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Smoked Meat Smelling Urine: Just a Phase?

A very important aspect of our everyday life and one of the best indicators for any abnormality in your body are the excretory materials. Both urine and stool are excellent indicators for almost every disease condition in your body.

While, typically urine generally has a very mild appearance and odor, in any pathological conditions, it may turn deeper and have a characteristic odor. One such abnormal odor is smoked meat.

So, why does urine smells like smoked meat? The smoky smell from meat is principally due to the release of some nitrites which manifest in our noses and give off a unique odor. If, for a variety of conditions including something as common as dehydration to more complicated scenarios there occurs discharge of such odor-producing chemicals from your urine, it may cause your urine to smell like smoked meat.

However, in most cases, such smell production may be an early indication of your body to bring about some lifestyle changes. Curious to know how? Let’s dig deep.

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Normal Urine

To know if your urine smells like smoked meat, it’s necessary to know about how normal urine smells and looks like. 


If a person leads a healthy life, drinks an adequate amount of water regularly, and has no chronic illness, their urine should have a pale yellow to amber appearance and be odorless. Any indifference from this no matter how small, demands attention.

If from any abnormal habits, dietary intake, drugs intake, and other causes your urine appears concentrated, develops a smoked meat-like odor it is indicative of some abnormalities in your body.

Causes of Smoked Smell in Urine

It’s quite interesting that the smell of smoked meat from urine is described by different people in different ways. Some say it resembles the smell of smoked ham, some associate it with the smell of burnt sausages.

Nevertheless, whatever the manifestation it’s important to get a firm idea about what causes such a strong odor in your urine. A few proven causes are as follows:


Your urine is nothing more than a mix of water with some other chemicals. If you are not taking enough water, the ratio of water to chemicals may be decreased causing increased chemical concentration in urine.


In such cases, under influence of some other type of food intake, your urine may take a characteristic smell from the excreted chemicals.

Food Intake

A few foodstuffs have become quite notorious for making your urine smelly and giving off a disease-like vibe in your body.

A few such foods include Asparagus, a large amount of onion,  garlic, etc.


Drugs intake almost always has the added effect of causing some degree of anomalies in your body. Intake of vitamin B supplements, drugs for rheumatoid arthritis has been found to cause odor formation in urine.

Disorders of the Body

In various disease conditions, your body just cannot maintain the normal metabolism or breakdown of waste materialism, leaving behind essential chemicals to be released with your urine.

One  such condition is, “Trimethylaminuria”, a disorder in which your body cannot break a pungent odor-containing substance known as trimethylamine. Also, intake of sodium, rich food can also affect the breakdown mechanism.

Chronic clinical conditions as Diabetes Mellitus can also affect metabolism and cause smelly urine formation.

Urinary Tract Infection

UTIs, a  very common problem especially in countries with low socio-economic conditions. Mostly caused by various bacteria’s, such infections can contaminate your urine and give off a strong smell.


Other conditions associated with UTI include:

  • Burn sensation when urinating.
  • Constant feel to urinate, but can not fulfill completely.
  • Blood may be present in urine.

Organ Problems

The organs related to urine formation can never function optimally on the eve of any disease conditions. A few such examples are as follows:

  • Kidney Problem: Any kidney disease such as nephrotic syndrome, kidney failure compromises the kidney’s ability to filter blood and release urine containing a strong odor.
  • Liver Disease: The main organ in clearing toxins from our body, if the liver is damaged for conditions as, alcohol intake, cirrhosis the toxins won’t get cleared and will release via urine.
  • Prostatitis: Another instance of infection-related damage to organs, prostatitis can enlarge the prostate hampering urination and causing chemical buildup.

Dietary Intake

Food rich in protein, can often times cause an increase in amino acid content of your blood. In such instances, if the blood is not cleared properly the acids may get excreted with urine causing the smoked meaty smell.

Can Pregnancy Cause Smoked Meat Smelling Urine?

Pregnancy is a physiological condition that affects each and every aspect of a woman’s body. The excess hormones, waste products, dietary intake, supplements take their toll on a woman’s body which may overwhelm the kidneys and liver.

As such, the release of such toxins, chemicals in the urine can cause urine to smell like smoked meat.

Treatment and Remedies: My Urine Smells Like Smoked Meat! What Can I Do?

First off, stop panicking. It’s actually normal for different people to have different odors in their urine, giving the wide difference in the diets of different people. Even if your urine gives off a strong smell, in most cases it may subside after a few days on its own.

Having said that, any strong smell in your urine can be an indication of some bad life choices or decreased self-care on your part. A few very simple remedies mentioned below can be a game-changer in such conditions.

  • Always hydrate yourself with the recommended amount of water.
  • Never hold your urine in when the stimulation for urination hits. Excess storage of urine only increases its concentration and can cause smell formation.
  • Maintain hygiene living practices, don’t allow any pathogenic infections in your body.
  • While taking drugs it’s quite normal to have smelly urine. So, there’s no need to panic.
  • If supplement intake causes excess discomfort, consult a physician and try to change its dose.
  • Take special care when dealing with chronic medical conditions as diabetes, hypertension. Take special care to ensure there’s no toxin buildup in your body.
  • Restrict your daily protein, junk food intake to a recommended level to avoid any permanent damage to your kidneys.

Final Words

A constant stench from your urine is oftentimes just a warning sign from your body, saying hey! Time to re-evaluate and change some lifestyle choices and negligence on your part to lead a happier, healthier life.

Urine smells like smoked meat! The phrase may come across as intimidating to many, but nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a major source of anxiety for anyone. Re-trace your steps, exactly what were the faults that may have caused such a response from your body?

You will be amazed to find a much simpler cause responsible than the hard-facing one mentioned above. Identify those, work on them. A perfect score in your urine is an indication of a healthier life.


Why does my urine smell?

While every people may have a difference in their urine smell owing to diet and metabolic conditions, a strong odor from the urine is oftentimes an indication of some abnormalities in your body.

The cause for smelly urine can range from conditions as simple as dehydration to complicated cases from the liver, kidney failure, or genetic predisposition. As such, it’s important to get expert advice.

What does diabetic urine smell like?

People suffering from diabetes, usually  have a characteristic fruity or sweet odor to it. This is due to the fact that your body tries to excrete the excess glucose via urine.

Why does my urine smell like smoked sausage?

Excess accumulation of nitrites due to metabolic disorders, excess intake of proteins, can be excreted through your urine which, on entering your nose can mimic the smell produced by smoked sausages.

What is Trimethylurinemia?

It is a condition in which there occurs a characteristic fishy odor in the urine due to underlying conditions in your body inhibiting the metabolism of trimethylamine.

The resultant smell has been described as rotten egg-like, rotting fish or garbage-like.

Can vitamin supplements make my urine smell?

Yes! Vitamin B and D in particular can make your urine give off a foul smell.

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