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Sugar Free Energy Drinks and Weight Loss: How Many Calories in a Sugar Free Energy Drink?

Do sugar-free energy drinks cause weight loss? Sugar free energy drinks and weight loss have a very controversial relationship. Generally, marketers sell it as an efficient product for losing weight, but the fact is not obvious!

So, what do sugar-free drinks do to your body? Is it healthy for weight loss?

The majority of the popular brands claim to have zero-calorie and sugar-free energy drinks. However, they contain some artificial sweeteners that trigger the body’s expectation of sugar and how it metabolizes calories. This may result in the accumulation of calories. 

So, are sugar-free and zero-calorie energy drinks worth drinking for weight loss? What should be its ideal amount? Here you’ll find the most astonishing and real facts about sugar-free energy drinks and weight loss.

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Sugar Free Energy Drinks and Weight Loss

Do you lose weight with sugar-free energy drinks? Sugar-free energy drinks contain a lot of artificial sweeteners that may cause weight gain, not loss. So don’t buy into the weight loss hype.

Caffeine is generally good for boosting fat burning, and sugar-free energy drinks give you an instant source of caffeine, which can help make you alert. However, sugar-free drinks are not evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for ingredients and weight loss. 


Possibly, you get an unlabelled amount of caffeine, sugar, and calories, which can contribute to unhealthy weight loss or weight gain.

Reasons People Lose Weight with Sugar-free Energy Drinks

Below are some possible reasons why people lose weight with sugar-free energy drinks:

  • You get a sugar rush from the caffeine and sugar combination. 
  • The caffeine in these drinks makes you feel more awake and alert, which causes you to eat less food later in the day.
  • These drinks can cause dehydration by making you drink more fluid than usual when you’re active or exercising vigorously. This can lead to muscle cramps and headaches as well as dehydration during exercise sessions or long workouts, resulting in shedding your extra mass. 

What Do Sugar Free Energy Drinks Do to Your Body?

Typically, sugar-free energy drinks do not contain natural sugar or sweetness. Instead, most of them include aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K). Also, energy drinks contain a significant amount of caffeine (even more than coffee). 

Sugar and caffeine in energy drinks work to boost stamina and increase metabolism. Nonetheless, drinking energy drinks daily can increase your health risk.  

Will Sugar Free Energy Drinks Make You Gain Weight?

If you are looking to lose weight, then drinking sugar-free energy drinks may not be the best option. Sugar-free energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners and aspartame, which can cause weight gain when consumed regularly.

These drinks have been shown to increase appetite and cause cravings for sweets, which can lead to overeating and unhealthy eating habits.

Is Sugar-free Monster Good for Weight Loss? 

Do Monsters Make You Fat? Sugar-free Monster is a low-calorie, high-protein shake that has been created to help you lose weight. It’s also a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals.

Sugar-free Monster tastes great, and it’s easy to drink. It contains no artificial sweeteners or colors, which makes it suitable for people with diabetes or health conditions that affect sugar control.


Would Drinking a Can of Monster Absolutely Zero or Ultra Zero Hinder My Weight Loss? 

It can be used as a meal replacement or simply as a snack between meals to increase your daily calorie intake while still losing weight. The only downside is that it only contains 0 to 10 calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight, then you may need to add some other ingredients into your diet too!

Does Sugar Free Red Bull Make You Lose Weight?

Sugar-free Red Bull is a popular energy drink with a lot of health benefits. The key ingredient in the drink is caffeine, which helps you stay awake and alert. When this drink is combined with other ingredients, it can help you lose weight and feel more energized.

However, sugar-free Red Bull does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners. This means that it does not contain calories or fat, which can make it easier for people to lose weight. 


Because of this, people who drink Red Bull energy drinks regularly may be able to lose weight without dieting or exercising as much as they would normally need to when losing weight.

Sugar Free Energy Drink Calories

Typically, sugar-free energy drinks claim to contain fewer calories. However, some of the brands just mention it as a marketing monopoly. Nevertheless, sugar-free energy drinks usually contain 0 to 160 calories per can. 

