Chinen Salt For Diabetes: Does it Really Help?

Diabetes – one of the most devastating diseases in the modern world. Many researchers are trying to get a hold of it. We hear about newer treatment policies, and Chinen salt cure diabetes may be one of those. If you are a diabetic patient or know someone with it, this article of Chinen salt for diabetes is just for you.

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It is no mystery that our lifestyle affects our body and mind in significant ways. In the midst of hurdling and grinding of busy routine, we often neglect our own health. It poses a heavy toll on your health. Diabetes is the result of this. People are searching for a suitable cure to control their sugar level.

Chinen salt from Asia has been on the market for quite some time. Today we are going to discuss it in detail.

What is Chinen Salt?

Chinen Salt is a derivative of an ancient herb, Berberis aristata. Many people like to call it a barberry plant. This plant grows in abundance in the Himalayan region. This salt consists of sodium chloride and sodium nitrate. It also contains monosodium glycolate(MSG) that gives it a unique taste. Chinen salt looks pinkish-white in broad daylight. It is because it has a high content of iron crystal.

Chinen salt is a well-known remedy in ancient medicine. Many traditional healers have been using Chinen salt to treat diabetes for a long time.

Chinen salt has a pungent smell which sets it apart from the regular table salt. This specific aroma varies from person to person. Most of the time, people describe it as earthen. Even now, many researchers also prefer Chinen salt for diabetes treatment. The leading science behind the Chinen salt is that it modules your glucose metabolism. It acts as a stimulus for the release of endogenous enzymes.

Some companies add a specific fragrance to Chinen salt for boosting sales. It helps the product to stand out among the others. But the main ingredient is the same for everyone. People from the Eastern part of Asia have been using Chinen salt to treat diabetes for a long time.

Is Chinen Salt The Same as Himalayan Salt?

Many people confuse Chinen salt with the Himalayan salt. Are those two salts are the same? Technically, no. The main reason behind it is that they both have a similar color. Some confuse as try both have origin in the Asian region. Many companies overlap them frequently, which adds more confusion.

If you are looking for Chinen salt, please check out the product’s label. Chinen salt is from the plant, Barberry, or Golden Thread. On the contrary, the Himalayan salt is from rocks beneath the river flowing across the Himalayan region. Chinen salt is a mixture of sodium chloride and sodium nitrate. Himalayan salt is the purest and unprocessed form of rock salt, aka sodium carbonate.

Both of these particular variants of salts are common in Asian medicine and healing. Chinen salt has entered the Western market very recently. Before that, it had a reputation as the curing salt used for preserving meats. Himalayan salt is for flavoring.

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Chinen Salt Diabetes:

With Chinen salt diabetes has come a long way. Believe it or not, the Chinese healers using Chinen salt for diabetes, many years before the invention of diabetes mellitus itself! They used it as a substitute for insulin, which remains the main cornerstone of controlling your diabetes. Additionally, it detoxifies toxins in your digestive system.

As time passed, many researchers have come forward to embrace this new idea. The researchers at the Oxford University of California released a publication on Chinen salt and diabetes. They found it contains more than fifty herbs and natural chemicals. Ten out of those are useful for diabetic patients.

Another publication from the Missikonoki University of Japan states the same. They discovered a material that works the same as metformin, an oral antidiabetic drug. It lowers your blood sugar levels by altering your hepatic metabolism. So, Chinen salt is an excellent alternative to your regular medication.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting Chinen salt or any other supplements. Their ingredients have approval from the FDA. But the product itself may not have. Better safe than sorry. Please note, if have other comorbid conditions like chronic liver disease or malabsorption syndrome, avoid it.

How much Chinen salt For Diabetes?

So, how much Asian Chinen salt is enough for you? Well, there is no definite amount. Just don’t overuse it. Doctors and nutritionists recommend adjusting your dosing according to your demand. Some may need a smaller dose, and others may need a larger dose.

If you use Chinen salt for diabetes in your daily meals, start at a minimum amount. You can mix it with your regular table salt or use it singularly. Chinen salt is less salty than ordinary salt. It even tastes weird for the first time. Let your taste buds cope with it slowly.

