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6 Reasons due to which you may be experiencing Weird Feeling under Left Rib Cage

The human rib cage acts as protection to many more internal organs. They house sensitive internal organs such as the stomach, heart, lungs, and others. 

Are you wondering why you may be experiencing a weird feeling under left rib cage

One may experience a weird feeling under the left rib cage due to many problems. These problems are mostly related to the underlying organs below the left rib cage. There may be some issue or sickness with the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Sometimes, an injury or tissue damage to the muscles may also be the reason. 

Now, how to treat and avoid the experience of weird sensations under the left rib cage? We will look into all these matters in this article. 

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Causes of Weird Feeling Under Left Rib Cage

If you experience a weird feeling under the left rib cage, consider it seriously because the area is home to sensitive internal organs such as the stomach, kidney, pancreas, liver, spleen, and bowel. The pain in this area is countable for a serious health issue. 


It’s important to know what may be causing your pain, and whether you need to see a doctor or get emergency medical help.

So, take a look at its causes along with the treatment


Costochondritis is a condition in which inflammation occurs at the strong cartilage tissue that connects the ribs to the breastbone. This condition leads to sharp and stabbing pain in the chest and left ribs. 

Costochondritis may occur due to an injury or an infection from the respiratory tract. The intensity of the pain may increase when coughing, sneezing, exercising, or after laying down on the bed. Avoid playing sports and indulging in other physical activities if you are experiencing this pain. 


If the chest pain is mild with no other chronic symptoms then rest at home and avoid strenuous physical activities. However, if the intensity of pain is high visit a doctor and get the possible medication. 

Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcers are those sores that build up in the stomach lining when it is damaged. These sores form due to an intake of anti-inflammatory medicines for a long time or due to H. pylori bacteria-based infection. 

If you have a stomach ulcer then you may experience sharp pain in the center of the stomach under the left rib cage. Other symptoms include sickness and indigestion. 



The stomach ulcer caused by H. pylori is treatable with antibiotics. If it’s occurring due to anti-inflammatories then the doctor will prescribe some other medication. Stomach ulcers vanish after the right treatment but they may lead to complications such as internal bleeding. Immediately visit the doctor if the following symptoms exist.

  • Sudden and increasing rib pain
  • Dark poo
  • Blood with vomit


Indigestion is a common problem in people and it depicts numerous symptoms which include pain in the upper of the stomach and under the ribs. It occurs when acid breaks down the lining of the digestive system. Indigestion occurs as a result of stomach acids breaking the stomach lining which causes a burning sensation inside. 

If you are experiencing indigestion then pain may start to hurt you after eating. Other symptoms associated with indigestion include bloating, farting, sickness and heartburn. 


If indigestion is the reason behind a weird feeling under the left rib cage then the following are the possible treatments:

  • Take smaller meals
  • Eat slowly
  • Quit smoking
  • Stay away from spicy food

Consider visiting a doctor if you experience blood in vomit and faeces. Get yourself examined if you have iron deficiency (anaemia), problem in swallowing food, a situation of weight loss, sickness and you fall in the older age group. 


Gastroenteritis is a swelling of the stomach lining due to bacteria or viruses. A weird feeling under the left rib cage is possible due to Gastroenteritis as it causes pain at any place in the stomach. 

Symptoms of gastroenteritis include a sensation of sickness, fever, and diarrhea. 


Gastritis is treatable by staying at home, resting, keeping oneself hydrated, and taking painkillers. 

Consult a doctor for additional guidance on the safe use of painkillers. Gastritis is an infectious disease so wash the hands regularly and up to 48 hours after the symptoms of disease disappear. 

Consider visiting a doctor after a week or in case the symptoms are more severe. Severe symptoms include:

  • Excessive sickness
  • Temperature crossing 38 degree C
  • Blood with poo
  • Some other health issue

Spleen Issues

Spleen is a side organ that exists under the left rib cage but has no pivotal role in the digestive process. The spleen is present next to the stomach in the LUQ region below the left rib cage. A weird feeling under the left rib cage may occur due to a spleen that is damaged or enlarged. 

The spleen may be damaged due to an injury to the organ leading to pain around and below the left rib cage. The injury may result due to an accident while playing or driving. 


Visit the nearest emergency department if the spleen or the area under the left rib cage is experiencing pain. Visit a doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of the problem. 


The pancreas is an organ of the human body behind the stomach and lies in the LUQ region. The pancreas may experience a situation called Pancreatitis which includes inflammation of the gland due to heavy drinking. Pancreatitis may become chronic if it does not recover in a short span. 

Pancreatitis causes pain in the upper part of the abdomen or below the left rib cage. Other symptoms linked with the disease include sickness, loss of appetite, and vomiting. 



Seek medical treatment for the resolution of the disease. If the poo is pale and weight loss is noticeable visit a doctor immediately. 

Kidney stones

A weird feeling under the left rib cage is least possible due to issue with the left kidney but it may occur due to a problem in nearby regions. However, you may experience pain due to kidney stones which form due to inadequate consumption of fluids. 


Consider visiting a doctor if you are experiencing the issue of kidney stones. 


Question: What causes an enlarged spleen?

Answer: The size of the spleen increases due to hereditary diseases and blood cancer diseases such as Hodgkin’s diseases and leukemia. Diet habits and lifestyle have a major role in spleen enlargement.

Question: What are the general causes of a weird feeling under the left rib?

Answer: One may experience a weird feeling under the left rib cage due problems with spleen, stomach, pancreas and left kidney. The pain may worsen due to an infection, inflammation or injury at these organs.

Question: Can I treat pancreatitis at home?

Answer: Acute pancreatitis is a milder and controllable condition which may heal on its own. In most cases, it is found to heal naturally and the normal functions of pancreas including digestion and sugar control become operational.


A weird feeling under the left rib cage is evident in people due to an underlying problem with the muscles, stomach, pancreas, spleen or the kidney. Some of the conditions associated with these organs are described above. Some of them are treatable at home while one has to visit a doctor for the treatment of others.

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