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3 Important Things You Should Know About Viviscal Side Effects

There are a bunch of products out there claiming to reverse hair loss. But many of them fail to prove the stimulation of new hair growth. One of the most prevalent choices in the store is Viviscal, a hair growth vitamin supplement. But if you’ve ever googled for Viviscal reviews, some clients report weight gain after the usage.

So do Viviscal side effects weight gain happen?

Viviscal controls the change of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Otherwise, it does not contain hormones like estrogen or drugs. Thus, no proven evidence reveals weight gain as a Viviscal side effect.

Still, you should worry about other possible side effects of Viviscal. Here, we’ve done some research to reveal what kind of outcomes you can foresee.

Biotin is a vitamin produced by our body. So it’s used in hair care products due to its splendid effects. But if you ingest or release excessive biotin, you could have severe complications. With that, your body can break the protective layer of your skin, producing acne. 

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What Is Viviscal? 

Viviscal is a famous brand that delivers hair products, like shampoo and serum. Still, the star of the show is their hair flourishing supplements! Besides, it is well-crafted for ladies. Whereas, Viviscal Man is the brand’s distinct supplement for gentlemen. 

These supplements come in the form of pills. And you only have to consume by mouth twice daily! You may have come across various Viviscal reviews before and after. Viviscal supplements pledge to refine customers’ hair appearance due to extreme breakage. 

It safeguards the hair follicles and boosts new growth. In brief, it is a drug-free product for people undergoing hair loss or slow growth. The idea is that it has nutritious vitamins and minerals needed to enhance hair growth. 


Based on its website, Viviscal fits Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conditions. Still, they are not FDA-approved. So, take note!

How Do Viviscal Work?

Have you heard about Amlodipine hair loss? Nowadays, even pharmaceutical drugs can result in hair thinning. But studies revealed that Viviscal does have a real influence on female hair growth. 

Viviscal promises its clients that supplements can increase scalp coverage. That means you have more hair growing on the head. Awesome, right? Not only that, it reduces hair shedding and boosts the thickness in at most 3 months.

But what happens when you stop taking Viviscal? The hair you grow after consuming this supplement will not fall out if you quit or resume it. Still, it’s crucial to read the remark on the Viviscal website. “Specific results are not guaranteed, and results may vary.”

Under all these declarations, you might feel delighted because they sound so optimistic. That’s why we decided to prove the efficiency and complications of Viviscal to you.

Does Viviscal Have Estrogen?

The hormone dihydrotestosterone causes hair follicles to constrict, leading to hair loss. This is a by-product of the hormone testosterone found in large amounts in men compared to women. 

In females, estrogen can counteract the impacts of testosterone in the body. Yet, after menopause, women start to undergo hair thinning as estrogen levels fall. Thus, the relative concentration of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone grows. In short, estrogen can result in hair growth and hair loss. 


So does Viviscal have estrogen? Can Viviscal side effects weight gain occur? The answer is NO! Then, what makes it unique? As we know, Viviscal Extra Strength is an oral marine protein supplement. Thus, it does not contain any form of hormones or drugs. So, there is no haywire in the hormonal fluctuations.   

What Are the Viviscal Ingredients?

Viviscal has a range of components known to support hair growth and vitality. Moreover, some ingredients are also beneficial for hair loss due to vitamin deficiencies. 

These are the detailed version of active ingredients in Viviscal:

  • AminoMar C: AminoMar C is a marine complex consisting of shark cartilage and mollusk powder.
  • Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that contributes to normal hair growth.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C aids the body in absorbing iron and contributes to a healthy scalp.
  • Iron & Zinc: These two are vital in cell restoration and development, including hair growth. Iron and zinc deficiency is another common cause of hair loss.
  • Niacin: Niacin boosts hair density in individuals with alopecia.

Side Effects of Viviscal

There are plenty of negative side effects of Viviscal. So is it true that Viviscal causes weight gain or acne? Keep reading to uncover the truth!

