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Can You Effectively Treat Lichen Sclerosus by Using Emuaid?

I don’t know about the others, but upon hearing the word “lichen” I used to think it was some sort of parasite or an insect. The word lichen has separate meanings, one for plant-like organisms that grow in between rocks and the other indicating a form of skin disease, which is called lichen sclerosus (LS)

Now the question comes, is emuaid used to treat lichen sclerosus? 

Emuaid is a homoeopathic ointment that provides broad-spectrum activity and contributes to the healing process to relieve the symptoms against various skin infections and lichenification diseases. like lichen sclerosus. It also treats minor conditions like razor burn or insect bites. 

To get your questions answered, keep reading till the end. So without further blabbering, let’s dig in! 

Emuaid, unlike other creams, is a multi-purpose ointment that penetrates the skin layer and delivers fast healing to your damaged skin.

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Is Emuaid Used to Treat Lichen Sclerosus?

Lichen sclerosus is a mucocutaneous, chronic disease that affects the skin in genital regions and occasionally on your torso, upper arms. 

If you have been diagnosed with Lichen sclerosus and you want to recover fast, you must start with the treatment regimen as fast as possible. 


Most medications that are required for the healing process to kick in are pretty expensive and come with a couple of visible side effects like irritation, dryness of the skin etc. Here is where Emuaid comes to the rescue!

Emuaid is one of the most popular topical medications that has been vastly used and strongly recommended both by physicians and consumers for its high efficacy.

Emuaid, unlike other creams, is a multi-purpose ointment that penetrates the skin layer and delivers fast healing to your damaged skin. After pervading the layers of skin, it targets to eliminate the pathogens like bacteria and fungus from causing infection to the already affected site.

It starts showing immediate feedback after contact with the skin and the healing process gets activated. This way you will see detectable improvements on your skin within a few days. 

So yes, if you want to get the cure for lichen sclerosus, you can apply Emuaid. But don’t ignore the fact that emuaid is not the sole remedy to this serious inflammatory skin disease. You must include other recommended medications or invasive options that your doctor advised along with using emuaid. 

Now that you’ve known that emuaid is used to treat lichen sclerosus, you must also learn about the product you’ve been using and also about the skin disease with a peculiar name.  In the following section, you will be able to know the necessary information related to Emuaid and Lichen Sclerosus. 

All You Need to Know About Lichen Sclerosus

It’s always very important to know about the disease you are diagnosed with. So, here’s a brief description of it. 

What Is Lichen Sclerosus?

Lichen sclerosus is a rare form of chronic, inflammatory skin disorder that appears in the form of whitish wrinkled patches localized around your genital and anal regions, rarely affecting your breasts, upper arm and chest. It mostly involves external skin in your genital region- perineal skin, vulva, foreskin etc

Lichen sclerosus is not transmissible, non-contagious and can’t spread via sexual intercourse. However, this may lead to debilitating pain during urination and cause abnormalities while having sexual intercourse. Hence, early detection and sustained treatment of this potentially sneaky disease are indispensable to your health and fitness. Now let us look into the details of this skin disorder.  

There is no absolute cure to treat lichen sclerosus, however, you can still minimize the symptoms and discomfort if there is any.

Who Can Have Lichen Sclerosus? 

This disease commonly occurs in women after menopause, aged 40-60 years. This disease is less likely to occur in men. Children are also least likely to develop lichen sclerosus.

What Are the Causes of Lichen Sclerosus?  

The exact cause why lichen sclerosus develops in people is still unknown. However, there are some possible factors predisposing to the development of Lichen Sclerosus.

There are disputes over the etiological basis of the disease, some say it might be an autoimmune disease, some say it is hormonal. The probable reasons for lichen sclerosus are: 

  • Genetic conditions
  • Immune system disorder
  • Family history
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Other skin conditions that may trigger this disease

Signs and Symptoms

At times, there is no visible sign or symptoms for mild cases of lichen sclerosus. The clinical manifestations seen in a person with this skin condition is given below:

  • Small patches with crinkled parched skin, blotchy patches.
  • Itching mainly at vulvar areas or anal areas. 
  • Blisters
  • Scarring
  • Discomfort 
  • Tearing of skin, causing bruising (red or purple)
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Difficulty while urinating


If you see the above-mentioned symptoms in your body, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor for obligatory consultation. Your doctor needs to carry out a physical examination of the afflicted area. After this, a sample of the affected tissue will be taken to examine the presence of lichen sclerosus under the microscope.

