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Plasma Pen Gone Wrong

Results from the plasma pen might not be what patients hoped for. When a plasma pen gone wrong, this can cause scarring of the skin.

Many patients may have pigmentation issues after the treatment; either dark or light spots may persist.

Since the plasma pen treatment is used to treat the sagging, loose, or crepey skin. Rather than reducing this loose or crepey skin, plasma pen patients can be left with worse damage than they originally wanted to treat.

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What is a Plasma Pen?

A plasma pen is an innovative, non-invasion device that causes burns to the surface of the skin. It delivers electrostatic energy to tighten and resurface the skin. The device converts electrical energy into a plasma gas stream aimed at minute dots placed on the skin’s surface.

plasma pen gone wrong

When the plasma gas hits the surface of the skin, it will cause the skin to contract. This contraction of the skin results in an immediate firming effect. The plasma gas stimulates your skin cells to ramp up their production of collagen and elastin.

Why Plasma Pen?

As we grow, our skin starts to get loose and wrinkled. Because the dermal layer of the skin gets thin, and collagen fiber production is reduced. This most advanced technology helps to repair these signs of aging.

The plasma pen is an FDA-approved device used to perform fibroblast therapy. The effect of the plasma pen lasts around 3 years, although the result may last forever.

Can Plasma Pen gone wrong?

Many patients have complained about pigmentation problems after plasma pen treatment. It might go wrong during the procedure if the plasma pen directly touches the skin. Prolonged use or overuse of this pen can cause burn and produce scarring. Only the skilled one can do the treatment properly.

It needs to be practiced more before the procedure since it has its pattern to place the dots symmetrically on the skin surface. The person performing the treatment should know the procedure well and should be skillful and experienced.

The side-effect of Plasma Pen treatment

There are side effects of having plasma pen treatment that includes pain, swelling, redness in the treatment area. Other side effects like hyperpigmentation, ultra-violet ray sensitivity, risk of skin peeling, burns, and crusting.

This risk depends on the physician performing the treatment. The common side effects are:

  • Edema of the skin
  • Itching occurs when old skin is shed, and new skin begins to form
  • Discomfort due to exposure to the sun
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation
  • Infection may occur
  • Allergic reaction, though it is uncommon

Will Plasma Pens cause scarring of the face?

This depends on the skin type and the healing process of the individual. While doing the procedure, the excessive burn may cause scarring of the skin. After the treatment, this can also occur. So that during the plasma pen recovery, an individual should take care of the skin.

plasma pen gone wrong

How to avoid scarring after Plasma Pen treatment?

  • Do not pick the healing scabs
  • Keep the area clean and dry
  • Avoid heavy make-up
  • Avoid using exfoliating products
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Protect skin with a high-SPF sunscreen

Plasma Pen mistakes

Proper training of the physician is required. One who performs this aesthetic treatment should know how to use the device properly. Following individual mistakes can occur:

  • Using high-intensity treatment for plasma upper eyelid tightening.
  • Using the spray technique for skin tightening incorrectly.
  • Applying arc for too long misusing the spot operation for localized skiing tightening.
  • Plasma tattoo removal mistakes.
  • During the healing process, an infection may occur if the client uses an incorrect product.
  • Advertise scar-free results for mole removal or benign lesions removal since no physician can guarantee that the client will get completely scar-free skin. There is always a chance of leaving a mark of texture change.
  • Failing to provide an after-care protocol to the clients undergoing the treatments. Because most of the clients get scarring due to not following the after-care protocol.
  • A physician, before doing the treatment, should take a written consent form from the client.
  • Promoting plasma eyelid tightening as blepharoplasty.
  • Advertising the immediate carbonation of the area as permanent skin shortening or shrinkage. When the physician carbonized the area, the skin starts to contract, but this is not permanent. This happens because of the profound dehydration due to the carbonization of the tissue. That is not going to change no matter what device has been used.

How long does the Plasma Pen procedure take?

Depending on the skin area, the procedure takes up to one to one and half hours. To reduce the discomfort and to reduce the pain, there will be the application of numbing cream. The procedure will begin after starting the effect of the numbing cream.

