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Do You Ever Think of Washing Face With Toothpaste?

There are many ways to do facial cleansing at home. When we decide on one, it is because we expect it to leave our pores clean, our skin fresh, soft, and radiant, and to eliminate imperfections.

One of the ways used worldwide to achieve this purpose economically and effectively is to use toothpaste for skin whitening. You will be amazed after discovering the uses of toothpaste for beauty.

You have to pay special attention while washing your face with toothpaste. Since dermatologists warn that this use of toothpaste can damage our skin if we overdo it. Also, depending on the components that the product has, we must pay attention to these.

We must not have the toothpaste on our face for a long time or do it many times in a row. If you are curious to try this home remedy to improve the appearance of your face, keep reading this article. You will discover how to clean the face with toothpaste.

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Washing Face With Toothpaste

To get a proper wash using toothpaste, you need the following:

  • Toothpaste
  • Warm or hot water
  • One small cup
  • Facial tonic

Steps to Follow

For washing face with toothpaste, you should follow these steps:


First Step

Before using any toothpaste that we have at home, we should read well the ingredients that compose. That is to make sure that there is none that is particularly harmful to our dermis.

Some common ingredients in toothpaste that are irritating to the skin are sodium fluoride, triclosan, and sodium dodecyl sulfate, or sodium lauryl sulfate. So, try to use toothpaste that does not contain these products or choose one that is as natural or environmentally friendly as possible.

Second Step

Once you have the toothpaste chosen, you should first do it before applying it to your skin to wash your face with neutral soap. Then rinse the foam with plenty of warm or hot water. It is very important to do it this way.

If you want to take advantage of its cleansing power on all the skin of your face, we recommend that you do not use toothpaste directly. It would help if you diluted it with water first to reduce its potency.

Since, in a dermis cleaned of excess oil or environmental residues, we can apply any type of product that we want to act well on it. Otherwise, the particles that we have removed by previously washing our face could interfere and prevent the product we want to use from working properly.

Third Step

To know how to clean the face with toothpaste, you first need to know whether you want to do it as a beauty routine to remove impurities. Or if you want to remove some pimples, marks, or specific blackheads.

In the latter case, you can choose to apply the toothpaste directly to specific areas of the face. Once you have washed your face thoroughly, follow these steps:

  • Take the toothpaste and put some on your finger. A pea-sized piece will do.
  • Apply a little on each mark or pimple you want to remove or soften.
  • Gently massage the area in circles.
  • Let the toothpaste dry.
  • If you consider your skin to be sensitive one, do not leave the paste to act for many minutes. As soon as you feel it is dry, please remove it.
  • If your skin is not so delicate, then you can leave the toothpaste on for a few more minutes after it has dried.
Remember that if it bothers or itches at any time, it is better to remove the toothpaste first. Wash your face with a lot of warm or hot water when removing the toothpaste to make sure you remove it all.

That is to ensure the pores open up and all the residue can be removed. Also, when you are done, make sure that no dirt gets into the newly treated pores. You can apply a facial toner that will make your pores close again.

Fourth Step

Another option you have in case you want to apply this technique all over your face is to dilute the toothpaste in water before applying it to your skin. As the effect of toothpaste is so strong, you should not use it directly.

If you want to take advantage of its cleansing power on all the skin of your face, we recommend that you do not use toothpaste directly. It would help if you diluted it with water first to reduce its potency.

After cleansing your skin well with soap as we have indicated at the beginning, with your fingers or with a cotton disk, follow these steps to clean your face with toothpaste:

  • In a small cup filled with warm water, mix until well diluted by a small piece of toothpaste.
  • Apply the thinned toothpaste all over your face, avoiding the eye area.
  • When it’s all covered, let it dry for a few minutes. The time it should take will depend on your skin, as mentioned in the previous point, but it is best not to overdo it.
  • Remove the mask with plenty of warm or hot water as soon as it has dried thoroughly.
  • When it is well rinsed off, apply the facial toner to reduce pores again and, half an hour later. You can use your usual facial moisturizer.

Final Step

If you think toothpaste is too aggressive with your skin, but you want to get a good facial cleansing, you can try other home remedies. Washing your face with toothpaste is never the first option.