Some advice to use Chinen salt for diabetes within limits. It never should be more than ten milligrams per day or five servings per day. You may ask why it is essential? As a matter of fact, it affects your metabolism. More salt means more water retention. It may result in edema of peripheral limbs.

How to Use Chinen Salt For Diabetes?

How you use salt? The funny question indeed! Use it just the way you use your regular salt. Prince of Chinen salt in your meal and stir it. Or use it in your salad bowl to spice up the taste. No matter how to use it, it will help you with your sugars. You can also mix it with any cuisine.

You can find many excellent recipes to use Chinen salt for diabetes. You can search for YouTube videos for tutorials and DIYs. Even you can ask your friends for help. Feeling a bit lazy? Do not worry. We have listed the top methods to use Chinen salt for diabetes, just for you!

These can be handy for your daily life:

  1. Substitute for table salt: Table salt is sodium chloride, which is also a part of Chinen salt. So, you can use it to prepare your regular meals. It sits well with any cuisine, you may follow. Traditional, Mediterranean, Indian, etc. – you name it.
  2. In the salad: Salad is an excellent food for any diabetic patient. Ramp it up with some pints of Chinen salt. It gives a little twist to your tastes. Plus, it is healthy.
  3. In drinks: Making yourself a nice glass of shake? Throw in some Chinen salt, not only enhances the taste but also it improves the texture. It goes well with even with fruit juices.
  4. As a dressing: No matter what you eat, you can sprinkle some Chinen salt over it. It is good for your body.

Chinen Salt Benefits:

Now you may ask, is Chinen salt good for? The list is quite long. This special salt has a fantastic property helping you to maintain your blood sugar level. The science like to call it postprandial insulin control. It is necessary, especially for type two diabetes. Additionally, Chinen salt may have other benefits. We haven’t known the exact mechanism behind them. Many publications and researches are starting to support the theory.

With the Chinen salt diabetes cure is not possible because the disease isn’t curable. But it will surely help you to control it. We have listed all the Chinen salt benefits below:

  1. Blood sugar control: You can use Chinen salt for type 2 diabetes. After you eat a meal, there is a spike in the insulin level. In the absence of salt in your circulation, this may cause an abrupt rise is sugar levels. Chinen salt prevents it.
  2. Improvement of insulin resistance: Insulin resistance is the main problem in type 2 diabetes. Chinen salt improves it by the least known pathway.
  3. Good for vessels: Our vasculature has artery, vein, capillary, etc. They have a delicate structure. If you have higher lipid content in your blood, they may be stuck in layers of vessel. Chinen salt prevents it from happening and acts as a protective barrier.
  4. Good for the prediabetic person: Even if you do not have diabetes, Chinen salt is good for you. Studies have shown that diabetes runs in the family. If you have a first-degree relative having it, better be ready. The scientists found metformin like property in Chinen salt. It may delay your disease progression.
  5. Supports the immune system: Chinen salt has an anti-inflammatory property. More than half of its ingredients support your immune system. It stabilizes your immune cells and slows down inflammation.
  6. Suppression of appetite: Chinen salt modulates your gut hormones such as ghrelin, glucagon-like peptide, somatostatin, etc. These helps in controlling hunger and satiety. Chinen salt helps in early satiety by slowing down your gut emptying time.
  7. Good for gut bacteria: It stimulates your normal flora in your small gut, large gut, and colon. By doing this, it increases digestive enzymes in your gut and improves metabolism. It is crucial for patients facing gastroparesis to improve their symptoms. 
  8. Prevents complications: Type 2 diabetes gives rise to many complications. It may involve major organs like the brain, heart, kidney, liver, eye, intestine, etc. Chinen salt slows down the disease progression and prevents early complications.

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Is Chinen salt bad for you? 

We are not going to lie; there is no product perfectly good for everyone. Likely to others, Asian Chinen salt may have some drawbacks. It doesn’t cause any major issues for the users. These may be apparent during the first time use.

