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Nuvaring Keeps Sliding Down: Things You Need to Know About This Birth Control Vaginal Ring!

The NuvaRing (a flexible vaginal ring) is a safe, simple, and affordable birth control method you wear inside your vagina. It is a revolutionary form of contraception that’s proven to be more convenient for women than the pill.

NuvaRing is a hormonal contraceptive that you only need to insert once every month. But as with any other contraceptive method, its efficacy depends on its use. On that account, it is chiefly important to know how to use it correctly and what to do if your NuvaRing keeps sliding down.

NuvaRing works the same way as contraceptive pills, releasing estrogen and progesterone hormones that get absorbed into the bloodstream through the vaginal lining to avoid pregnancy.

Let’s knuckle down to the debate of using NuvaRing properly and how to keep Nuvaring from slipping out?

When you feel like your NuvaRing is slipping out, hold it between your index finger and thumb so that it gets compressed. Now gently press it inside your vagina with your index finger. In this way, you can prevent your NuvaRing from slipping out.

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How to Use NuvaRing?

You usually have to use a NuvaRing once a month. Just squeeze it and insert it inside your vagina. Once it gets in, it remains there for three weeks; after that, it is taken out for a week for your menstrual cycle. Note that the menstrual cycle occurs around 3-4 days after removing the ring.

 Once you’re done with your menstrual bleeding, a new ring is inserted one week after the old one has been taken out.


Further, you can also miss your uterus bleeding by inserting the new ring directly without having a week’s break.

How to Insert NuvaRing? NuvaRing Applicator Tool Use

Inserting the NuvaRing can be a little scary, but it’s effortless once you get into your rhythm. It is an excellent option for those who may be intimidated by other birth control methods.

You can easily insert it by choosing any comfortable position, for instance, standing with one leg raised, squatting, or lying down while squeezing the NuvaRing inside your vagina, and you’re done.

If you find this method intimidating, try using the NuvaRing Applicator Tool. It is like a tampon applicator and may seem more convenient for you. It is cheaper and affordable and can be bought from any medical store. You can also get NuvaRing Applicator Tool Free from some pharmacies that offer it as a free bonus with the NuvaRing.

NuvaRing Keeps Sliding Down; Why does it happen?

You must be wondering why does my NuvaRing keep sliding down? It can be due to several reasons.

NuvaRing should be handled with care. It can slip or fall out of your vagina during any of the following events:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Use of tampons
  • Bowel movements
  • If your Nuvaring breaks out

The prolapsed uterus may also be a cause of NuvaRing falling out. Therefore, it is essential to check your NuvaRing and ensure that it didn’t fall out after any of the fore-mentioned events.

What to Do When My NuvaRing Keeps Sliding Down?

It is a prevalent query: how to stop NuvaRing from slipping out? Or how to keep NuvaRing from slipping down? No need to panic as we are here to clear out your interrogations!

NuvaRing keeps sliding down, but you are clueless about fixing it? Here are some possible states of affairs regarding your vaginal ring.

How to Stop NuvaRing from Slipping Out?

When you feel like your NuvaRing is slipping out, hold it between your index finger and thumb so that it gets compressed. Now gently press it inside your vagina with your index finger. In this way, you can prevent your NuvaRing from slipping out.


If your NuvaRing falls out ultimately, immediately insert the new one and consider that day as the first day of the new three-weeks cycle.

What to Do If NuvaRing Falls Out for More Than 3 Hours?

It is miserable that if your NuvaRing falls out and over 3 hours have passed, you may be at risk of perceiving pregnancy as its efficiency has been compromised. You may not stay protected from pregnancy if it happens during week one or two. Meanwhile, you may have to attain other birth control methods or receive other contraceptive pills.

Reinsert the ring back into its place as soon as you remember it, and consult your doctor for further acknowledgment.

However, if it happens during the third week, throw away the expelled ring, and try opting for a newer one. Don’t forget to take help from other contraceptive methods as well.

My NuvaRing Fell Out into The Toilet:

Sometimes, your NuvaRing might get expelled accidentally from your vagina while pooping. Or it could’ve gotten out while taking out your tampon, and NuvaRing fell into the toilet!

It is recommended to insert a newer one immediately, but unfortunately, you don’t have one. What to do now?

If any such thing happens, pick it up and rinse it with cool to a little warm (lukewarm) and clean water. Take proper care of hygiene and wash your hands. Dry the ring, and reinsert it as soon as possible.

What to Do If My NuvaRing Breaks?

It is plausible that your NuvaRing might break during sexual intercourse or other acts like inserting a tampon. If this happens, throw away the older one, and insert a new ring immediately.

Why Can I Feel My NuvaRing with My Finger?

Sometimes you must wonder that I can feel my NuvaRing with my finger, but why is it so? The answer is quite simple. Occasionally, your NuvaRing keeps sliding down, and due to this fact, you might be able to feel it with your finger when it slips out a little.

Besides, if you can feel your NuvaRing with your finger, and it makes you uncomfortable, then it could be a sign that your NuvaRing isn’t placed well in its place. Gently push the ring into the vagina till it gets back into its place.

NuvaRing Continuous Use:

NuvaRing continuous use might be credible and promising for most women. They prefer its constant use as it provides them relief from getting their periods and the pain. It is possible by inserting the new ring immediately after removing the older one, without a week’s break. It is also entirely safe to use NuvaRing continuously.


However, since every picture has a good side, it has a darker side too. Therefore, we can’t turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to NuvaRing continuous use side effects as we cannot repudiate them. It can lead to the following circumstances:


Question: How far should the NuvaRing go in?

While inserting the NuvaRing, it must be your prime concern how far you should push it. Well, don’t worry about making it too far as it won’t cause you any trouble.

While inserting the ring, hold it between your thumb and the index finger, compress it, and press it in the middle. Using your index finger, keep pushing it as far as possible until you feel comfortable with its placement.

Question: What happens if NuvaRing falls?

Your NuvaRing can slip out from your vagina fortuitously. Since it’s transparent, you might not know it sometimes, but try to keep a check on it. Just reinsert it immediately as soon as you remember.

If it falls out, its efficiency might be compromised, and there will be a risk of getting pregnant.

Question: Why does my NuvaRing keep slipping down?

It could be due to several reasons. It might come out accidentally after occasions like sex, placing in a tampon, or bowel movements. It might also get a break due to the reasons mentioned above. 

Therefore, it’s essential to reinsert it promptly after its fallout.

Question: Does NuvaRing slip out often?

No, it doesn’t slip out often, but occasionally it slides down. No matter what, there’s still a chance of avoiding pregnancy. Try reinserting the ring or taking a newer one. 

Also, opt for other birth control methods as it will improve the efficacy of this prevention.

Crux of the Matter

NuvaRing- a hormonal contraceptive method that helps prevent pregnancy- is a transparent, flexible vaginal ring that is considered better than birth control pills these days. It releases progesterone and estrogen into the bloodstream through the vaginal lining and aids in avoiding pregnancy up to 99%.

You must be aware that the NuvaRing keeps sliding down occasionally, so it is essential to have know-how about its usage and insertion. 

Its continued use is entirely safe and effective, but it could also lead to worst complications like abnormal uterine bleeding, nausea, migraines, heart failure, renal failure, etc., in later life. Therefore, staying in touch with your doctor for a better prescription is wiser.

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