After finishing the procedure, that cream has to apply for the second time. Depending on the size of the skin area, if the treatment is done in the stretch-marked area, then the procedure can take up to two hours.

Why do people prefer Plasma Pen treatment over plastic surgery?

This treatment can enhance the looks without turning to invasive plastic surgery. Also, it is less costly than plastic surgery. Here the physician does not use any sharp instruments. Only a plasma pen is required to do the procedure. Plasma pens can use on the eyelids. There is no requirement for anesthetic injections, or incision, or any stitches or sutures.

plasma pen gone wrong

Contraindication to Plasma Pen

  • Anti-coagulants
  • Accurate treatment within 1 year
  • Active acne
  • Botox to area within 7 days
  • Filer to area within 14 days
  • Skin cancer
  • Suspicious moles
  • Herpes simplex virus 
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Hepatitis, Haemophilus influenza, HIV/AIDS
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Lupus
  • Retinal detachment
  • Vitiligo
  • Steroids

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Can plasma pen gone wrong

Yes, plasma pens can go wrong. Such as, it can produce scars after treatment. It can make pigmentation after the scab falls off. Depending on the physician, the treatment procedure can be gone wrong.

There are cases where people have complained about their impulsive decisions. Since the treatment left them with scarring and pigmentation, it is better to consult with experts before you do.

Can plasma pen leave scars?

A plasma pen can leave scars since the device creates a burn on the surface of the skin. Most anesthetics technologies deliver energy deep below the epidermis layer of the skin and improve the inside out. These burns can later produce scars.

What can go wrong with fibroblast treatment

This plasma pen treatment or fibroblast treatment essentially creates a burn on the surface of the skin. It’s relying on the skin to heal from the burn. But unfortunately, a lot of patients don’t heal well from these surface burns. Even if it heals, it can leave with pigmentation issues. It can be either dark spots or lighter spots. They can also leave scars. People face so many complications after doing the fibroblast treatment. These devices are not in the hands of the physicians at this time.

There are hands of non-medical personnel offering this device to cure looseness and skin for creepiness around the eyes or lifting the brows. So that, depending on the person doing the procedure, it can lead to failure of the treatment.

How long does plasma pen treatment take to heal

Plasma pen treatment may take about 12 weeks to heal. Usually, in the 1st-week physicians recommend not to exercise right after treatment. Because any heat, sweat, steam can add to the inflammation that’s already present. Ideally, it is recommended to avoid excessive sweating for 7-10 days during the healing process.

Is plasma pen better than Botox?

Botox is a drug prepared from botulinum, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. But this botox injection treatment doesn’t stick around for long. Though it costs less than a plasma pen, It has more side effects than a plasma pen. So overall, a plasma pen is better than botox.

Can you wash your face after plasma pen?

It is preferable not to wash the face with any product off your face. Instead, simply by gently dabbing the tinted balm apply to your face as required. You can clean the face using the cleansing tonic.

After the treatment, during the healing process, the tiny dots will form scabs. So until all the scabs fall off, it is required to clean the face each day with cleansing tonic.


You can use a plasma pen to treat any particular body area to tighten, resurface, rejuvenate, and regenerate skin to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. But this treatment has some side effects and complications too.

Depending on the physician’s ability to use the plasma pen, the result can defer. There are so many cases where the plasma pen has gone wrong. It can cause damage to the skin; it takes a lot of dedication and money to perform the treatment.

The other thing you can do is to look at before and after pictures. This doesn’t show the before and after pictures. Instead, it shows before with the wrinkles issue and then indicates the after picture with treatment along with bloody-cauterized holes.

So when plasma pen gone wrong, many patients have complained about scarring and pigmentation after the scabs fall off. Instead, removing wrinkles and fine lines from the face or tightening the loose and crepey skin, plasma pen treatment might produce scars and pigmentations. The patient must follow instructions given by the experts.

Since it has some pre and post-operative care to follow, you should consult with a licensed dermatologist or medical professional and preferably a Bioengineer to determine if this is safe and effective before doing the plasma pen treatment.

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