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Is 250MG Test a Week Enough?

TRT or androgen replacement therapy is primarily used to increase testosterone T levels. So basically with increasing age testosterone levels can become low and TRT is a new solution for that. 

However, TRTs are becoming increasingly popular for non medical uses due to their impressive results. People with lower sexual drive due to multiple reasons use them for enhancing sexual performance. Pro athletes and newbie gym enthusiasts are using them for higher energy levels and bulking their muscle mass. 

But TRTs are of course not without side effects if used without guidance. So, is 250mg test a week enough?

Well, mostly it depends upon your blood test. But generally 250mg is the lower end or the start for TRT. And taking testosterone Enanthate or Cypionate for a short period of two month should be enough. Still your blood test will provide you the true answer of whether 250mg is enough for you or not. 

Although if you take it as a micro dosage which means splitting 250mg into two. So if you are taking 250mg per week then you will cut that in half. And then you will take 125mg on Monday and 125mg on Thursday. 

That is how you will prevent the harmful rise of estrogen. 

Now before diving deep into it let us see how much testosterone you actually need.

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Natural Testosterone Production In Body

If you are taking TRT dosage then you should know about the natural production of testosterone. So that you can understand your requirement and balance the dosage accordingly. 

In healthy men daily production of testosterone is 6-7 mg on average. Which means weekly a healthy man gets 42 mg to 49 mg testosterone naturally. 

What TRT Dosage Do You Need? Is 250MG Test a Week Enough?

Even considering the natural weekly production of testosterone some still think 250mg per week is too low. 

However, what most guys don’t know is that ester takes up a significant portion. And for testosterone to be bioavailable in the body, ester has to be cleaved from the molecule. 


So suppose if you take 200mg of testosterone cypionate per week, you will get just 140 mg. Because cypionate ester accounts for 30% of milligrams. 

In addition to that, most bodybuilders and even doctors say that even 300mg is justified. Not to mention they are fully aware of testosterone’s natural production figure. They also think that 200mg is the bare minimum of high end TRT. 

Remember guys saying 250mg per week is normal are usually running a cycle year round. So if everyone says 25mg per week is enough, then it would be true, right?

Well not really, Let us see how.

Stable Blood Concentration-[7 Micro Shots]

Taking 250 mg of cypionate per week will definitely spike your testosterone levels. And then your testosterone levels become ×3 for a few days. 

But that is a good thing right? Not really! Because the level of testosterone directly affects the aromatization process. As the amount of testosterone has also an equivalent amount of aromatization going on in parallel.  

250mg 7 Micro Shots Per Week

To avoid an unbalanced aromatization process we divide 250mg per week into micro shots. It means that instead of taking 250 mg high dosage at once, cut 250mg in 7. So that per day increase of free testosterone would be relative to a large dosage. 

As a result the amount of aromatization to estrogen will also decrease. This balance helps in stabilizing testosterone blood serum concentration in the body. 


And for all guys out there, aromatization is the process of conversion of testosterone into estrogen. An increased amount of estrogen can even cause ED erectile dysfunction. Not to mention the development of gynecomastia or larger breasts. 

This is why it’s better to avoid taking 250mg dosage per week at once. And instead divide it into 7 cuts and take each per day for a week. 

Injectable Testosterone-[4 Types]

Muscle loss, mood swings or dwindling testosterone levels , does not matter what’s the reason. It is true that HRT like TRT might be the answer. But you must know what form of testosterone you require for your specific need.

So we have briefly explained 4 types of testosterone that can fulfill your needs. Have a quick look at them first then we will brief you about them.

  • Enanthate
  • Cypionate
  • Propionate
  • Testosterone Suspension

Let us know which can fulfill your needs.


Testosterone Enanthate is primary endogenous androgen testosterone used for men whose testosterone production has decreased. Quick details about Enanthate are given below.

  • Administered: Every five days.
  • Administered Via: Intramuscular Injection IM.
  • Dosage: 100mg to 200mg
  • Dependency: Testosterone blood level and underlying medical conditions.
  • Precaution: Never inject into the vein.

