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Urine Smells Like Ham- How Do I Get Rid of It?

Urine can have a different smell. But it shouldn’t reach you if you regularly take enough fluids. But what if your Urine Smells like ham even though you drink at least seven glasses of water every day? 

It would concern anyone. But don’t worry! Most often, the reasons are pretty normal, and you can get rid of them easily too. Urine smell can have a number of reasons. Apart from dehydration, the bad odor might be the cause of UTI, unhealthy food habits, pregnancy, medication, diabetes, etc. But the main culprit behind all this is bacteria. 

Apart from a ham-like smell, your pee might have a different odor too. Does all odor need medication? We will explain all of it to you for the safe of your good health. 

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Urine Smells Like Ham : Reasons and Prevention

Urine odor is mainly caused by bacteria. But what is causing the bacteria to act up and cause the smell? Let’s dive deeper into it: 


Not Drinking Enough Water 

The number one reason for foul-smelling urine is not taking enough fluid. You should drink 7-8 glasses of water every day. Dr. Sherry Ross, a gynecologist in Providence, ST, says that “Urine has a strong stench and is dark in color when your body is dehydrated.” 

It’s your body’s way of informing you that you need to rehydrate right now. You don’t have to wait for your toilet to develop a mellow yellow color to receive some more water. Be proactive and keep a water bottle available, Ross advises, and drink as often as you feel like.

Food Habit 

Sometimes what food you ate right before can make your pee smell kind of like that. Specially Asparagus.  However, according to Ross, these greeneries isn’t the only thing that can alter the smell of your urine. 

There are other foods too. For instance, onions,  Brussels sprouts, garlic, spice, curry, alcohol salmon, and sometimes even coffee may alter the light smell to something bigger.” Too much salt might also cause your urine to become more concentrated, giving it a stronger odor than usual.


UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is a bacteria-induced urine infection. The disease mostly happens to women. Christian Hanna, M.D., M.S, Nephrologists ( Kidney Specialist) of Mayo Clinic, said that  Foul Smelling Urine is one of the side effects of UTI. Every year 150 million women suffer from it all over the world.  

Pee with a strong ammonia odor, as well as a foul or slightly sweet odor, is often the first sign of a UTI. According to the Office of Women’s Health, the bacteria that cause the illness produce the odor. It’s making your urine color hazy or crimson and giving you that telltale. 


The bigger scale effect is Kidney Failure. So when you notice smelly pee for 2 to 3 consecutive days, visit your doctor and take medicine. You can cure it pretty quickly in the initial stage of the disease. 

Yeast Infection

If you are close to having a yeast infection in the vagina, you might have a urine smell like ham along with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Strong smelling urine might also be the cause of any genetic disorders. 

If your pee smells “foul,” “sour,” or “fishy,” you may also have trimethylaminuria. It is a common disease that causes you to have a bad body odor regardless of how much you clean your teeth, shower, or bathe. 

Compared to men, the illness is more frequent in women. The symptoms can develop or become more noticeable around puberty, before or during your period.  It can also occur after taking oral contraceptives or around menopause.


During your regular cycle, oestrogen and progesterone are at work, here too. Well, on a smaller scale, at least. These are the same hormones that help you to get pregnant in the ovulating period. 

So, once you’re ovulating, the hormones start to work on a larger scale.  And as a result, you may become more sensitive to the aroma of your own pee. 

A study of Biological Psychology confirmed the fact that, while hormones don’t change the odour of your urine, they do increase your ability to smell it. That means you can smell the ammonia aroma more firmly. The sudden foul smell might concern you. But if you keep track of your ovulating period, you won’t be that surprised by it.


There are other reasons for your Urine to Smell like Ham. 

  • Medicine side effects. 
  • Kidney stones. 
  • Bladder fistula
  • STD
  • Uncontrolled diabetic

Apart from smelly urination, there are some other things that you need to keep an out for. 

Mild Symptoms

  • Concentrated urine
  • Burning sensation while peeing
  • Change in the regular urine color
  • The frequent peeing while not on pregnancy. 
  • Abdominal pain

Severe Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Back Pain
  • Vaginal Burn
  • Losing consciousness 
  • Severe inflammation

Well, what else does urine smell like?Several physiological and pathological conditions can play a role here. In a few minutes you are going to know all these.

Urine Smells Like Ham: Pregnant

Pregnancy is a gift. But that gift sometimes feels like a bad dream when you have to pee every five minutes. During pregnancy, women produce a lot of hormones. All those hormones coupled with frequent pee can make your urine smell somewhat weird. Dr. Vinita Khemani from Kalkata said in her research that “The hormones released during pregnancy might cause urine to have a more strong odor, especially during the first trimester,”

Urine Smells Like Smoke

We already discussed that Pee has a distinct smell. The odour varies from person to person. But is it okay to have a smokey smell coming out of your pee? 

The smell is usually caused by a UTI or an imbalance of “good” and “bad” bacteria occurring naturally in the body. When bacteria produce a bladder infection, the germs will alter the urine as it sits in or flows through the bladder. As a result, the Concentrated urine will smell strongly of smoke.