Histopathological tests are enough to know and detect the case. At times, a biopsy may also be asked of the patient. For a better and thorough check-up, consult with a dermatologist or gynecologists’ list. 


There is no absolute cure to treat lichen sclerosus, however, you can still minimize the symptoms and discomfort if there is any. Surprisingly in some patients, the signs and symptoms disappear on their own without the aid of any external application of medications or other curable techniques.

Your doctors can suggest creams or ointments only for topical uses that will lessen the symptoms of a  parched skin and help it recover to its normal appearance. Some of these treatments are mentioned below: 

  • Corticosteroid ointments: This is the primary treatment for lichen sclerosus. It reduces itchiness and irritation of the damaged skin. It needs to be applied directly to the affected area daily or a few times a week as your physician prescribes. 
  • Intravaginal estrogen: Reduces the symptoms of fissured and sensitive vulvar tissues. 
  • Topical pimecrolimus cream: Relieves itching.
  • Topical Retinoid creams: Reduces scaling of skin and dryness
  • Natural ointments like herbal or homoeopathic ointments: They reduce inflammation upon application to some extent
  • When the case is severe and unresponsive to transdermal applications, you might need to take oral medications like oral corticosteroids, retinoids, methotrexate, cyclosporin etc.
  • Sometimes you might be asked to have a surgery for the removal of the scar tissue or to widen the opening of the vagina.
  • If the foreskin of the penis of a male is affected, you may be asked to have a circumcision.
  • Other options are laser ablation, phototherapy etc. But they are considered to be currently experimental and studies are conducted to see its success rate. 

It is important to remember that you need to use these medications for a long time basis and be on follow up because the chances this disease may relapse or the lesions may reappear are not uncommon.

Dos and Don’ts If You Have Lichen Sclerosus 

You must maintain hygienic practices when it comes to diseases in the genital or anal region, not only contagious ones but also when you have a non-transmissible disease such as lichen sclerosus. Here are some of the Don’ts that you need to follow

  • Do not scratch the affected area with your fingers because it may worsen.
  • Do not use scented products like soap, bubble bath onto the parched skin. 
  • Do not use sprays or douches. 
  • Do not wear tight fitting undergarments. Wear comfortable cotton underwear instead of the fancy synthetic ones. 
  • Avoid foods with high oxalate contents like rice bran, almonds, beetroot, turnips etc. This is because oxalate enriched foods can cause inflammation in the body’s tissue. 

Now here’s what you should be doing

  • Wash your genital regions with your fingertips and clean water.
  • Pat your genital areas with a towel or a piece of cotton cloth to keep it dry, not rubbing the skin after using the toilet or coming from the shower.
  • Use water-based authentic lubricants if you experience pain during sex. 
  • Apply medicated soap substitutes on your affected skin. Ask the pharmacists for recommendations of products that have been dermatologically tested and are suitable for the skin. You can use emollient creams. 
  • Try to eat nutritious food enriched with protein and low oxalate content like chicken, beef, dairy products ( milk, cheese etc), green tea, fruits like apple, melon, avocado etc
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water! 

Complications of Untreated Lichen Sclerosus 

Severe cases of lichen sclerosus may lead to scarring of the skin in the damaged area. For women, it may cause vaginal walls to get constricted which makes sex intensely painful. You might feel sore and have immense pain. For men, there will be scarring of the penile foreskin, glans penis and narrowing of the urethra. In addition to this, the inability to cause erection and urinary retention is also found. 

There is no relevant study that shows the association of patients with lichen sclerosus and other types of cancer in genital organs, although untreated or undiagnosed cases may lead to skin cancer. If so, there is a chance of having squamous cell carcinoma of the afflicted and inflamed region. 