Energy DrinkSugarCaloriesTotal Fat
Zero Ultra Zero Sugar, Energy Drinks Monster Energy0 g00 g
Energy Drink, Sugar Free Red Bull 0 g100 g
Original Sugar Free Energy Drink Boost Energy0.3 g9.60 g
Sugar Free Energy Drink Rockstar0 g50 g
Sugar Free Energy Drink, Fruit Punch Rockstar Pure Zero0 g200 g
Sugar Free Red Bull Energy Drink Quaker Steak & Lube0 g100 g
Mental Physical Energy Drink, Original Sugar Free Uptime0 g50 g
Raspberry Cucumber Sugar Free Energy Drink Rockstar Unplugged0 g00 g
Sugar Free Energy Drink, Limon Pepino Rockstar Pure Zero0 g200 g
Sugar Free Ultra-Premium Energy Drink Verve0 g40 g

Best Energy Drink for Weight Loss

Although the majority of energy drinks come with some unwanted calories and artificial sweeteners, there are many brands that offer genuine and healthy calorie free drinks. Below are a few best energy drinks for weight loss:

  • Reign Inferno Red Dragon, Thermogenic Fuel
  • Mountain Dew Game Fuel
  • Zero Ultra Zero Sugar, Energy Drinks Monster Energy
  • Sugar Free Energy Drink, Fruit Punch Rockstar Pure Zero
  • Starbucks RTD Energy Drink
  • GURU Plant-Based Lite Energy Drink
  • ZOA Zero Sugar Energy Drink
  • CELSIUS Fitness Drink

Why Sugar-free Energy Drinks Are Bad for You?

The sugar-free energy drinks are a perfect example of how companies are selling products with no nutritional value and making money on them. The main ingredient in these drinks is dextrose, which is a simple carbohydrate that your body turns into glucose (sugar).


The problem with this is that it stresses your liver and causes it to release toxins into the bloodstream. This is known as “ketosis,” which can lead to a variety of health problems, including kidney stones and diabetes.

There’s also evidence that drinking too much of these types of drinks can trigger migraines and other chronic conditions like heart disease, obesity, and even cancer.

Potential Side Effects of Sugar-free Energy Drinks

Drinking energy-increasing drinks, even the sugar-free version, can cause many health side effects: The following are a few potential side effects of drinking energy drinks for health:

  • It significantly reduces brain function and health.
  • It leads to a spike in insulin levels.
  • Drinking energy drinks may cause sleep problems (lack of sleep)
  • It can result in heart attacks.
  • High amounts of caffeine in energy drinks lead to dehydration in the body.
  • It can make you feel jittery and nervous.
  • Moreover, it leads to restlessness, heart palpitation, tooth decay, and obesity.

What Drink Burns the Most Fat?

Trying to lose weight with sugar-free energy drinks is not a good strategy. You can opt for herbal teas and weight loss natural energy drinks.


The following are a few efficient drinks for fat burning:


Let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions.

Do Sugar-free Energy Drinks Work?

Sugar free energy drinks help to energize your body. But, if you drink it more than usual, you are more likely to get more harm than a dose of energy. 

Are Sugar-free Energy Drinks Bad for Your Kidneys?

A recent publication by the American Kidney Fund suggests that drinking energy drinks daily can increase the risk of kidney stones.

Are Sugar-free Energy Drinks Bad for Your Heart?

Drinking energy drinks are bad for your heart health. It can increase the risk of heart strokes. Also, drinking energy-increasing drinks can lead to increased heartbeat rate, breathing rate, and arrhythmia.

Is One Energy Drink a Day OK?

Normally, you can consume 400 mg of caffeine in a day. Therefore, if your drink contains this amount, then it is generally OK to drink.

Does Drinking Sugar-free Energy Drinks Increase Metabolic Rates and Cause Increased Calorie Burn?

Drinking sugar-free energy drinks increases metabolic rates and causes increased calorie burn. But, drinking too much can lead to weight gain as well.


People used to drink instant coffee or energy drinks for weight loss instead of proper diet plans due to their busy routine. Nonetheless, sugar free energy drinks and weight loss is not a favorable option. You may get more side effects or even permanent weight gain with regular use of energy drinks. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, always opt for healthy and natural drinks.

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