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Is Lemonade Healthy? Benefits of Lemonade for Weight Loss and Its Side Effects

LEMONS! A little wonderful fruit having so many uses that you have probably never heard of. Do you know what happens to your body when you drink a glass of lemonade? Are you confused about how healthy lemonade is? So let’s first talk about the question, Is lemonade healthy?

Lemonade is a healthy and popular drink in almost every country because it contains a lot of nutrients including vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamin C that can enhance your immunity and help you fight against diseases. Lemons are good for hydration and they also help in weight loss.

You can enjoy it in so many different ways just by adding your favorite fruits or spices. In this article, you will also get to know about the weight loss benefits of lemonade and how lemon is beneficial in hundreds of ways.  And in the end, you are going to get a delicious lemonade recipe.

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Lemonade and its Health Benefits

There are too many questions we are getting everyday about lemonade, like Is simply lemonade healthy? Is Lemonade juice good for you? Is Lemonade a healthy drink? How healthy is lemonade? These questions and many others related to this are very common among lemonade lovers. The answer to these questions is a big yes. Yes, lemonade is healthy. Yes, it is good for you.


Lemonade has so many health benefits. It is rich in so many nutrients. Here are some of the health benefits of lemonade. This will help you to understand how Lemonade is good for you.

  • Lemonade improves your digestive health.
  • It contains electrolytes that maintain the balance of nutrients and minerals inside our bodies.
  • Lemons improve your eyesight.
  • Lemon can make your skin soft and healthy. It can rejuvenate the sun-tanned skin.
  • Lemon is called the liver’s best friend. It can help your liver to function at a tip-top level. It helps the liver to detoxify the harmful chemicals out of the body.
  • Lemons have citric acid that can kill the harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestine.
  • Lemons are high in potassium which is a very important micronutrient essential for the maintenance of electrolyte and PH balance in the body.
  • Drinking Lemonade will help to ensure optimal heart health, brain, kidney, and muscular functioning.
  • Lemon can reduce the inflammation in your body.
  • Lemon has the properties to boost up your metabolism hence it is good for weight loss.
  • Drinking lemonade can curb your hunger cravings and can make you feel full for longer.
  • Lemons contain Vitamin C that boosts immunity and is an undisputed defender against viral infections.
Top health benefits of lemonade infographic

Is Pink Lemonade Good for You?

Many store-bought drinks can be bad for health. But if we prepare them at home they become super healthy and delicious. Most importantly, when we make lemonade at home, we can keep the sugar and salt quantity low according to our choice.

Moreover, it doesn’t contain preservatives. The same is the case with pink lemonade. It is healthy if we make it at home. It can help improve metabolism. It contains vitamin B, folate, niacin, thiamin, and vitamin B6. Folate is responsible for metabolizing certain amino acids in the body.

Is Minute Maid Lemonade Healthy?

Minute maid lemonade is a very famous drink that is high in calories. The major drawback of this lemonade is that it contains fructose corn syrup that is responsible for causing many cardiovascular diseases.

Fructose corn syrup is a sugar that is responsible for the accumulation of fat cells in the body but it doesn’t support the vital organs or cellular system of the body. So minute maid lemonade is not a healthy drink because of the presence of fructose corn syrup.

Is Raspberry Lemonade Good for You?

Adding fresh raspberries to your lemonade will give it a delicious fruity flavor. It can be a natural sweetener so you don’t need to add any sugar to your lemonade. Raspberry has so many health benefits.


It helps with anti-aging. It can fight many diseases and boosts up the immune system of our body. Raspberries contain a lot of fiber so they can improve digestion and help in weight loss. They have fat-fighting phytonutrients that are excellent for fat loss from our bodies.

Is Bai Strawberry Lemonade Healthy?

Strawberry lemonade is very healthy and is perfectly safe to drink. Strawberries are very good for health and they have so many health benefits.

Strawberry reduces blood pressure and regulates blood cholesterol levels. It can also help relieve inflammation. You can also store strawberry lemonade in an airtight glass jar.

Is Hubert’s Lemonade Healthy?

Hubert’s lemonade can be a very healthy alternative to many drinks. The following properties of Hubert’s lemonade make it a healthy drink. It is:

  • Gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Flavorful and delicious

Is Wendy’s Lemonade Healthy?

Wendy’s lemonade is not at all a healthy drink. It has a lot more calories than any other lemonade juice. It contains 190 calories, 25 mg sodium, 50 mg carbs and 47 grams of carbs are from sugar.

This high amount of sugar makes it an unhealthy drink. High sugar can increase the risk of weight gain and other diseases such as diabetes.

Is Ginger lemonade healthy?

Ginger is a healthy spice used for medicinal purposes. Adding ginger to your lemonade can multiply the benefits of lemonade.


