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Rice vs Potatoes Bodybuilding: Which One Is Better?

‘What should I be eating?’ is the first question that any wannabe bulker has. It’s not as straightforward as ‘whatever you like’ or ‘everything you wish.’ Mainly if you want to acquire quality weight while avoiding excessive fat gain.

Rice and potatoes are excellent bodybuilder foods. However, there is a common question that springs to mind:

Rice vs potatoes bodybuilding, which one should you choose?

Rice is frequently preferred over potatoes since it is less filling. Rice has more calories and it can be eaten as a dish without many ingredients. Potatoes, on the other hand, are rich in fiber and healthier. Both have similar proteins, however, rice produces more energy and is easily digestible. 

This brief overview may appear too unclear for you to tell the difference. You certainly can’t make a decision without more information. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you’ll require right here-

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Rice vs Potatoes for Bodybuilding: A Short Review!

Rice and potatoes are both excellent choices for bodybuilding. To guide you with distinguishing, we have created the following table:

Comparison factorRice (100 Grams Cooked)Potatoes(100 Grams Cooked)
Calories130 Kcal92 kcal
Protein2.3 g2.1 g
Carbohydrates28.6 g21.1 g
Fat0.21 g0.15 g
Fiber1.0 g2.1 g
StorageCan last up to 10 yearsMuch less storage life
Price$ 4 (1 kg)$ 2.6 ( 1 kg)

You may still be undecided about which to choose for bulking. It’s not unusual for a newbie to find themselves in this predicament.

This is why we’ve put together a side-by-side comparison of the two. It offers all of the facts you’ll need to figure out which option is ideal for you. 

Rice vs Potatoes Bodybuilding: All Facts To Know!!

The macronutrients that the body requires for energy are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Bodybuilders require all 3 of these nutrient content in varied amounts to maintain their fitness goals. Protein and carbohydrates are essential for bulking up.


We’ve laid out all of the specifics for you to ensure a thorough comparison. We hope that this section will answer all of your questions. 

Nutritional Differences

Both rice and potatoes are high in a wide range of nutrients. Potatoes have a larger ratio of vitamins, fiber, and minerals than rice. However, potatoes contain fewer calories, carbs, and fat. Let’s see how exactly are they different from one another-


Healthy carbs give you energy during your workouts and help you gain muscle. This  allows you to recover fast as well. Carbs are the primary fuel source, which helps with calorie intake and body and athletic performance.

Rice has an advantage over potatoes when it comes to increased carbohydrate intake. There are 28.6 g of carbs in 100 g of cooked rice. But only 21.1 g of carbs in 100 g of cooked potatoes.

Rice, despite the small difference, has the advantage in these situations. Because, when it comes to bodybuilding, every gram counts.


Muscle growth demands an energy balance, which means you must consume more calories than you burn. A pound of muscle demands around 2,800 calories. This is primarily to support protein breakdown, which can be increased with training.

Rice has leverage over potatoes in terms of increasing calorie consumption. Looking at the above table, you’ll note that rice offers more calories per serving. This is also good for bulking just like ramen.

A bowl of 100g of cooked rice contains 130 calories, but a bowl of 100g of potatoes contains only 92 calories.


Muscle growth and development require protein. Amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, contribute to the repair and preservation of muscle tissue. Your body needs enough protein in its diet to create these building blocks. 

Potatoes and rice both have a very low amount of protein content. Rice provides 2.3 g of protein, while potatoes have 2.1 g of protein.

Fat & Fiber 

Fiber stays in the digestive system and delivers health advantages to the gut. Fiber-rich diets have been linked to more frequent bowel movements and a reduced risk of colon cancer. In comparison to rice, potatoes have higher fiber.

Potatoes also include greater dietary fiber, especially when eaten without removing the skin. Although rice is commonly served as a simple side dish, potatoes are not.

People like to top their potatoes with sour cream, butter, gravy, and bacon pieces. Most of these toppings are exceptionally high in calories and fat, making them unhealthy.

The healthier potato can easily become unhealthier than rice. Just a tablespoon of butter in your mashed potatoes or on top of a baked potato adds over 100 calories.

So, if you really want to get the most from either carb, avoid harmful additions. But you can use herbs and spices instead. But if the fat consumption gets out of hand you can use the following supplements 


Burn Boost is a revolutionary solution that boosts weight loss and fat loss. It also increases energy levels while reducing cravings and hunger.


Flat Belly Tonic is a weight reduction tonic drink that helps adults burn fat by boosting their metabolism.

But if these supplements are taking a toll on you, you can take a break from supplements. Because these aren’t vitamin or mineral supplements, you can easily eliminate them from your regular routine.

Types of Rice and Potatoes

There are about 120,000 types of rice worldwide. These are divided by milling degree, starch content, kernel size, and flavor. Black rice is the healthiest rice option. It has a dark, unique hue due to its high antioxidant content.

Brown rice, wild rice, and  red rice come after dark rice. All of these rice varieties have higher levels of micronutrients such as magnesium, anthocyanins, and fiber. Whole grains like brown rice, on the other hand, are believed to be more healthy.


Compared to white rice, brown rice has higher fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, and other minerals.

On the other hand, native potatoes are available in over 4,000 kinds. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes. There are also about 180 different kinds of wild potatoes. Red potatoes are the healthiest potato type.

These potatoes have fewer calories and carbs than other types of potatoes. Red potatoes are also slightly healthier than the others in terms of nutrition.

This is not to imply that other types of potatoes aren’t nutritious. Unlike rice, you don’t have to pick one potato kind over another based simply on nutritional value. Rather, choose the one you enjoy the most.

Fiscally & Shelf Stability

Rice is nearly half the price of potatoes per serving. This  makes rice obviously more cost-effective for individuals on a budget.

White rice may be preserved for ten years or even longer if kept dry. Potatoes will never come close to that. So, if you’re a prepper, rice will be the clear victor between the two.

Final Verdict

They are both unquestionably effective in terms of bulking. Rice is frequently preferred over potatoes since it is less filling. Many bodybuilders strive to consume their necessary carbs without becoming bloated.

Do you want additional fiber and you do not suffer from reflux? Then sweet potatoes, veggies, and beans are all good to eat.

Do you want to feel as if you’re not full? Opt for rice in this situation. And do you wish to feel full and it’s okay if there’s reflux? Then go for plain potatoes.


Is It Okay for Me to Eat Boiled Potatoes Before a Workout?

Yes, you can eat boiled potatoes before working out. You need carbohydrates to power your brain and muscles. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates and taste great when made into a salad.

How Much Rice Should a Bodybuilder Eat?

Begin with a cup of rice and work your way up. Gradually increase the amount of rice you use until you reach two cups. The goal here is to maximize timing rather than increase caloric intake.

Why Do Bodybuilders Prefer Jasmine Rice?

Brown rice varieties such as Jasmine and Basmati retain their kernel and bran layers. They supply a range of key nutrients to bodybuilders, including B vitamins, magnesium, and  bone-building phosphorous. This is why bodybuilders frequently choose jasmine rice over all other options.

Which Rice Is Better for Working Out In the Gym?

White rice digests faster than brown rice, so you can have it an hour or so before your workout. However, brown rice should be eaten a few hours prior. For gym-goers, white rice is preferable to brown rice in terms of digestion.


We hope that this discussion has aided you in deciding between rice vs potatoes bodybuilding.

We believe you will be able to choose the best option. The proper calorie intake is essential for bodybuilding. Before consuming any food, remember to check the nutritional information. So don’t jeopardize your health while attempting to improve it.

Have a great day!

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