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Testosterone Cypionate is a long-acting ester form of testosterone. 

  • Administered: Every seven days.
  • Administered Via: Intramuscular Injection IM
  • Dosage: 100mg to 200mg.
  • Precaution: Never inject into the vein.
  • Dependency: Testosterone blood level and underlying medical conditions.


Propionate is slow releasing anabolic steroids that allow a run cycle of 8 to 10 weeks. Because shorter time is required to maintain optimal blood plasma levels. 

  • Administered: Every two to three days.
  • Administered Via: Intramuscular Injection IM
  • Dosage: 100mg to 200mg.
  • Precaution: Never forget to weigh the positives with negatives before using.
  • Dependency: Testosterone blood level and underlying medical conditions.
  • Only prescribed in special cases.
  • Requires Frequent Injections

Testosterone Suspension

This form is popular as a potent mass agent among bodybuilders. Without the presence of any ester this is known to be the most powerful injectable steroid. It mainly produces strength and muscle mass very quickly. 

  • Administered: Two to three times per week.
  • Administered Via: Intramuscular Injection IM
  • Dosage: 20mg to 50mg.
  • Precaution: Very painful
  • Dependency: Testosterone blood level and underlying medical conditions.
  • Not highly recommended and only prescribed in special cases.
  • Remain for a few hours.
  • Requires Frequent Injection.

Let us see what are the safety tips regarding the use of testosterone replacement therapy TRT.

Testosterone Usage Tips and Precaution

Before leaving us, take a look at the safety tips about taking Testosterone. And let me tell you that they will save you from a lot of trouble.

  • Confirm diagnosis of hypogonadism through serum testosterone concentration.
  • Serum testosterone concentration should be measured in the morning on two seperate days.
  • Serum testosterone concentration should be below the normal range.
  • Monitor Testosterone levels on a regular basis.
  • Should be administered by a health care professional only. 
  • Should not be given intravenously.
  • Adjust dose according to the appearance of adverse effects.
  • For hypogonadal recommended amount is 200mg every two weeks.

Remember that these are general precautions.

Final Verdict

Muscle bulk, increased lipido and higher energy levels may seem sexy. But they come at a price. If you mess up trying to achieve all these you may regret your whole life. 

So never take something that can potentially harm your health without professional recommendation. Getting advice about your health would save you in the long run. 

Furthermore considering all above mentioned factors we say 250mg is not the bare minimum of high end. But instead it is the high end. However, as we said, your blood test would decide the right amount for you.

And if you think you should take a break from supplements then don’t rush. Instead, start gradually.


If you missed a day of testosterone injection what happens then?

If your dosage of testosterone is missed, try to take it as soon as possible. But if you see that it is almost your next dosage timing. Then don’t take this one and instead take the next one only. Do not ever take 2 doses at once or double dosage. Missed dose won’t do much but double can seriously upset you and mess with your hormones. 

How do I wean off taking testosterone injections?

If you left your treatment suddenly then you may encounter negative side effects. So instead gradually decreasing intake over several weeks is the safest way to avoid drawbacks. Because if you leave suddenly your body will feel sudden and higher shock. That’s why leaving it gradually will minimize the shock your body would feel. 

How does it feel coming off testosterone?

After using for a long time, if you leave testosterone suddenly then you will feel terrible. You will be quite angry, irritated and depressed. Your sex drive would be lower and mood would be very messy. However, you won’t feel terrible forever and will gradually return to normal in no time. So, to avoid just a temporary terrible mood, constantly refilling your T prescriptions is not a good idea.


So, is 250mg test a week enough for bulking up muscles? You pretty much know that your blood test will answer this question. And only your blood test will provide you with the right amount that is also safe for you. 

In addition to that for some guys 250mg test per week would be enough. And for some 250mg might be the higher end and extremely harmful. 

So, it’s much better to be on the safe side before you fulfill your desire. And I hope that after reading the article now you pretty much know the safe side.

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