Emuaid: An approach to Homoeopathy

Where would you get a drug that is potentially an  ideal example of “A Hundred problems, One solution”? Here you have it, Emuaid. Emuaid is a fantastic ointment that is the combination of Argentum Metallicum, emu oil and other therapeutic components that soothe the inflamed skin or area of the lesion via deep penetration.


Only quality and authentic natural ingredients are used to make this versatile formula. It is a modern homoeopathic drug that is free from chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, alcohol, parabens and toxic products. 

So, how does it work? The ointment has ingredients that stimulate blood flow to restore skin damage. It not only repairs the inflamed area but also promotes a calming impact on the skin.

It is an alternative topical approach to most other pharmaceutical products that are loaded with strong chemical ingredients although the use of Emuaid is approved by the FDA itself. It is absolutely safe for use. 

Now you might be asking why emuaid is known to be a staple among other medications used for the transdermal application? It is because Emuaid is a popular choice since it’s a nonprescription, first-aid homoeopathic ointment.

Most consumers said it worked better than other artificial products they used lately. Moreover, it comes with a number of therapeutic uses and is scientifically proven to be beneficial for skin symptoms. This one little container of Emuaid can treat multiple conditions of the skin, so it’s a win-win situation! 

Composition of Emuaid

Emuaid is composed of a variety of natural ingredients out of which the principal component is Argentum Metallicum (Colloidal Silver- an active ingredient) which is a part of homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia in the United States. The other constituents of Emuaid are: 

  • Emu oil- contains fatty acid, also improves hydration of the skin. 
  • Tea tree oil – soothing for the skin, leaves human cells unaffected and undamaged while killing pathogenic particles. 
  • Canola oil, soybean oil etc
  • Squalene
  • Phytosphingosine
  • Ceramide
  • Bacillus ferment etc

Uses of Emuaid

Emuaid comes with multiple uses considering its anti-inflammatory and topical antiseptic properties. It may be applied for the mentioned skin conditions.  

  • Eczema
  • Fungal and bacterial skin infections
  • Cold sores
  • Lichen sclerosus, lichen planus.
  • Severe boils
  • Shingles
  • Hemorrhoid’s
  • Poison Ivy
  • Psoriasis
  • Warts
  • Razor burns, blisters

Emuaid is 100% safe for people of all ages and gender, even pregnant women and children. But do keep the containers out of the reach of children. Who knows a mischievous little kid might pull out a slob of this ointment and put it inside his or her mouth! 

Side Effects

Being manufactured from entirely natural and safe elements, Emuaid has practically no adverse effects. However, application of colloidal silver may occasionally induce some side effects like bluish skin discoloration, skin irritation, myopathy, seizure etc. you are allergic to the components used in Emuaid, don’t continue using them. Check the labels before purchasing this ointment  to look for its allergen information.


Are Emuaid and EmuaidMax the same? Which one is safer?

Answer: No they aren’t the same. There is a mild distinction in the concentration of the compositions of emuaid and EmuaidMax. Since there are a number of potent natural ingredients in both of these, they are safe to use. Moreover, consumers said that EmuaidMax worked faster and extensively than emuaid. 

What are the other benefits of Emuaid? 

Answer: Apart from lichen sclerosus, Emuaid is used for a variety of skin diseases starting from simple rash, blisters to psoriasis. You may use emuaid in bacterial or fungal infection, eczema, cold sore, insect bites, boils etc. 

What can be mistaken for lichen sclerosus?

Answer: Vitiligo, vulvovaginal atrophy, other lichenification disorders like lichen planus can be mistaken for Lichen Sclerosus. 

What is the difference between lichen planus and lichen sclerosus?

Answer: Lichen planus and lichen sclerosus are both immunogenic disorders with the involvement of changes in the skin and mucous membrane in the genital regions.

The main difference between these two skin diseases is that lichen planus involves the mouth and vagina which is least likely to develop in lichen sclerosus, although they can occur together in the vulva. 


Hope you got your answers to : is emuaid used to treat lichen sclerosus? 

There is no reason to worry if you have complicated skin disorders such as lichen sclerosus. You will see rare products with virtually no side effects curing the unpleasant symptoms.

Follow the expert’s advice for complete restoration. So be patient because most diseases take a little time to recede. 

Take care of yourself!

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