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Is Nesquik Healthy Or Not? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

If you are looking for an explanation that describes- what is Nesquik and whether you should consume it or not, then this article is for you. Nesquik is a product of Nestle that has been around in the USA since 1948.

So, is Nesquik healthy or not?

Nesquik is healthy only if you consume it in an appropriate dose. If you try to consume its drink or cereal in high quantities, you may end up with serious health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and many other problems.

If you want to know how much you should add Nesquik to your diet and what health benefits you will enjoy, then continue reading! 

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When is Nesquik healthy, And When It Is Not?

As mentioned above, Nesquik is not bad if you consume it right. The only thing there is to worry about is the sugar content in this nestle product. 

Health benefits of Nesquik

Nesquik is available in three different flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Banana
  • Strawberry

Is Chocolate Nesquik Healthy?

According to Nestle UK, chocolate Nesquik milk made by adding three tablespoons of chocolate Nesquik powder will have more than 20 grams of sugar. This much sugar can lead to severe health complications like high blood sugar levels, heart diseases, brain problems, obesity, and inflammation.

Inflammation can induce further health problems like infertility, tiredness, and low energy levels. Nesquik lovers often search, Is Nesquik good for weight loss, and the answer is No. The sugar and fat content does not cause your belly to become slimmer. However, consuming Chocolate Nesquik can lead to obesity and diabetes.


Nesquik powder also contains an ingredient that is not desirable at all: Carrageenan. This ingredient can also cause inflammation, stomachache, and hyperactivity. 

Moreover, Nesquik Chocolate Powder is added to the milk, which already contains sugar and fat. Some people replace the animal’s milk with oat milk or any other plant-based milk. However, this is also not desirable as plant-based milk contains Carrageenan too. Adding Nesquik chocolate powder to such milk will lead to more health complications. 

But all Nesquik Flavors are rich sources of many vital nutrients which are iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and copper. Plus, you can also get vitamins from it, such as Vitamin C, B1, B3, C, D, and Biotin. 

So, the answer to the chocolate Nesquik milk health question is, If you add the right amount (two tbsp of Nesquik powder in a cup), you can enjoy drinking the beverage without any side effects

Moreover, according to Nestle, Nesquik is perfect with any milk. The company also advertises it as an ideal beverage for children.

A bottle of Nesquik Chocolate Milk Powder contains

Fat2.4 g
Trans Fat1.5 g

Is Banana Nesquik Healthy?

Banana Nesquik milk contains more or less the same things, just as Nesquik Chocolate Milk. However, those who love bananas prefer to choose the banana-flavored Nesquik. Add not more than two tablespoons while making a perfect Strawberry Nesquik beverage. 

Is Nesquik Strawberry Powder Healthy?

Nesquik strawberry milk is rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Just like chocolate and banana flavor, consuming strawberry Nesquik in the right amount will not cause any harm to the body. 

One question we often get is, Is Nesquik healthy for adults? Yes, Nestle has given five reasons why everyone should drink milk with Nesquik:

Delicious Taste

Nesquik makes every kind of milk delicious, be that animal’s milk or plant-based milk. 

Have a Perfect morning

Everyone needs an energy-full breakfast to start the perfect morning. So, adding Nesquik in milk gives a great boost that will give them the power to face the world. 

Great For Kids

Kids are super picky when it comes to eating baby food. However, it is essential for kids to eat nutrient-rich foods to nourish the body properly. 


Great Source Of Vitamins

The human body needs a constant supply of vitamins to work properly. Drinking Nesquik milk can provide high doses of vitamin C and D.

Nesquik contains 10% liquid of body’s requirement

A human body needs around two and a half-liter of water daily. Since milk is 85% water and adding Nesquik improves its taste and nutrients, you can cover the 10% of daily liquid intake with just one glass.

In addition to this, pregnant women also want to know, is Nesquik healthy during pregnancy? Yes, Nesquik contains vitamins, iron, and zinc that are super beneficial for the baby’s development. Still, make sure you consume it appropriately. If you drink too much Nesquik milk, the sugar level in your blood will shoot up, which could prove to be detrimental for the baby. 

How Do You Make a Nesquik Drink?

Take a half cup or a little less water and warm it. Add two tbsp of Nesquik powder in it and stir it until you see Nesquik is completely dissolved. Then add this solution to a cup of milk and stir again to have perfect Nesquik milk.

When People ask us, when is Nesquik milkshake healthy, we often tell them- the Nesquik milkshake is healthy only if you follow this guideline we just described. 


If you have purchased Nesquik ready-to-drink milk (which is low-fat milk made with real milk), then you can just pop the package open and drink it. There is no need to put the bottle in the refrigerator first. 

However, if you have opened the bottle and drank half the milk, then you should put it in the refrigerator. 

Now, it is time for you to know- Is Nesquik cereal healthy?

Nesquik Cereal- Is It Healthy?

Nesquik cereals contain no artificial flavors and only real cereals. The ingredients used in making Nesquik cereal are Maize Semolina, Glucose syrup, sunflower oil, and cocoa powder. It is a really great source of vitamins and zinc for all family members. 

Here’s what you are getting when you eat 30 grams of Nesquik cereal (Nesquik cereal Nutritional Value)

Energy114 kcal

But that’s not it! You will intake the following nutrients in the following amounts: 

Vitamin B20.45mg
Vitamin B34.5mg
Vitamin D0.75ug
Calcium138 mg
Pantothenic Acid1.86 mg
Iron3.15 mg

Each of these nutrients works in harmony that causes the following effects on the body: 

  • The vitamins and pantothenic acid help in smooth brain functioning
  • Iron helps in the fast growth of babies.
  • Calcium in the cereal makes teeth and bones stronger. 

On top of this, the cardboard of Nesquik cereal can be recycled, so it is beneficial for the environment. 


Question: Is Nesquik better than chocolate milk?

Answer: Yes, Nesquik is better than chocolate milk in many ways. First, the Nesquik drink is made up of low-fat milk, while chocolate milk contains a high amount of fats. Secondly, the sugar content is higher in chocolate milk as compared to Nesquik. The third and most important reason is Nesquik contains more nutrients than any average chocolate milk. So, Nesquik is better to consume than chocolate milk.

Question: Does Nesquik have a lot of sugar?

Answer: Yes, Nesquik powder does contain a higher amount of sugar than there should be. However, if you consume it right (only two tablespoons of Nesquik powder in a cup of milk), then there should be no side effects. We also recommend you should not consume it daily to avoid weight gain.

Question: Is Nesquik good for protein?

Answer: Nesquik Powder or milk contains protein that is super essential for the body to function properly. You can’t live a healthy life without eating foods that are rich in protein. Proteins are crucial for forming amino acids and for cells to work smoothly.

Final Words

All-inclusive, Nesquik has been one of the popular Nestle product series. But there have been more talks about it as well. You asked, Is Nesquik healthy, and we answered it clearly. Nesquik does not cause any health problems if you consume it right (two tablespoons of Nesquik powder in milk or a cup of Nesquik low-fat milk). As a bonus, you can also enjoy some health benefits due to the nutrients present in it. 

But if you try to consume it more, then get ready to face obesity, diabetes, and heart problems. So, make smart choices about your diet and enjoy only the benefits of delicious delicacies like Nesquik.

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