Ginger lemonade lowers fasting blood sugar level and help in type 2 diabetes and relieves pain.

Is Country Time Lemonade Good for You?

Country time lemonade contains so many preservatives that are not good for health. It also contains fructose corn syrup that can cause too much weight gain.

It has 14.5 tsp sugar per serving. Also, the packaging can lead you to overconsumption. It is highly processed and one of the worst lemonades.

Is Calypso Lemonade Healthy?

Calypso lemonade is a good source of calcium but it is high in sugars. According to the American Heart Association, the daily recommended intake of sugar for women is 24 grams and for men is 36 grams.

Calypso lemonade contains more sugar than the daily recommended intake. It has 121 Kcal per serving. It also contains flavors and additives.

Is Brisk Lemonade Healthy?

Although the Brisk lemonade has 0g fat, 0 mg cholesterol it contains 97 mg sodium and 37.4 grams of sugar. This high amount of sugar and sodium can make you feel bloated and causes many other diseases. So brisk lemonade is not good for overall health.

Is Frozen Lemonade Good for You?

Frozen lemonade has 110 calories per container. It can be a very good dessert if it is not high in sugar and sodium as well as preservatives. You can also store it for 8- 12 months.


Homemade frozen lemonade can be more healthy as compared to that in the market.

Is Sugar-Free Lemonade Good for You? What Are the Benefits of Lemonade With Sugar?

Sugar-free lemonade is good for you if you are struggling with weight loss. If you are a big fan of refreshing delicious lemonade but you don’t like the sugar and all the problems that it causes to our health then you can have a sugar-free lemonade.

If we talk about the benefits of lemonade with sugar, it majorly includes electrolyte balance in the body. Adding sugar to your lemonade can maintain the electrolyte balance of your body. Sugar in a moderate amount can also maintain blood glucose levels.

Is Lemonade good for weight loss?

We all are very well familiar with the benefits of lemon in weight loss. Lemon contains fiber in the form of pectin which not only improves better heart health but is also important for weight loss as it keeps you full for longer and curbs your hunger cravings.

This feeling of fullness can keep you away from snacking all the time. The flavonoids in lemonade actually will help to increase the metabolism of fats and sugars in your body plus having lemon water instead of your typical apple juice is going to get that fixed without adding extra calories to your diet. So it means you are going to lower your calorie intake with just a healthy replacement.

Many people ask, Is lemonade fattening? Well, lemonade is fattening when you add an extra amount of sugar and salt to it. Moreover, the lemonade in the market contains high sugar and sodium contents that are fattening as compared to homemade lemonade.

What Is the Healthiest Lemonade?

The one you make at home is the healthiest lemonade. The healthiest lemonade brands are as under:

  • San Pellegrino limonite and homemade lemonade
  • Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade
  • Trader Joe’s organic Lemonade
  • Sunkist Lemonade
  • Mike’s Hard Lemonade

How to Make Lemonade?

Here is a healthy lemonade recipe that you can enjoy and prepare in a very less time


  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice (16 ounces)
  • Water (32 ounces)
  • Salt as per taste
  • Sugar as per taste/ stevia ( for diabetics and those struggling with weight loss)


Mix all the above ingredients in a jug or jar. You can also add any fruit to add flavor. Pour in the glass and refresh yourself with the fresh healthy delicious lemonade.


The Bottom Line

Lemonade is healthy and it has many benefits but as they say, excess of everything is bad so the same goes for lemonade. If you ask, Is lemonade healthy, the proper answer should be, yes, but in a moderate amount.

If you drink lemonade in excess it can lead to stomach acidity, nausea, and burning sensations which we call heartburn. It can also make you dehydrated and can cause diabetic nephropathy in those who are already suffering from diabetes. So lemonade is healthy if you keep in mind that one glass of lemonade is safe for you to drink daily.


Is Lemonade just as bad as soda?

Lemonade is a better choice than soda as it is a fruity fizzy drink but not an ideal option to drink every day. If you want to drink Lemonade every day then prepare it at home.

Is Lemonade healthy to drink every day?

Only homemade lemonade is healthy to drink every day if it is low in sodium and sugar. The packaged lemonade is high in calories, sugar and some have a very dangerous component that is fructose corn syrup.

Is Lemonade bad for health?

Excess of lemonade is bad for health as the acidity of lemons can cause dental cavities. It can damage your teeth and if you add more sugar, it can lead to weight gain.

What are the benefits of drinking lemonade?

Drinking lemonade has so many health benefits. Some of those are:

  • Lemonade can prevent anemia and maintain PH and electrolyte balance in the body.
  • Lemons are good for skin health.
  • Lemons contain Vitamin C that boosts up immunity and metabolism.
  • Drinking lemonade can decrease stress.

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