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Worried About Small Bump on Clitorial Hood? Reasons And Treatment!

You saw some bumps in your private area which kind of look like face pimples. You are wanting to pop those bumps. Please do not do that crime again!

So, are you curious about small bump on clitorial hood?

Small bumps on clitorial hood are usually painless and not serious. These can be caused due to different reasons. Sometimes these bumps can be itchy and irritable. Fret not! They also have different treatments which are easy to follow.

Waxing, shaving, and plucking daily lead to ingrown hairs. These hairs cause mainly itchy bumps on your clitorial hood. 

Don’t panic anymore. I have discussed the reasons and treatment of bumps on the clitorial hood thoroughly. Let’s not wait any further. Just dive right into the article, surely you will not regret it.

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What’s a Clitorial Hood?

A small flap of skin protecting the clitoris is the clitorial hood. It is situated where the inner labia lips meet. Usually just in front of the vulva.

The clitorial hood varies in shapes, sizes, and colors from person to person.


The clitoris contains several nerve endings. Clitoris is the indicator of female sexuality. Clitorial hood keeps the clitoris safe.

What Are the Appearances of Bumps on Clitorial Hood? 

Bumps do not have a definite shape. Their shapes and sizes vary according to their causes. 

These bumps can look like a blister, a freckle even like a pimple on your face. Sometimes they can look like an ulcer, a wart, or even like a skin rash.

The surface of the bumps can be flat or it can be highly raised. 

Bumps also have different colors. It can be red, blue or dark brown. It can also be the same color as your skin! 

Reasons of Small Bump on Clitorial Hood 

The small bump on your clitorial hood may be due to various reasons. Some of the important causes are discussed in the next segments.

Ingrown Hairs Around Your Private Part 

Waxing, shaving, and plucking daily lead to ingrown hairs. These hairs cause mainly itchy bumps on your clitorial hood. 

Bumps due to ingrown hairs filled with pus are painful ones. You should not pop out these bumps. This can be very displeasing. 

In most cases, ingrown hairs go away on their own. Treatment is usually not necessary for these hairs. But if these are not tolerable and irritating ones you should contact a doctor.

Skin Tags in Your Vagina

Some people normally have skin tags in their vaginas. Small pieces of extra noncancerous skin growth are skin tags. 

Skin tags can appear in armpits, beneath breasts, and also in private areas. If skin tags appear on the vagina they are vaginal skin tags. These skin tags cause bumps on the clitorial hood.

Usually, skin tags in your vagina aren’t harmful. These can become uncomfortable due to contact with skin irritants. With surgical procedures, doctors can remove your discomforting skin tags. 

Vaginal Pimples

Vaginal pimples are very similar to acne on your face. Bacteria in the genital area cause these pimples. Small red bumps on the clitorial hood indicate pimples. 

Sometimes these pimples might be enlarged and painful. These can also contain pus in them. Please do not pop any pimples in your body. 


Inflammation of hair follicles is folliculitis. Folliculitis in vaginal area hairs can cause rash-like bumps. 

Enlarged and dilated veins around your vulva are varicosities. They occur in pregnancy and also develop with aging. These are bluish or reddish bumps on veins.

Frequent use of razors can cause inflammation of vaginal hair follicles. Aggressive use of razors can also cause rashes. You should be gentle while using a razor in your private area. 

Fordyce Spots

Ectopic sebaceous glands found in labia having small bumps are Fordyce spots. These spots do not have hair follicles. The bumps due to Fordyce spots are whitish or yellow-white. 

These spots are not dangerous. Women usually have them around their reproductive age.


The formation of cysts is due to the blockage of glands around your clitorial hood. The cysts are usually hard and have small bumps. Cysts can also be firmed. 

The size of cysts is normally like a pea. But these can be even smaller. Smaller cysts are very hard to detect. 

Great news! Cysts go away without the help of treatment. These are not generally painful except for the infected ones. Doctors can drain your infected cysts so you will no longer feel uncomfortable.


Enlarged and dilated veins around your vulva are varicosities. They occur in pregnancy and also develop with aging. These are bluish or reddish bumps on veins. 


Varicosities feel heavy and itchy. These can also cause bleeding. But these are not always harmful.

These are normal phenomena for pregnant ladies. Veins go back to their normal size after 6 weeks of the baby’s birth. 

In nonpregnant women, varicosities are displeasing. These cause discomfort in intercourse. They also feel uneasiness while standing for a long time. 

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum is a viral skin infection by a poxvirus. It can produce many bumps. These bumps are usually of pearl shape. 

It is found in children. In adult women, it passes during sexual contact. These bumps in molluscum contagiosum usually disappear after a year without any treatment. 

Contact Dermatitis

Skin becomes inflamed due to contact with skin irritants is contact dermatitis. This condition causes red bumps on your clitorial hood.

