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Is Green Tea Good for Gastritis? An Ultimate Guide

The risk of gastritis or stomach inflammation increases as you age, probably due to weak or stiffening of stomach muscles which lead to damage and slow recovery. However, drinking green tea for stomach health is efficient for its health longevity. So, is green tea good for gastritis?

Green tea is a good source of powerful antioxidants and plant-based nutrients that protects the stomach lining from foreign attack or internal damage. Also, it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties which help gastritis. 

Nevertheless, can green tea cure gastric? Can I drink green tea if I have gastritis? In this guide, you will find all the facts related to “is green tea good for gastritis?”

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Is Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Gastritis is the general medical term used for a variety of stomach inflammation and related symptoms. The most common cause is infection with the bacterium H. Pylori and other infectious bacteria or fungi that reside in the stomach, kill healthy bacteria and contribute to inflammation, indigestion, heartburn, and stomach illness.


Green tea contains strong antimicrobial properties; it efficiently kills H. Pylori, E. Coli, Staphylococcus, fungi, and virus strains. Also, it has strong anti-inflammatory properties which help in the healing of the gut lining and reduce gastritis symptoms. 


Is Green Tea Good for Erosive Gastritis?

Research suggests that green tea has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing, and antimicrobial effects which are potentially helpful for stomach conditions. It has a significant effect on the improvement of gastritis. 


Unlike other teas, green tea has low levels of caffeine and acidic content therefore, it is less likely to cause gastritis flare-ups. Nevertheless, it still contains some amount of caffeine and tannins, which can make your gastritis symptoms worse when taken in excess. 

Therefore, if you have a severe condition of acid reflux or erosive gastritis, it is best to limit green tea use. 

Is Green Tea Good for Chronic Gastritis?

Research conducted at PubMed suggests that drinking green tea provides a protective layer against stomach cancer, chronic gastritis, and a healthy stomach. It protects the stomach from a variety of disorders and provides a rich amount of powerful antioxidants and probiotic sources which act to promote stomach health. 


Drinking green tea regularly can help to lower the symptoms of chronic gastritis, and eventually cure the condition.

Is Lipton Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Lipton green tea is a herbal mix of ginger, peppermint, and fennel seed which gives your stomach an instant relief and soothing effect. Moreover, it is also rich in antioxidants, and digestion-promoting ingredients carefully formulated to aid gut and digestion-related disorders. 


Particularly, Lipton love you tummy herbal supplement aids greatly in protecting the gut from gastritis symptoms and reducing its flare-ups. 

Is Caffeinated Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Green tea contains some amount of caffeine which works to give you instant energy and immunity boost. However, unlike coffee and other tea types, green tea has a significantly low amount of caffeine, which may not affect your gastritis condition.


Drinking caffeinated green tea contains potent plant-based antioxidants which can help protect and cure gastritis. 

Yet, it is recommended to limit your green tea consumption when you are suffering from gastritis, or opt for decaf green tea. 

Is Decaf Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Decaf green tea (caffeine free) has a slightly low amount of antioxidants and nutrition. It has a low effect on gastritis and GERD condition. Like regular caffeinated green tea, decaf green tea helps soothe stomach inflammation and reduce gastritis condition. It is also efficient at relieving the associated symptoms while providing you with an instant source of energy. 


Is Matcha Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Matcha green tea contains a higher amount of natural antioxidants which help naturally heal the gastritis condition. When compared to regular, or Lipton green tea, matcha tea is generally rich in antioxidants and less acidic which makes it an ideal choice for people with sensitive stomachs.


It helps in cleaning the gut and removing toxins from the body. Also, it aids the digestion process and naturally heals internal damage which can significantly help stomach health and promotes overall wellness. 

Is Ginger Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Ginger green tea is highly researched and scientifically backed to help stomach health. It significantly lowers the gastritis symptoms such as bloating, nausea, chronic gastritis, erosive ulceration, indigestion, epigastric discomfort, stomach gas, and inflammation. 


Besides stomach health, ginger tea is also efficient at treating diabetics, asthma, pain, regulating blood abnormalities, and a number of other disorders. Ginger green tea has been used for centuries as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain-killer remedy.

Is Mint Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Green tea with mint is essentially good for stomach health. It has strong anti-bacterial properties which can help stop spreading bacterial infections in the stomach. Moreover, it also contains a good amount of polyphenols which promotes digestion health. Also, drinking mint green tea efficiently cures stomach spasms, nausea, indigestion, and other digestion-related symptoms.


However, mint green tea may increase your stomach acid level therefore, don’t drink it for acid reflux or acidity condition. 

Is Arizona Green Tea Good for Gastritis?


Arizona iced teas include ginseng, green tea, and honey. All these ingredients are efficient to help the gastric. However, it comes with plenty of sugar, and artificial additives along with some stimulants that may trigger gastritis condition and make it worse. It is also high in carbohydrates and calories. In short, the company’s statement of providing only healthy beverages is not fully trusted.


Drinking green tea for stomach health helps improve your stomach condition and make it better over time. Nevertheless, is green tea good for gastritis? It contains a significant amount of antioxidants and polyphenols that protect the stomach lining from bacterial attacks. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory agents naturally heal the gut. 


Let’s check out some of the frequently asked questions on green tea and it’s effect on gastritis.

Is Green Tea Good for Stomach Problems?

Green tea is good for stomach problems, it helps to relieve constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and stomach gas. Moreover, it also acts as a protective coating over your gut lining which prevents it from ulceration and inflammation while naturally healing it.

Is Drinking Green Tea Good for Gastritis?

Research suggests that drinking green tea for gastritis helps to lower its symptoms and naturally heal the gut lining. Moreover, the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of green tea calm the gastritis condition efficiently. Moreover, drinking green daily eventually heals the gastritis condition. 

Is Green Tea Good for Health in an Empty Stomach?

You should not drink green tea on an empty stomach because it contains polyphenol tannin which can increase your stomach acid level. It leads to nausea, vomiting, heartburn, acid reflux, or even GERD flare-ups. 

Does Green Tea Help Stomach Problems?

It has been proved by research that drinking green tea daily helps prevent the gut from disease. It protects the stomach lining and reduces the risk of cancer. Also, green tea improves digestion and eating habits.

Does Green Tea Help Belly Ache?

Green tea has natural soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to soothe the inflamed stomach lining and cure belly ache. It also helps greatly in preventing other stomach illnesses. 

Does Green Tea Detox Your Stomach?

Green tea has a strong antioxidant effect, therefore, it helps greatly in removing and flushing toxins out of the body. Also, it improves metabolism rate and boosts immunity which improves overall health.

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