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What Is The Cost of a Sculptra Butt Lift?

A Sculptra Butt Lift is a procedure in which surgeons inject Sculptra dermal filler into the gluteal area for a temporary or permanent increase in size. The typical procedure begins with injecting a topical anesthetic to numb the skin and then a small incision followed by injection of Sculptra dermal filler. 

The treatment is typically an in-office procedure so that patients can resume normal activities immediately after surgery, usually without pain or heavy bleeding. As you consider this procedure, it is common to think of how much is Sculptra for buttocks. So, how much is sculptra butt lift cost? And that will first lead you to want to know where to get the service.

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Where Can This Procedure Be Done?

You can find this procedure in any doctor’s office or outpatient facility where they offer Sculptra, provided the topical anesthetic is appropriate for your area. You can also find it in almost any doctor’s office or outpatient facility where they perform trans-abdominal liposuction.

How long does Sculptra BBL last? Sculptra’s effects last anywhere from 3 months to 3 years. This depends upon several factors, including individual body chemistry and the amount of dermal filler injected. We typically recommend our clients take 1 to 2 years off between treatments.

What Is the Cost for Sculptra?

The cost of Sculptra varies by physician and availability in your area. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your doctor or medical spa for more pricing information.

How Much Does Sculptra Butt Lift Cost?

Are you wondering how much does buttock lift costs? The cost of any given procedure varies by region. In an out-of-pocket Sculptra cost, patients typically pay $1500-$2,400 for a typical procedure, depending on several factors. This is a typical cost for this procedure in both the UK and the US. The cost of a non-surgical Sculptra Butt Lift is between $3,000 and $9,000.

A Sculptra Butt Lift in the UK is £1500 to £4000 for a 3-5ml procedure. This all depends on where you live. In Birmingham, this would be from £1500 to £3200. In London, it would range from £1400 to £2000. Halifax is around £1350, and Liverpool ranges from 1500-5000 pounds. The cost of a Sculptra Butt Lift in the US is $3000 to $9000. This is a typical cost for Sculptra in the US when performed by a cosmetic surgeon.

How much does a Sculptra treatment cost? The average cost per treatment is $1000-$1800 per injection.

Factors that contribute to the cost of Sculptra butt lift:

  • how much fat is removed?
  • the amount of dermal filler used.
  • the surgeon’s experience.
  • the surgeon’s education.
  • the surgeon’s location concerning your location

Is Sculptra BBL Worth It?

Sculpture BBL refers to the Brazilian Butt Lift. Indeed, it is worth it if you follow and adhere to the set regulation by FDA. There is a common use of hydrogel butt injections which can be quite costly.

The use of hydrogels is a legal procedure where a plastic surgeon injects hydrogels to augment tissues, and some of the popular hydrogel fillers include Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm.

The cost of hydrogel injection depends on the amount of injection. Hydrogel buttock injections cost for 1cc syringe is about $600. So, you will expect 10 vials of Sculptra for buttocks cost to be higher.

How Does an Injectable Sculptra Butt Lift Work?

Sculptra is a small, easily injectable device that fills out the desired area with collagen. It consists of two substances: rhBMP-2 and hyaluronic acid. RhBMP-2 is a biocompatible protein derived from the bovine bone matrix that encourages new collagen formation.

Hyaluronic acid is the natural component of all connective tissues in the body, which increases its long-term stiffness and bulkiness. This procedure typically involves two sets of injections. The first being a local anesthetic to numb the area, followed by the second set of injections.

An incision is then made in the patient’s buttocks, anywhere from 1/2 of an inch to 1 inch. Once the doctor makes the incision, they inject the Sculptra into the area. Patients do not need any filler on their day of surgery or six days afterward when done correctly.

If done correctly, a Sculptra butt lift is not only temporary but extremely safe and painless. Patients can expect to see results immediately after surgery, so going back for additional procedures should be done soon after.

For a patient to get permanent results, they will need to get additional injections at several intervals. This is because collagen production will start to wear off after a few weeks. You will benefit most from this treatment with a qualified surgeon who can ensure that the patient will not experience complications and how many vials of Sculptra for buttocks you will need.

The amount of filler added to any given area depends on the fat cells in that region. If the patient has little fat cells, Sculptra will not provide enough filler for a butt lift. On the other hand, patients with more fat cells will have enough for this procedure if administered correctly.

What Are the Targeted Areas for Sculptra Butt Lift?

The gluteal area is the commonly targeted area for the procedure. However, you can perfume the procedure on any part of the body where cellulite is present. This procedure will impact the appearance of cellulite in the gluteal area.


This procedure is best for patients in excellent shape, have good skin elasticity, have dieted well, are not obese. After surgery, the patient must be realistic about how great they can look after removing or depositing fat in the buttocks.

Patients who are looking for smoothness should consider liposuction in the gluteal area instead. This is a versatile procedure, and one can apply it to any part of the body, including the upper back, arms, rear, etc.

Sculptra Injections Before and After

What will happen after Sculptra injections? To measure the comparison, we have discussed in detail of the procedure.

Before The Procedure

Patients undergoing the butt lift must commit to a healthy diet and exercise regimen and maintain proper skin hygiene. This will ensure that the patient has reached their maximum potential for improvement after surgery. Patients will need to schedule a consultation with a qualified surgeon and provide photos of their buttocks and body, allowing them to gauge their fat with cellulite distribution and decide whether the patient is suitable for this procedure.

