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6 Ways to Fix ‘One Side of Stomach Sticks Out More’ For Good

They say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But, how sad would it be if you fail to love your own body while asking ‘why one side of stomach sticks out more.’

Sounds pathetic! Sadly, this can be an issue if someone is not happy with how they look. 

But why does this happen? Do you think there is any specific reason behind this? Well, whatever the reasons are, let us dissect those together!

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How to Identify If One Side of the Stomach is Bigger than the Other?

Nobody knows our bodies as we do. Before consulting a doctor, it is always us who recognize a problem. So, it is the same in this case.

We are going to get familiar with the reasons behind this issue later. But, how do we identify this problem?

It is not as hard as identifying problems that occur internally. Your eyes are the best instrument to recognize this problem.

Look out for lumps and swelling in your belly. Internal swelling can play a huge role in this condition.

Simply hold your palm on the part of your belly that you find uneven. Move your hands in a circular motion. 

While doing this, try to understand if any lump touches your hands. If you feel pain upon touching the area, consult a doctor immediately.

Painful lumps do not require any identification process. It is a pain that ensures the presence of abnormality.

One side of the stomach sticking out is a rare problem. But, it is possible to occur. 

Reasons Behind One Side of Stomach Sticks Out More

Did you ever notice that your stomach’s left side has more fat? Or the right part of the stomach looks bulgier? 

Sometimes the upper stomach is bigger than the lower. The uneven lower belly fat or upper belly fat can cause insecurity in many. 

Well, this is known as the asymmetrical belly. An asymmetrical belly is commonly known as an uneven belly. 

A handful of reasons are there behind such issues. If you are suffering from this condition, check the enlisted reasons!


When the gastrointestinal tract is filled with gas, bloating occurs. Abdominal bloating can swell the belly.

The belly might get hard and tight. Sometimes a bloated stomach is bigger on the left side due to air.

Bloating may occur due to the digestive system’s muscle movement. Excess gas production can make the stomach look bigger than usual. You can take anti-inflammatory supplements to ease this pain. 

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease or FLD is a condition where fat builds up in the liver. For this problem, one might suffer from pain in the right part of the belly.

Fat accumulation in the liver can impact how your belly looks. The right abdomen can appear more driven out.

Having a low amount of fat in the liver is normal. But, excess fat can lead to more severe conditions like cancer.

Post-pregnancy side effect

Pregnancy changes the body of a woman. It is one of the best gifts of nature. But, it can leave some unwanted changes in the body.

The uneven belly is something that a few women face after delivery. But, this usually goes away with time. If yours does not, you can do some light walking.

It is advised not to follow any kind of diet during this period. Talk to a doctor before you bring any major change in your life.

Excessive lower belly fat

Photo by Andres Ayrton from Pexels

Many people suffer from this problem. A small belly pooch can make the belly look unattractive and lead to the classic p[roblem of one side of stomach sticks out more. 

But, some food can worsen this issue. Not doing regular exercise can increase the lower belly fat. This will make it look bulkier than the upper belly.

Such a condition will make one part of the belly stick out more. To prevent this unevenness in the belly, avoid fatty food. Exercise regularly to make the abs look toned. 


A hernia is caused by the exit of a tissue or organ. This is referred to as the abnormal exit of the part.

This health condition is painful and worsens if untreated. They can get bigger and more painful with time. If one has a hernia, they can feel the affected organ on the body.

A hernia will feel like a swollen part or lump. If you face any such problem, talk to your doctor.


Uneven belly can happen for the recent surgery that you have gone through. After surgery, sometimes the growth of tissue can create this problem.

Do not stress yourself after your surgery. This is a natural growth of the tissue. You can handle it with the medicines prescribed by your surgeon.

Ovarian cyst

We know that women are blessed with a pair of ovaries. But, we often do not realize how these ovaries can suffer from cysts.

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs in the ovarian wall. It can also occur on the surface of the ovaries.

PCOS is a common problem in today’s time. Abnormal menstruation is related to this condition. This can result in an uneven belly. 

Post-liposuction surgery

Liposuction is the surgery through which fat is removed. This surgery can help to remove fat from a specific area.

But, an asymmetrical belly can be a side effect of liposuction. This can happen when fat on one side is reduced more than on the other side.

Uneven fat accumulation may result in a lopsided belly. You can notice this only when you are done with the surgery.


We can not deny the importance of genetics in our life. All of us carry a section of our parents and ancestors.

Genetics is a very important sector in this matter. One might have an uneven-looking belly simply because their father had it too.

This is an unchangeable factor. So, do not get stressed if you genetically bear this issue.

Wrongly done exercise

Your exercises have a big role to play here. Though it is not that common, it cannot be neglected.

