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What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like? Find Out Now!

You are planning to include Dragon Fruit in your diet and want to know what it tastes like? Well, you are in luck as we are painting quite a picture about how Dragon Fruit or Pitaya impacts the taste buds present on the tongue. There is no denying that Dragon fruit is one of the healthiest fruits in the world, but it is also delicious. 

So, what does Dragon Fruit taste like? 

Describing what Pitaya tastes like is very simple! Imagine you eat a kiwi and pear at the same time. Now what you are feeling on your tongue is exactly how ripe Dragon Fruit tastes. 

Let’s dig a little deeper for you to understand what Dragon Fruit is supposed to taste like.

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What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like? 

It is true that mature or ripe Dragon Fruit tastes sweet, like a mixture of kiwi and pear. So, if you like both kiwis and pear, go for this tropical fruit. 

Dragon Fruits are diverse in colors and sizes. There are pink, red, yellow, and white Pitaya available in the market, each of them tastes a little different.

How Do You Know a Dragon Fruit is Ripe? 

You can easily know this by observing the condition of the wings attached to the fruit. Yep, it is true that this tropical fruit has wing-like structures on it (which is also the reason why it is called “dragon” fruit). 


If the wings’ color is brownish yellow, it means the fruit is ripe. You can further confirm this by pressing the fruit with your thumb. If the fruit gets a little pressed, it means it is ripe. Unripe fruits are firm and don’t let thumbs cause any change in them. 

In addition to ripe/unripe status, different varieties have different tastes. 

Different Varieties of Dragon Fruit And Their Tastes

One of many reasons to love Dragon Fruit is its attractive appearance. Dragon Fruits are diverse in colors and sizes. There are pink, red, yellow, and white Pitaya available in the market, each of them tastes a little different. So, what does Dragon Fruit taste like in different colors? 

What Does Red Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Red Dragon Fruit or Strawberry Pear is mildly sweet that has a taste of both pear and kiwi in it. Thus, it is perfect to be added to salads or smoothies which have other sweet rich fruits like mango. 

What Does Yellow Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

You can eat yellow Dragon Fruit without any need for any other fruit due to its unique taste. It has a little sweet and sour taste, so it is ideal for the taste buds. 


What Does White Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Just like the red one, white Dragon Fruit has a mild sweetness that tastes like a ripe kiwi. However, people generally prefer using red dragon fruit as it is more easily available and has a lesser price than white. 

What Does Pink Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Out of all the varieties, pink ripe Dragon Fruits are generally available in the American markets. Why? The reason is that the pink Dragon Fruit (whether on the outside or inside) tastes sweeter than other varieties. That is why most Americans only prefer eating Dragon Fruits that are pink on the outside and inside.

We can easily know the outer color of Dragon Fruit. But how can you know a Dragon Fruit is pink on the inside as well?

The best way to know this is to look at the shape of Pitaya carefully. If it is round and has short wings, the Dragon Fruit’s variety is pink.


If it is elongated and has long wings, the Dragon Fruit’s variety is white or red. 

A Quick Tip: When you go to the market to purchase Dragon Fruit, look for the heaviest one. It will surely be the juiciest one than the rest. 

Want to know Why Dragon fruit is good for you? Then, continue reading.

How Healthy Is Dragon Fruit? 

Dragon Fruit has not only a gorgeous appearance but also a plethora of health benefits. People often ask us, What is Dragon Fruit good for and the answer may surprise you. Dragon Fruit seeds are an excellent source of fiber which can improve heart and stomach health.

Some people may face allergic reactions after eating Pitaya/ Dragon Fruit. These include vomiting, tongue swelling, and stomach ache. However, the chances of you facing any allergic reaction are very minimal.

Fiber can reduce cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar levels. The fiber also improves digestion which relieves constipation. 

Dragon Fruit also contains Vitamin B and C which are super beneficial as well. Vitamin B improves brain functioning, energy level, eyesight, and muscle strength. Vitamin C is responsible for the growth and development of cells. It also makes the immunity strong which also prevents other diseases from occurring.

Dragon fruit benefits infographic

How To Eat Dragon Fruit?