During The Procedure

During the procedure, the physician will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area. He then will make a small incision in the buttocks for the office skin test to see how much he can inject without any complications. Once this is complete, he will inject the Sculptra will into the buttocks. Depending on the amount you want to inject, it can range from 1 ml to 5 ml at a time.

How long does Sculptra for buttocks last? The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes. They must monitor the patient closely to ensure that the surgical site has not been affected by the injections and prevent any complications.

What Are the Different Methods of Injecting Sculptra Butt Lift?

Sculptra Butt Lift can be injected in several ways depending on where one wants to enhance. If you are performing it on the buttocks, they use a thin needle. This is not painful and will not require any stitches. A doctor will use a larger needle with a metal tip if they are performing the procedure is on the gluteal area. This may be uncomfortable but will only require stitches to close the physician does the incision.

After The Procedure

Patients who have undergone the Sculptra butt lift will see a difference immediately after the procedure. The buttocks will be firmer and feel plumper. They may experience a little pain initially but will quickly go away shortly after the injections.


Patients should monitor their bodies to make sure that they do not develop any infection from injections.

Some of the Benefits of Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra butt lift is a procedure that can reduce the appearance of cellulite in the gluteal region. It will not remove cellulite entirely but will help improve its appearance significantly. One will need to repeat the Sculptra butt lift every three months to maintain results and be used all over the body when necessary. Patients must adhere to a strict diet and exercise regime for this procedure to work properly and ensure they get value for money.

It is more natural-looking than other methods currently used to reduce cellulite. With the use of Sculptra, patients can maintain their bodies shape with no unnatural looking changes.

The non-surgical butt lift is a perfect option for people looking to improve the appearance of cellulite without going under the knife. You can use it all over the body if necessary, meaning that anyone can benefit from it if they have cellulite on their body.

The patient can always repeat the procedure as often as they need to ensure an optimal result.

Patients will be able to go about regular activities following treatment with Sculptra butt lift, though they should try and take it easy for a few days after for optimal results.

Side Effects of Sculptra for Buttocks

Patients who have received Sculptra injections may experience side effects, including redness, pain, tenderness, and inflammation. There is also a chance that these symptoms will last for up to 6 days or longer. This is the result of the filler embedding itself in the fat cells. The patient can take these symptoms lightly and continue their daily activities with no issues. The swelling will go down after a certain amount of time, but there may be some discoloration in patients who are not taking care of themselves. This is normal and nothing to worry about. 

The treatment will eventually take effect, and there will be a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The patient may have a little swelling to go along with this, but it should go down by 2-3 days after any swelling goes down.

  • rash or itching
  • temporary acne breakouts at the injection site
  • bleeding at the injection site
  • bumps or lumps that may smooth out over time
  • asymmetrical results
  • bruising or redness

Injectable Butt Lift Vs. Butt Implants: Which One is Better?

The difference between the Sculptra butt lift and butt implants is that while the Sculptra butt lift is 100% natural, the butt implants are only 25% natural.

Although one can use both options to reduce cellulite, they do have some benefits that are different. When it comes to this cosmetic procedure, there are no risks or complications with using it. The injections are designed specifically for the treatment of cellulite on the buttocks. However, if patients wish to use it on other areas of their bodies, they will need to speak to a qualified surgeon and discuss possible complications that may arise. 

When it comes to butt implants, only a few surgeons specialize in using these implants on the buttocks. It is more common for people to use butt implants on other body parts, such as the thighs or breasts. This is because it does not work with all patients in terms of fat distribution and substance. It is essential to speak to a physician before deciding on the type of procedure they would like to go ahead with.


When choosing a surgeon, patients should make sure that they have an impressive portfolio of 4 vials of Sculptra for buttocks before and after pictures for them to look at. They should also provide a full list of their qualifications and why they are the best option for the procedure. The Sculptra butt lift is a better option for patients who want to reduce cellulite’s appearance on their buttocks. It can be used all over the body if necessary.

The procedure has a few side effects, complications, or risks associated with it. Patients will only need to be in the office for a few minutes when receiving injections. The procedure allows patients to maintain their shape over time. It will help them keep their bodies in tip-top shape and look much nicer when they go out in public. If you want to try this procedure, you can search Sculptra for buttocks near me.


How much is Sculptra needed for buttocks?

The amount of Sculptra that is needed will vary from patient to patient. This will depend on the size and shape of the buttocks and how much cellulite is present.

Sculptra for buttocks cost?

The cost of a Sculptra Butt Lift procedure can range from $500 to $2500, depending on several factors, including location and individual qualifications.

How long does a non-surgical bum lift last?

The Sculptra Butt Lift results will last for around 15 months when performed by a qualified surgeon. However, this may vary from patient to patient based on several factors.

How long does a non-surgical bum lift last?

The results of a Sculptra Butt Lift will last for around 15 months when performed by a qualified surgeon. However, this may vary from patient to patient based on several factors.

How much are non-surgical bum lifts?

The cost of a Sculptra Butt Lift procedure can range from $500 to $2500, depending on several factors, including location and individual qualifications.

Is non-surgical bum lift safe?

Sculptra is intended to be used on the buttocks and can reduce the appearance of cellulite in this area. However, it is not recommended that patients use it anywhere else on their bodies.

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