Check out if you are focusing only on one side of your body. ‘One side of stomach sticks out more’ can form due to asymmetrically applied pressure.

Try to focus on all sections of the belly equally. Weight train with the instructions of a professional. This will help you to understand the workouts better.

Ways to Getting Rid of Wonky Stomach

A lopsided belly is a concern of many people. But, often, they do not know how to treat this issue. If this problem is not genetic, you can solve this problem.

A pear tummy or a wonky stomach can occur if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle. Check out the following things that you can do to get rid of a fatty belly.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is one of the main culprits behind bulging the upper stomach. We already know that fatty liver affects how the belly will look.

If you intake alcohol, your condition will become worse. You should not drink alcohol at all if your doctor diagnosed you with FLD.

It is always better not to indulge in too much alcohol. If you do not have FLD, drink occasionally.

Eat healthy protein

We usually take meat-protein in our everyday life. But, sometimes meat-based protein can be bad for health.

Include plant-based protein in your meals. Follow a proper diet after consulting with a dietitian. Eat legumes, nuts, and soy protein. Also, do not stop having dairy-based protein food.

Proteins can help you gain muscles. If you are working out, proteins will help you gain lean muscles.

Avoid junk food

Nothing affects your body as much as what you put inside us. So, maintain a routine on eating junk food.

Weekly, have one or two meals that you count as fast food. Upon eating more, drink belly-flattening tea. This will help to balance the side effects of fatty foods.

Exercise regularly

Just like chanting the old rhymes, there is no alternative to regular exercise! Every day take out some time and do some physical movement.

Exercise Regularly

Light walking, yoga, and cardio will help you lose those stubborn fats in the belly. Ask help from your trainer if you go to gyms.

Tell your instructor about your preferences. Upon listening to what you want, your trainer will help you.

It is fine if you cannot take all the pain of going to the gym. It is also fine if you cannot work out at your home! So what to do?

Well, just walk a few steps after every 20 to 30 minutes. This will do wonders for your overall fitness.

Cut back on carbs

Carbs are not the best option to help you with your fitness. It lowers the metabolism of the body too.

Carbohydrate-enriched foods are bad for the abdomen. Our body stores fat in the abdomen faster and lead to one side of stomach sticks out more than the other. 

Rather include more fibers in your meals. Fiber-enriched food makes the digestion process slower. Finally, this helps in the way how our digestive system functions.

Stop stressing

Stress can be your worst enemy in weight loss. Unknowingly we suffer from troubles when we stress too much.

Due to stress, our body releases cortisol. This can have a huge impact on our metabolism.

Stressing can also lead to stress-eating. And with this, cortisol helps to store the calories around the abdomen.

So, these are a few ways how you can prevent your belly from becoming lopsided. One should also follow this to stay healthy and fit.

You cannot solve any problem without maintaining a healthy routine. Include these in your life even if you do not suffer from such conditions.


Is it normal to have more fat on the right side of the stomach?

We mostly consider a bulgy stomach as fat in the belly. But, sometimes, it is related to other issues.

Asymmetrical belly can be caused due to serious health conditions. Fatty liver, hernia, and previously done surgeries are a few of those.

Due to having fatty liver, the right side of the stomach can look lopsided. Hernia also brings a change in how the stomach looks. Apart from this, it is normal.

Why do the stomach bulges on the left side?

A bulging stomach is an irritating thing. Occasionally you can try hiding it with your clothes. But, it can lower someone’s self-esteem when one side of stomach sticks out more.

The stomach can bulge on the left side because of skin conditions like abscesses and cysts. Lipoma or growth of fatty tissue can also be a culprit.

Females might face this problem in the presence of ovarian cysts. Also, check if you have a hernia to get rid of this.

How does an uneven stomach affect the internal organs?

Anybody can be a victim of an uneven stomach. It is benign until it starts affecting one’s health.

It usually does not affect the internal organs. But, a hernia or unwanted growth of tissue can harm you.

For severe problems, including pain, consult a doctor. Ignorance can worsen the condition. 

Our internal organs are closely interlinked. The effect on one can harm the other organs.

Why do some people have their right ab bigger than their left?

It is normal to have one side of the stomach more toned. Asymmetrical abs can be caused due to genetics.

Also, it can happen to follow wrong workout methods. Try to imply the same pressure on both sides of the body.

Staggered abs can be fixed with proper instructions on how to train your body. But, you have to accept it in case it is genetic.


One side of stomach sticks out more” – an issue that can make a person feel insecure. But, do not worry! Multiple solutions are there today.

Take care of your health and maintain fitness to avoid any physical problems. Health is the most precious treasure that belongs to all. Love your body to stay healthy physically and mentally!

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