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Is Popcorn Ok for Diabetes: Knowing the Essentials

We all know that one issue that makes the life of a diabetic boring.

And that’s diet restrictions.

Being on a proper diet is a must for a diabetic. For a person who has diabetes, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to food habits. For this reason, they can’t really enjoy life to its full extent.

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But if you are diabetic, we will try to make your life a bit easier by helping you find the answer to the question: Is Popcorn Ok for Diabetes?

Popcorn may seem harmless at first. But there are a lot of metrics involved here. There are certain parameters you need to satisfy before you, as a diabetic can enjoy popcorn.

We will be breaking down some of the important factors here. So, we would ask you to bear with us until the very end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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The Glycemic Index: What’s the value for popcorn?

If you’re unfamiliar with the glycemic index, then here’s s simple explanation for you.

The glycemic index is a measure of the blood-glucose absorption. Let’s say a certain food product has a glycemic index of 40. It means, that particular food product will be absorbed by the bloodstream by a factor of 40.

Overall, the index refers to the speed by which a food item gets absorbed by the bloodstream.

The general rule of thumb is simple.

The higher the GI (glycemic index) rating = the higher the blood glucose level will rise.

The higher ratings imply that the food item will be absorbed more quickly by the blood than another item with a lower GI rating. So, you need to keep it in check.

As for popcorn, it’s got a glycemic index of 55. 55 doesn’t seem like too much. Also, it’s not something you can ignore that easily.

The Glycemic index is an important metric for the diabetics. If you wish to keep their blood glucose levels below a certain point, then it is crucial that they pay attention to the GI rating.

Preparation And Serving

The ‘preparation’ and ‘serving’ are like the two sides of the same coin. If you can prepare something healthy and keep the portions to an optimal level, it will help you keep your blood sugar levels right where you want them to be.

Serving: Portion Control

Let’s do the math here.

In general, a single cup of popcorn will provide 40 to 50 calories. So, if you calculate that for 4 to 5 cups, then you have a total calorie count of 250.

Now you have the math. So, it’s all a matter of utilizing it properly.

If you can’t figure it out, then you may want to seek help from a dietitian. They will be able to help you more with the calorie intake. It’s also a good idea to check it up with your physician to see if the numbers add up.

250-calorie isn’t that small of a number. So, you may want to keep your portions small.

We’d recommend going with 4-cups of popcorn.  If you want to increase the potion, then please consult your physician before doing so.

Preparations: No topping is good!

You are a diabetic. So, you need to get one thing straight.

Using any sort of topping won’t be beneficial for you at all. You need to keep the blood glucose level to a certain point. Also, you’d want to avoid hyperglycemia, which is a condition where the blood sugar levels get out of control.

So, in the case of the toppings, we can recommend the following:

  1. Chili flakes or powder.
  2. Low-fat cheese (keep the amount as small as you can)
  3. Olive oil.

At all costs, you should avoid butter and salt. These two elements are highly responsible for creating various bodily anomalies. In short, it’s not recommended for diabetics at all.

The Goodness of Popcorn: What it offers?

Unsalted, unbuttered popcorn is a very good source of energy. Regular popcorn with no extra toppings still offers a lot of foody goodness.

For instance, vitamin A, E, B6, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, and Riboflavin are some of the usual riches of popcorn. Also, along with iron, you will be getting calcium, magnesium, copper and other necessary minerals.

Furthermore, Polyphenols, which are capable of fighting cancer, are also included in air-popped popcorn. Scientists believe that a single serving of popcorn contains 250 to 300 grams of polyphenols, which is pretty rare for food items of such kind.

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Final Thoughts

Although popcorn does have a few essential perks, excess intake may have diverse results.

So, we would urge you to be more careful and control the popcorn intake. If taken with adequate precaution, there’s no reason for you to enjoy it.

Thank you for sticking with us until the very end. Good luck!

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