As we said earlier – never use any health product without consulting your doctor. It goes the same for Chinen salt, too. You may want to keep these in your mind:

  1. It may cause minor gut problems like bloating, intolerance, etc.
  2. If you have other comorbidities such as liver disease, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, etc, please avoid using it.
  3. It is not suitable for people more than the age of sixty.
For people with age above 60 years old, high intake of salt may increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. So it is important to speak to a doctor before adding chenin salt to the diet of elderly people.

Where to buy Chinen salt?

You can find many websites Chinen salt for sale. You can buy it from your local pharmacy or retail store. Please always check the label. We have listed the top Chinen salt for diabetes on the Amazon website:

Bolivian pink salt: It has lower sodium content than the others. It gives more than sixty trace elements.

Bolivian pink salt

Viva Doriya pink salt: It is good for your blood sugar levels. It has a minimal effect on metabolism.

Viva Doriya pink salt

Old Thompson Coarse Crystal salt: It serves Chinen salt tablets. It also comes in a fancy glass bottle. Easy to sprinkle over foods.

Olde Thompson Himalayan Pink Coarse Crystals Salt

Bottom line:

We tried to add as much information we found on the net. The concept of Chinen salt for diabetes is new for this part of the world. But people are leaning toward it more and more. Its effectiveness is well known to the Chinese community. Some may label it as a media hoax. Clearly, it is the opposite.

Do you want to add Chinen salt in diabetes treatment? Will it benefit you? The decision is up to you. We just here to clarify things for you. As the old saying: you are what you eat. So, eat healthily and be healthy. The rest will follow. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article. Thanks for reading!

The FAQs About Chinen Salt:

Q1. Which salt is good for diabetes?

Answer: The Chinen salt from Asia is good for diabetes. It contains many trace elements that control your blood sugar level. It may delay complications related to type 2 diabetes such as heart disease, liver disease, cerebral disorder, etc.

Q2. What is Chinen salt?

Answer: Chinen salt is a specialized salt for the plant Barberry or Golden Thread. It contains mostly sodium chloride and sodium nitrate. It also contains many nutrients that are good for your body. It has a light pink color due to the presence of iron molecules.

Q3. Is Chinen salt good for diabetes?

Answer: Yes, Chinen salt is good for diabetes. It helps to control your sugar levels. It also protects your circulatory system from atherosclerosis. It prevents inflammation and improves your immune system. It also helps in the betterment of your hepatic functions.

Q4. What foods are suitable for those with diabetes?

Answer: Foods having low carbohydrates and fat are suitable for people with diabetes. Examples: Fish, red meat, cod liver oil, fruits, vegetables, etc. These foods digest and absorb readily. You must avoid saturated carbs as they may cause a sudden increase in sugar level.

Q5. Is potassium bad for diabetes?

Answer: No, Potassium is not bad for diabetes. But you have additional heart disease, best avoid it. It may cause neuropathy in certain patients. An excessive amount of it can cause a disorganized heart rhythm.

Q6. Is salt better than Metformin for diabetes?

Answer: Yes, in some cases, it is better than Metformin. Chinen salt causes lesser side effects than Metformin. Salt suites well for many people who can not tolerate oral medicines.

Q7. Where can I buy Chinen salt?

Answer: You can buy it on Amazon. We have added links in the respective segment of this article. You even can buy it from a retail shop near you. Wherever you purchase it, always check the label of the product.

Q8. What is Chinen used for?

Answer: People use Chinen salt to control their blood sugar. People have used it as an antioxidant. You can use Chinen salt in an alternative to table salt or tasting salt. It will improve both the taste and texture of your foods.

Q9. Can I add Chinen salt to the Metformin?

Answer: Chenin salt can help prevent digestive problems and muscle cramps which is especially useful for the elderly. So you can add chenin salt in your diet. But if you have any other health conditions like high blood pressure, you shouldn’t add more salt to your diet. Use chenin salt as an alternative to normal table salt in your food, rather than taking the salt directly. You can continue to take Metformin along with chenin salt as they have no known interactions.

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