Vanilla Extract For Toothaches Can Only Be A Temporary Solution

“Behind every smile there’s teeth.” Now, if you have toothaches, will you smile?

Toothaches: an unbearable and uncomfortable experience in anyone’s life.

Now, if your dentist is unavailable, what can help you to comfort you? Vanilla extract.

You heard me correct. Vanilla extract for toothaches works like magic. It has ingredients that help you relieve toothaches in no time. But, the relief may last for a short time. However, vanilla extract is regarded as toothache home remedies.

Remember, if you have a toothache for more than two days, you must see your dentist.

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What Are the Reasons for Toothaches?

A toothache is usually outlined as any level of pain you feel in your teeth or jaw. It occurs due to dental infection of the tissues especially when the disease affects the vital pulp tissue.

vanilla extract for toothaches
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The pain can often be excruciatingly unbearable if you leave it longer than logical. Some of the common causes of toothache are –

  • Fractured tooth filling
  • Broken tooth
  • Root canal infection
  • A large cavity or tooth decay
  • Tooth abscess
  • Gum disease
  • Cracked tooth

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If you have toothaches, do not delay and see your dentist. Your dentist will examine you thoroughly and detect the real reason for the toothache to relieve you from your pain.

However, while waiting for your dental appointment, you can apply some natural home remedies, such as vanilla extract for toothaches to relieve.

Vanilla Extract for Toothaches: Does It Work?

Vanilla extract is a common ingredient in every kitchen. But, helping in your cooking and baking project is not its only task. It also works on your toothaches.

The vanilla extract consists of antiseptic and pain-relieving properties. They are effective at soothing tooth pain.

Eugenol is an active ingredient oil found in vanilla extract. It is well known for its pain-relieving action.

vanilla extract for toothaches

Vanilla extract also contains alcohol. Alcohol has the power to numb the tissues in the mouth. It has germ-killing properties that fight bacteria causing tooth decay.

There is wide use of vanilla in dentistry also for varied purposes. Dentists often use them as a temporary tooth filling or mouth cleansing.

One thing you must remember when you use vanilla extract for toothaches. It must be a pure vanilla extract, not imitation vanilla. Imitation vanilla extract is not as helpful as pure vanilla.

Remember: vanilla extract gives you temporary relief only. It can never give you a complete cure for your teeth problem. Dental attention is the only solution.

How to Put Vanilla Extract on Toothaches? or, How to Use Vanilla Extract as a Toothache Remedy?

You can use vanilla extract on your toothaches in two ways:

With Cotton Ball

Take a cotton ball and pour some pure vanilla extract on it. Now place it on the gum in the aching area. You can rub the cotton ball around the affected area if needed. Many people also leave the cotton ball in the affected area for 2 to 3 minutes for relief.

You can apply the extracted cotton ball as many times as you want to get relief from your toothaches.

Remember: do not keep the vanilla extracted cotton ball too long. It may irritate the gums.

With Finger

Put vanilla extract on the fingertip and apply it to the affected area. Apply slight pressure on the gums. It will work as a massage and help soothe the pain.

The aroma of the vanilla extract is also helpful. It helps create a soothing effect, especially for children or young ones.

Is it Safe to Use Vanilla extract?

According to the FDA, vanilla extract contains around 35% of alcohol. So, it is advisable for adults to use this remedy only in an emergency. It is not safe and recommended for children too.

There is a certain way to apply vanilla extract for toothache. Avoid direct application of vanilla extract to your mouth. It may lead to complications.

Consumption of excess vanilla extract or swallowing it can be harmful to your health too.

Using Vanilla Extract For Toothache During Pregnancy

It is safe to use vanilla extract to stop your tooth pain during pregnancy. A would-be-mom can have much relief using vanilla extracted cotton or finger.

vanilla extract for toothaches
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One thing you have to make sure of: do not to swallow it. Vanilla extract contains alcohol. So, swallowing it can be harmful to a growing and developing baby.

Only Pure Vanilla Extract Will Do The Job

Another thing to keep in mind is the way you are getting your vanilla extract – the source. Ensure that it’s pure and contains all of these necessary ingredients. Only buy from an authentic store so you know what goes into making it!

Keep in mind, using this remedy for toothaches can only be a temporary solution because relying on its effectiveness too often will lead to more severe problems with teeth later down the line when there’s no relief left within reach.

Reach out to your dentist asap if pain persists after trying other remedies like over-the-counter treatments or natural remedies such as clove oil or garlic paste (in moderation).

When To See a Dentist?

The vanilla extract method for your toothaches is a temporary solution. So, do not depend on it.

If the pain and discomfort stay with you for more than two to three days, visit the dental clinic without delay.

Remember: for toothache, a dentist is the best medicine.

Only a dentist can provide proper treatment to cure your toothache. So, do not be lazy and visit your doctor as this can increase the severe infection.

Best Painkillers For Toothache

There are many different kinds of painkillers out there for toothache. These days, doctors will prescribe the most appropriate kind to suit your needs based on how severe it is.

For mild and moderate levels of pain relief you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin–just make sure not to take too much as these medications tend to be pretty harmful if taken in excess!

If you have a more severe case then an NSAID along with a prescription opioid should do the trick. Just remember: less is best when taking medication because even though they’re lots of benefits from them going overboard could really harm your organs such as kidneys!


Toothache is an unbearable and discomforting problem you can experience anytime. This pain could be excruciatingly annoying if you can not see your dentist immediately. In those moments, seek the alternate soothing agent: vanilla extract for toothaches.

Vanilla extract is an effective toothache home remedies to stop tooth pain quickly. However, this relief is temporary and does not give you any permanent cure for your dental problem.

A dentist is always the best answer for any dental problems. So, when you experience a toothache, without any delay, seek dental attention. Only a dentist can provide a permanent solution to your problem.


Can you use imitation vanilla extract for a toothache?

Vanilla extract for toothaches: is it helpful? Yes, it is. Is imitation vanilla extract effective on toothache? The simple answer is no.

Imitation vanilla extract may not contain all the necessary ingredients needed for toothache. So, they may not be much effective to soothe your pain.

Only pure vanilla extract contains Eugenol, alcohol, and antiseptic, and analgesic properties. So, use the pure ones.

What natural remedy can you use instead of vanilla extract for toothaches?

Vanilla extract is an effective home remedy to stop tooth pain. But, there are many other natural ingredients you can use if the vanilla extract is not available. These ingredients include saltwater, peppermint tea bags, clove, garlic, thyme, and guava leaves.

Can you use vanilla extract to help soothe teething pain?

Teething is a discomforting phase for babies. It can transform a happy baby into an aggressive being. Studies show that vanilla extract helps relieve babies from teething pain. It also relieves babies from other discomforts like stomach distress.

Take a damp cloth and soak it with a little vanilla extract. Now, creating an opposite pressure, give a gentle rub to the baby’s gum. It will give a soothing relief to the sore gums and make your baby calm and relaxed. -a blog about Healthy Living