Other remedies such as cleansing your face with apple cider vinegar. Or, you may have a lot of pimples. Blemishes or other skin problems that can’t be treated simply with facial cleansing.


In that case, you can consult with your dermatologist to find a medical solution to your problem.

If you have any queries like, “how long should I leave toothpaste on my face?” We recommend using it just like we have described here. That is to prevent any damage to your skin.

Some Effective Tips

  • When you finish cleaning, always use a facial toner for longer-lasting results.
  • If at any time you notice that your skin becomes red or itchy, remove the paste immediately with plenty of water.
  • It would be best not to expose yourself to the sun when using toothpaste on your face, as this will increase its effects and may irritate, over-dry and even discolor your skin.
  • If you notice any discomfort or that the spots or pimples on your face do not improve, you should see your doctor or dermatologist.

Toothpaste Against Pimples: Does It Really Help?

Pimples occur when the pores on the skin follicles of the sebaceous glands become clogged. As a result, cell debris and sebum accumulate, and blackheads develop. These can turn into pimples when they become inflamed.

You may have a scared feeling with toothpaste on face side effects. Can it get rid of pimples quickly and easily? Is Colgate good for skin whitening?

A better home remedy than washing your face with toothpaste is using tea tree oil. Since it has an antibacterial effect, it does not inflame the pimples additionally.

No. other kinds of toothpaste or Colgate on the face are not the best home remedy for fighting pimples. To be precise, every toothpaste has an antibacterial effect. This stops bacteria from increasing. It also ensures that the pimples will dry out. So far, so good to use.

But toothpaste can cause skin irritation and even increase inflammation. Another disadvantage: toothpaste dries out relatively quickly on the skin and can thus form a crust, which in turn prevents the pores from opening.

Toothpaste often contains microplastics, which of course, is not sustainable for our ecosystem.

Toothpaste Against Pimples: Tips For Use

As you just learned, washing your face with toothpaste should not be your preferred remedy for pimples. You can use toothpaste for face whitening and other causes when you have no other options nearby. You can use toothpaste considering the following criteria:

  • Do not use toothpaste with fluoride.
  • You have to wash your face properly before using it.
  • Apply only a little amount of the paste softly and directly to the affected area.
  • Leave the toothpaste on and dry it for several hours before washing it off completely.

What Helps Better Against Pimples Than Toothpaste?

Since toothpaste isn’t a particularly gentle remedy for pimples, we’ll introduce you to better alternatives. First of all, proper skin care is the basis for dealing with pimples properly. It is best to use natural remedies. 

In the evening, we recommend washing your face with lukewarm water. Then dry it gently. Under no circumstances should you rub it, as this attacks the skin’s protective layer and can result in blemished skin.

A better home remedy than washing your face with toothpaste is using tea tree oil. Since it has an antibacterial effect, it does not inflame the pimples additionally. Products with ingredients like chamomile or zinc can help minimize inflammation of the skin.


Especially with small pimples, you should also not press but pull with a towel tip, for example. To do this, moisten the towel with a little water and press against the pimple without much force. Then pull the skin apart between the tips of your index fingers.

Other Uses of Toothpaste

Instead of washing the face with toothpaste, you can best use the paste in these ways:

Household Chores Cleaning

You can clean tables and other household chores effectively with toothpaste. For this purpose, take some paste and cotton cloth and work on the affected areas with it.

Cleaning Irons

Lime deposits on the iron can be removed with toothpaste and a microfiber cloth. You’ll notice that the iron not only shines again afterward but also glides over the clothes more easily.

Clean Grout

Especially in the bathroom, discolored grout often occurs. You can give them a new life by working on them with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste.

Final Thoughts

Toothpaste has been known for years as a tool to whiten your teeth. Also, It removes cavities. But that is not the only use of toothpaste. It has other uses like washing your face with toothpaste. You can use toothpaste for dark spots on your face.

However, toothpaste is not unjustly considered one of the best home remedies. You should not leave toothpaste on your face overnight. At least, not directly.  Also, as said above, toothpaste has a strong antibacterial effect.

So, you have to be careful when using it for other purposes. We recommend that you follow our tips accordingly as said in this article, and make your face glow like never before.

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