Skin irritants include: 

  • Excess use of soaps
  • Fragrance containing products
  • Mineral oils
  • Sometimes fabric softeners

Genital Warts

Genital warts are a common sexually transmitted infection. The human papillomavirus is the causative agent. Warts appear as a group of small whitish bumps. 


These bumps usually look like cauliflower. Sometimes the warts are so small it becomes difficult to detect them. 

Genital Herpes

Another common sexually transmitted infection is genital herpes. The causative agent is the herpes simplex virus. 

You should change your underwear after your workout. The sweat after a workout can easily clog your pores. So, this can easily develop bumps.

Due to mild symptoms, people usually do not know if they have genital herpes. It causes fluid-filled bumps. Bumps in genital herpes are red or whitish. These bumps might take irritable forms. 

Ways to Treat Bumps on Clitorial Hood

Bumps on clitorial hood are quite usual. Often they are painless. You can sometimes feel uncomfortable due to these. In that case, you can choose any of the following methods to treat them. 

Properly Washing of Genital Area 

Proper washing is very important for your private area. It can save you from all kinds of irritation surrounding your clitorial hood. 

Wash your genital area with lukewarm water and unscented soap daily. Do not use any fragrance-infused products in your private parts. Using fragrant products can lead to infection due to a change of vaginal pH. 

You should always dry the genital area with a cotton towel after washing. In this way, you can prevent bacterial growth. 

Choosing Right Underwear

Cotton underwear is suitable to wear. It doesn’t cause any type of irritation. Your underwear shouldn’t be very tight.

You should change your underwear after your workout. The sweat after a workout can easily clog your pores. So, this can easily develop bumps.

You can take a few minutes to shower to avoid bumps in your privy area.

Hygiene During Menstruation

You should change your pads or tampons timely. You should change your pads or tampons every six to eight hours. Heavy bleeding or not, you should not wear pads or tampons for a long time. 


You can also use menstrual cups. It’s very economical and hygienic. 

Avoid Popping Your Bumps

You should never pop your bumps. This might lead to unnecessary bleeding. Popping your bumps can also lead to uncomfortable situations.

Bacteria and viruses can easily spread if you pop your bumps. This can also lead to severe pain. 

Using  of Heat Therapy

If you have itchy bumps, heat therapy is very helpful. This can reduce the itchiness of your bumps. 

Steps of heat therapy: 

  • Take a small towel.
  • Soak the small towel in warm water.
  • Squeeze the small towel.
  • After a few minutes, place it on the affected skin.

You can repeat this therapy many times a day according to your needs.

Take Salt Bath 

You can soak the part below your hips in warm water with Epsom salt. This bath reduces itching and irritation greatly.

Change Your Shaving Process 

You should change your shaving process to prevent ingrown hairs.

You should change your razor frequently. Ideally change your razor after every five to seven shaving. Try to shave in the direction of the growth of your pubic hairs. 

You can use unscented soaps during shaving. Do not shave very frequently. Shaving once weekly is preferable. This timing can also vary from person to person. 

Try an Antibiotic Ointment

You have tried all grooming habits. Still, the bumps are persisting. In this condition, you can use an antibiotic ointment. 


You can use this ointment after you are done with shaving. It can soothe the skin of your private parts. 

When to Contact a Doctor?

Bumps on the clitorial hood are not something injurious. In the following situations you need to visit a doctor: 

  • If your bumps are very painful.
  • You are facing painful urination.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the bump.
  • Severe itchiness in the bump area.
  • For draining or surgical removal of the bump.
  • Bleeding doesn’t stop after accidentally popping the bumps.

Ignoring these situations can lead to something serious. So, you must go to the doctor. And follow the doctor’s advice.


Is it normal to have bumps in your vagina? 

Bumps are a very normal phenomenon. They are usually not serious or painful. As a result, they go away on their own. 

If your bumps become big, filled with pus, and are painful you might need treatment. Contact your nearby doctor as soon as you can. 

Do private areas smell bad due to bumps? 

Usually your private part might have a slight odor. But bursting off bumps can lead to offensive odor. 

These offensive odors can vary according to the causes of bumps. 

Can you pop cyst on your privy parts? 

Popping your cyst can set free the fluid in it. This cyst can again grow back as the cyst sac remains. 

Bacteria can easily affect the cyst at the time of popping. As a result, it can cause cyst infection. So, the condition of your cyst becomes grievous. 

Take Away

A small bump on clitorial hood is not something harmful. 

When the pain is severe due to bumps it can be a serious condition. You should not ignore itchy painful bumps for a long time. Your nearby doctor can help you in this matter. 

Remember, good hygiene can keep these bumps at bay. Try to maintain hygiene in all aspects.

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