There are different ways you can eat Dragon Fruit. Some of them are: 

1. Eat Like a Watermelon

You can eat Dragon Fruit just like you eat watermelon. 

  • Cut it in half just like you cut a watermelon.
  • Then, make slices out of it.
  • Lastly, Eat just like you eat a watermelon slice and throw away the outer skin in the garbage. 

You can also eat this tropical fruit by scooping it after cutting it in half. Just scoop like you scoop ice cream with a spoon and enjoy the fruit without peeling it. 

2. Eat After Peeling The Fruit

Peeling the Dragon Fruit rind and cutting it into pieces is another way to eat this tropical fruit. But you have to be delicate with the peeling as not doing it correctly will waste most of the fruit. 

How Can You Peel Dragon Fruit?

For this, you should have a paring knife in your kitchen cabinet. If you do, follow this easy method to do the successful peeling:

  • Cut the Pitaya/ dragon fruit in half and make different slices.
  • Now, use the paring knife to get rid of the rind. 
  • Make the further pieces/cubes and enjoy it with a fork.

3. Make Smoothies/ Drinks

The most famous way to consume Pitaya is in smoothies and other drinks. 

Dragon Fruit in the margarita is the most common drink. Have you ever visited Hawaii or any South American countries? There, You will see margarita Dragon Fruit on the menu of famous restaurants. 

People also love to make Dragon Fruit smoothies with other fruits and non-dairy milk. Add Dragon Fruit, strawberries, mango, and non-dairy milk in a blender. Blend it until you see a smoothie made from them. You can also add honey to it to make it more nutritious. This is loved by the actors/models as it gives them essential nutrients they need without any fat build-up. 

4. Make Salad

You can also add Dragon Fruit pieces/cubes to make a fruit salad. A salad with grapes, apples, bananas, dry fruits, and Dragon Fruit is an excellent way to gain the essential nutrients. If you want, you can also put honey on them to increase their beneficial properties. 

However, some people may face some complications after eating this tropical fruit. So, are there any Dragon Fruit side effects? 


Well Yes, some people may face allergic reactions after eating Pitaya/ Dragon Fruit. These include vomiting, tongue swelling, and stomach ache. However, the chances of you facing any allergic reaction are very minimal. In addition to this, if you buy top-quality and organic Dragon Fruits, the chances of any side effects appearing are almost negligible. 

Important Note: if you see any bruises on the outside, don’t buy them. Chances are the microorganisms have traveled through it and spoiled the fruit from the inside. 

Also, if you consume too much Dragon Fruit, your pee may turn a little reddish or pinkish. But if you eat it within a certain limit (not too much), nothing will happen. 


How Long does Dragon Fruit Last in the Refrigerator? 

Generally, Dragon Fruit can stay the same for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Make sure you first put the fruit in a plastic bag or in a container (if you have made its pieces) before you put it in the refrigerator. 

However, it is better if you eat it within ten days to avoid any undesirable situation arising. 

The shelf life of Dragon Fruit is more than most fruits because of the farmer’s intelligence. Farmers harvest the Dragon Fruit before it ripens. The reason is that immature fruit does not get spoiled easily and is easy to transport from one place to another. As the unripe Dragon Fruit is hard, it does not get any bruises. 

Why Is my Dragon Fruit tasteless? 

Wondering why Dragon Fruit tastes like nothing? If Dragon Fruit has no taste, it means it is not matured. Only those Pitaya fruits have a sweeter taste that is matured/riped. 

Where does Dragon Fruit come from?

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya is native to Mexico, Peru, and some other South American areas. Mexico has the best habitat to grow this tropical fruit while Central America can also grow these fruits without any natural hindrances. 

Final Words

All-inclusive, Dragon Fruit is a superfood that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and other minerals. So, what does Dragon Fruit taste like? It tastes like a blend of kiwi and pear. But only ripe Dragon Fruit has a sweet taste. Unripe fruits do not have any kind of taste. The best way to eat it is in the form of smoothies. That is why we recommend you make a smoothie with your favorite fruits and enjoy a quality life!

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