Does Viviscal Cause Acne?

The products in Viviscal are natural. Thus, it shouldn’t cause worrisome outcomes. Yet, among its ingredients, we can find Biotin and Aminomar. And if you want to start consuming Viviscal, you should remember a few crucial things!

First, biotin is a vitamin produced by our body. So it’s used in hair care products due to its splendid effects. But if you ingest or release excessive biotin, you could have severe complications. With that, your body can break the protective layer of your skin, producing acne. 

Little did you know that this is a common side effect of biotin. So Viviscal does not take accountability for this. Still, it doesn’t happen to everyone. By far, there are very minimal cases. Plus, it counts on your body type, diet, and health factors.

Then, there is Aminomar. This is a premium ingredient of Viviscal. It’s what makes this product exceptional in the store. This blend of vitamins and minerals is the source of marine proteins, like shellfish and raw fish. Yet, the instructions are pretty simple for this product. It is not suitable for people suffering from allergies!

Does Viviscal Women Cause Weight Gain?

Is Viviscal side effects weight gain a thing? There are no proven side effects of Viviscal inducing weight gain. Yet, some reviews have proven to cause chronic fatigue and weight gain among ladies.

Does Viviscal Cause Facial Hair Growth?

Often, skin care products wouldn’t only target your face. Likewise, hair-growth supplements will involve all tiny hair follicles. And that includes from head to toe. That’s scary!

When you take a vitamin, your body absorbs the nutrients as soon as possible. Now, the mechanism of action is well-targeted. But that doesn’t suggest it’s focused on one body part. 

In other words, your body is clueless that you plan to get beautiful waist-length hair. Instead, it gives you some upper-lip facial hair! Still, the good news is that if you don’t have pre-existing facial hair, you need not worry. Facial hair that does not exist will only grow if the hormone testosterone in your body goes out of range. 


Viviscal Man Side Effects 

Based on Viviscal Man’s clinical trials, the supplement does not deliver side effects. Still, here are the common side effects of Viviscal usage, according to the reports:

Viviscal Side Effects Liver

Horsetail used in Viviscal is not fit for long-term benefit. Be sure if you are taking the correct type of horsetail as the species Equisetum palustre is toxic. Furthermore, horsetail contains nicotine which is harmful to kids. So always look at the instructional guide. 

Plus, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not consume horsetail. If not manufactured well, horsetail extract may store enzymes that kill thiamine. And that may induce permanent liver injury. Still, liver toxicity is rare.

Viviscal Side Effects Heart

There is no evidence showing Viviscal results in heart problems. But in general, vitamin supplements can raise the chances of heart disease. Plus, it interacts with drugs like anti-hypertensive pills to treat circulatory problems. So, always consult a doctor before taking Viviscal. 


Question: Does Viviscal gain weight?

NO! The ingredients in Viviscal do not cause weight gain. Plus, it does not contain hormones that boost weight changes. Still, some clients report weight gain after taking Viviscal. Hence, only thorough tests can prove this statement.

Question: What are the side effects of taking Viviscal?

The common side effect of Viviscal is skeletal problems. This is due to the long-term consumption of Vitamin C in Viviscal. Besides, you may have nausea and allergic reactions. 

Question: Who should not take Viviscal?

DO NOT use Viviscal if you are allergic to fish or shellfish. Besides, if you have heart, liver, or kidney problems, stay away from this product. As well as children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.

Question: Does Viviscal have estrogen in it?

Viviscal contains no hormones. It originates from natural active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. So, it does not contribute to weight gain and mood fluctuations like depression.


Did Viviscal side effects weight gain happen to you before? We’re sorry to hear that! But as per research, Viviscal contains no hormones that heighten weight changes. Otherwise, it does cause side effects to other parts of the body.

Based on the customer reviews, Viviscal was successful for many women to regrow hair. Yet keep in mind to try this supplement under a healthcare practitioner’s guidance. Still, if your hair loss is extreme, check with a doctor about the choices available.

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