Try to lead a healthy life and stay hydrated throughout the day. Don’t hold your pee too long inside. This will mitigate the smell to some extent. 


Urine Smells Like Bacon: Ketosis

Diabetes patients may have extremely high levels of ketones in their system. When they are excreted by the body in the urine, they might cause the urine to smell different. When a person experiences ketosis, they have a high level of ketones in their blood or urine. 

When the body does not have enough sugar or glucose for sustenance, it will create ketones. This could happen overnight or during a fast, especially if you are following the 16 to 8 fasting method. 

A moderate amount of ketones is totally normal, especially in those who exercise frequently or engage in other activities that promote the body to burn fat. That is why after a workout session, you will notice that your pee smells different. It is the body’s natural reaction, and there is nothing to worry about. 

However, if you have diabetic, you are in the danger zone here.  Uncontrolled diabetics can accumulate, a dangerously high level of ketones can in the blood flow.

Ketoacidosis is a potentially fatal metabolic condition that needs rapid medical treatment. For some, it is the first indication that they have diabetes.

Ketoacidosis is typically characterised by sweet, strong-smelling urine. Ketoacidosis can occur within 24 hours of having continuously high blood glucose levels, a condition known as hyperglycemia. Having a healthy lifestyle is the only prevention for diabetics. 

Urine Smells Like Food I Ate

The food you intake has a great connection with your pee. Sweet-smelling urine can indicate uncontrolled diabetics and too much sugar intake. Another thing we need to be cautious of here is the unique disease called maple syrup urination disease. 

It is a pretty uncommon disease that mostly occurs among children. The disease doesn’t let the body break down certain amino acids.

When amino acids build up in your blood, a molecule known as a branched-chain alpha-keto acid appears in your urine. This causes the pee to smell like maple syrup, along with your earwax. Other major indications of the condition include seizures, drowsiness, irritability, and poor eating.

Most infants and children suffer from this. So, keep an eye on your child’s urine. 

Now let’s talk about the foul smell. 

Foods that turn into substances in your body can cause your urine to stink. This odor is frequently associated with rotten foods, garlic, asparagus, or onions. There are other unusual conditions that cause a foul odor: 

Trimethylaminuria: In this disease, your body is unable to break down a molecule known as trimethylamine. This chemical smells like rotten eggs, rubbish, or decaying seafood. As trimethylamine accumulates in your body, it causes your urine,  perspiration, breath to give a rotten or fishy odor.

Tyrosinemia: There are three kinds of tyrosinemia, which involve issues with the amino acid tyrosine breakdown. Byproducts accumulate in the system and make your pee, breath, sweat, smell like boiled cabbage.

Urine Smells Like Vomit

If you notice a vomit-like smell is coming out of your pee, it means you have Dyspepsia, gastritis, peptic ulcer, or UTI. All of these are serious illnesses, and we recommend you to take medical help. 

Urine Smells Like Bacon

Pee shouldn’t smell like bacon. This is the only truth. On the mild scale, it could be the reason for the lack of water in your system. Or it could be because you have been consuming a lot of pork or other porks recently. 

But if you have other symptoms like fever, abdominal pain, or stomach pain along with the smell, then you need to worry about that. 

Here are some of the medical reasons that might be causing your urine to smell like bacon: 

Liver Disease: Liver disease can cause your skin and eyes to turn yellow, as well as your urine to become dark and unpleasant. It can also induce stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea.

Kidney Stone: Crystals formed from waste materials and minerals can accumulate in your kidneys and form hard stones, resulting in strong-smelling urine. You may also feel nauseated, experience intermittent pain, and have bloody urine.


  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is drink plenty of water and juicy fruits. I cannot stretch enough about its importance. Water keeps your liver, kidney, and overall system healthy. Glossy and hydrated skin is the added bonus. 
  • If the reason is medication, consult your doctor and talk to him/her about this side effect. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet. Consume a mixture of vegetables and protein. Try to limit the intake of sugar. 
  • If you notice other symptoms besides the smell, then you need to consult your doctor immediately.


1. What does it mean when urine smells like bacon?

Answer: Ketones are seen in the urine of people who are in ketosis. Ketosis happens when your body begins to burn fat for energy rather than glucose. Ketones are a result of this process and can be found in your breath, blood, or urine if your body is in ketosis.

This is the main reason for your pee to smell like bacon. 

2. Does STD make your urine smell?

Answer: Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause your urine to smell unpleasant. It is easily treatable, but it is frequently difficult to identify. This is due to the fact that its symptoms can be overlooked or misunderstood as a side effect of other illnesses.

3. Why does my urine smell, although I don’t have an infection?

Answer: According to Dr. Kaaki, the most common cause of bad-smelling urine is dehydration. “Your urine always contains a certain quantity of ammonia. When there is more water, the ammonia is diluted, and the stench becomes less pungent.

Bottom Line 

Having urine smell like ham is nothing to be embarrassed about. People often go through this issue. If the smell only happens for a short time and goes away with drinking water and a good diet, then it is a good sign. 

However, if you have other associated illnesses along with it, then you have to be cautious and go see a physician.  But the bottom line is prevention is a better solution. So always try to drink plenty of water. When the matter is about urine, water is your best friend.

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