

The older we get in life; the more wear and tear organs of our body go through. It is no exceptions for muscles, especially true of our backs. Our lumber and sacral vertebral discs in the spine are more brittle and prone to mechanical damage.

And so, bending over or lifting any heavy items can easily lead to serious problems such as a slipped disc. Sometimes even doing something as natural and simple as sneezing, coughing, or yawning could cause a sudden and severe pain to appear in the back muscles and joints.

Herniated Discs

These conditions are also known as slipped discs and these are caused by undue constant pressure on discs. When part of the discs gets compressed between the successive vertebral bones in our spines, they become slightly dislodged and angulated.

The lumber disc then starts protruding from its natural position, by breaking through its tough outer layer it communicates with external media.  And thus, it finds itself pressing down on a spinal nerve adjacent to its exit. This can cause a great deal of pain and motor impairment including numbness or tingling sensations running down one or both of your legs.


Accidents including both major and minor can cause a sudden change in the pressure in your spine. Even some common types of trivial accidents such as tripping over or falling down the stairs can lead to a wide range of backaches.

Most of the time the pain you may feel is where the muscle tendons have been stretched or even torn into pieces due to the force of the vehicle. These types of pains will heal without causing too much trouble, though they can make your life very uncomfortable for a short period of time.

Poor quality of sleep

One important factor that can cause intermitted back pains, as well as a wide range of other issues, is the lack of a good night’s sleep. The body needs rest every day after a long period of work.

And so, if you find yourself having a poor quality of sleep every day, then this could lead to progressive back pains, especially in the lower and outer region of the back and hips. You might also need to consider changing your bed’s mattress and covers, as this may be a common cause for backache.

Your emotions

As weird as it may sound to some people, our emotions and stress levels can really affect our bodies in many different ways. Some people may have trouble with undue and intractable headaches. On the other hand, some people may find it difficult to relax while others may find that they have started developing aches and pains all around the body, not just in the back and hips.

If you find yourself feeling very emotional or even feeling depressed, these are factors that are responsible for many health issues and are something that you should get checked out right away.

Some final thoughts

Backache is something that nobody wants to have in their lives. But at some times, it may become a part of our daily life that we simply have to deal day to day. Sometimes you might just feel a little ache, whereas other times you might feel as though your lower back is literally on fire.

Different risk and etiological factors can cause different types of moderate to severe backache. And if you experience such type of pain that is persistent and not clearing up from either taking a course of strong painkillers, anti-inflammatory oral tablets, or even taking a good rest, then you might need to consider visiting your local doctor for a quick checkup.

Some backaches are simple to treat whereas others may require certain medication, a course of physiotherapy, a change in lifestyle, or some cases, surgery may be the only option.

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