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Isopure vs Genepro: 7 Differences You Should Know

Protein supplements are essential for those who maintain their diet strictly. But there are so many options, you can get confused often. However, the debate about Isopure and Genepro is always at its peak.

So, Isopure vs. Genepro, what are the differences?

Isopure focuses on making sports grade products whereas genepro focuses on medical grade products. For this reason, their target audience varies among medical patients and sportspeople. There’s a gap in the price range as well. Isopure has flavored options whereas genepro doesn’t.

From the above briefing, you may find it difficult to follow up on all your queries. But don’t worry; we’re here to help. Let’s dive into the article to compare with more details and facts. 

Isopure contains natural flavors. But the taste of it is not so good. On the other hand, Genepro is totally flavorless or odorless. Also, it’s pure protein and doesn’t contain any additives.

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Isopure vs Genepro: Comparison

We know you may be eager to know all the details. The key points of the comparison between Isopure vs. Genepro are shown below.

We’ll take each comparison factor and let you know the pros and cons of each. So, let’s get to know them one by one.

Company Info

Isopure and Genepro are two companies who are dedicated towards different perspectives.

Isopure was founded in 1984. The company looks forward to making high quality sports nutrition products. It makes them more focused towards muscle building and other sports activities. It is for specific purpose driven people.


Genepro is a company with more varieties of products. Established in 2014, they are driven towards supplying the best protein solutions for everyone. They are always in the run to implement the best scientific technologies to provide the best product.

Product Line

Isopure has a wide range of products. They have zero carb protein powders. Also, they have drinks with specific amounts of protein in them. They also come in different flavors and tastes.

You can always go for natural ones if you do not prefer artificially flavored drinks. You will also get flavorless protein from them.

The product line of Genepro mostly consists of flavorless proteins. However, they have a variety of medical grade proteins. For example, fat burning proteins, weight loss proteins, etc. More product lines include advanced digestive proteins and thyroid support proteins, etc.

Major Ingredients

Isopure usually contains whey protein isolate, potassium chloride, etc. They also have calcium citrate tetrahydrate, soy lecithin, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, etc. Apart from these, other ingredients added include natural flavors, sugar, etc. 


Genepro mainly uses two ingredients. These are protein and Immunol. As Genepro focuses more on providing pure protein, they don’t use much additives. Rather, they try to stick with the basic ones.

Target Audience

Both the proteins are not suitable for all ranges of users. They have specific target audiences. One may not fulfill the other’s requirements.

For example, Genepro is more suitable for medical uses. Surgery patients can use Genepro when recovering. Also, it doesn’t have side effects on medical patients.

This is a positive side because the condition of the medical patients is not always favorable. So, they need to get exactly what their body requires. Genepro ensures that they get proper protein substances and helps them to recover.

Isopure is also a great protein supplement. But the target audience for it is not the same as Genepro. Isopure is more efficient for the sportsperson or those who want to build muscles. Isopure is great for diet maintenance, weight management, etc.

Despite being a good protein powder, it’s not suitable for medical patients. Also for those who have just recovered from surgeries.

Weight Management Utility

Many people use  protein supplements to manage their weight. These supplements have an important role to play.

If the supplement helps to reduce unnecessary food consumption, that’s a big plus point. But if the food consumption remains the same after adding protein substances, the weight will increase.


Isopure is a protein powder that goes a long way in this regard. The weight management support of Isopure keeps you feeling full between meals. As a result, you don’t feel hungry more often. Also, Isopure has totally sugar free product options.

It also helps the body get an adequate amount of protein. All in all, it creates a win-win situation. You get proper protein while avoiding any extra weight.

Genepro helps in weight management as well. But it may not be as good as Isopure. If you think about being adequately full, Isopure does it better.

If you’re taking Genepro as your supplement, you may still need to have food between meals. That is why Isopure gets a plus point in this segment.

Additives and Flavors

Additives and flavors can affect a buyer’s purchase decision. Some may like it flavorless whereas some do with flavor. Also, some may want pure protein whereas some may want other additives.

This really depends on personal choice. However, our discussed proteins, both of them belong to separate categories. Thus they can be differentiated.

Isopure contains natural flavors. But the taste of it is not so good. It also contains additives like vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, Genepro is totally flavorless or odorless. Also, it’s pure protein and doesn’t contain any additives.


Price is one of the principal factors when buying any products. People always tend to buy those products which can provide the best value in their preferred budget.

Between Isopure and Genepro, the latter is comparatively expensive. Isopure is rather lower priced compared to that.

Genepro costs around 40 dollars whereas it’s 30 dollars for Isopure. So, there’s a 10-dollar gap between the two which is significant. However, both of them have higher variants that cost more.

So, these were the 7 differences between Isopure vs. Genepro. Hope you got all the things pretty clearly.

After Sales Services

Isopure and Genepro both provide quite good after-sales support. You can contact them by phone or e-mail. You can also give recommendations and submit complaints.

However, Genepro provides consultancy, and R&D facilities at the customer level as well. So, it keeps them ahead in the race.

Some Necessary Tips

  • Consult the experts before taking any protein supplement.
  • Try to fulfill your protein needs from natural sources as much as possible.
  • Before buying any supplements, decide under which product niche you fall in.
  • Don’t take more protein than necessary.

Final Verdict

Isopure and Genepro both are very popular protein brands in the market. And they have a huge customer base. So, both products are comparatively good.

However, if you’re confused about which one to buy, let’s make it easier for you. Hope you’ll be able to differentiate well between them now.

If you’re generally looking to fulfill your regular protein needs, Isopure may be the go-to option. This can also help to build or maintain muscles. Adding to that it’s budget-friendly. It contains other vitamins and minerals, so you can get some extra benefits.

However, if you need medical-grade pure protein, Genepro is the ideal one. This will help if you’ve just come out of surgery or something like that.

Thus, you can narrow down your choices and buy the one you want.


How much protein is there in Genepro?

The absorption rate of Genepro is more than 97%. It denotes if you consume 1 tablespoon of Genepro, there are 32.5 grams of protein. The molecular size of the Genepro is very small. That’s why this amazing absorption rate is achieved.

Can bariatric patients consume Isopure?

Yes, bariatric patients can consume Isopure protein powder. It is a very rich protein powder that contains vitamins and minerals. Thus, it helps bariatric patients. However, it should be consumed in the acceptable range.

Is it suitable to cook with Genepro?

Yes, Genepro can be used in cooking. Genepro is flavorless and odorless. So, it doesn’t affect the color or taste of any food. That’s why it can be safely used in any cooking. In fact, it can increase the nutritional value.

Is there any gluten in Genepro?

No, there’s no gluten in Genepro. It’s completely sugar, lactose, and gluten-free. That’s why it can be used in your diet very easily.


It was a comprehensive comparison of Isopure vs. Genepro protein supplements. However, everything has an end and we’re on the verge of that.

Remember to consume protein in a controlled manner as overconsumption may be harmful. So, don’t destroy your health while trying to build it.

That’s all for today. Have a great day ahead and take care of your health.

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