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How To Lose FUPA In 30 Days? Try This 4 Week Challenge!

The acronym FUPA refers to abdominal fat, sometimes referred to as ‘fat upper pubic area.’ For some people, belly fat may be their most difficult weight loss challenge. Why do they not look up “How to lose FUPA in 30 days?”

FUPA is scientifically known as panniculus, which is the growth of dense, fatty tissue on the lower abdomen, which often sprawls over the pubis and genital area.

Losing weight leaves you with loose skin and a fat belly. Perhaps you’re like Beyoncé, who expresses affection for her post-pregnancy FUPA. If not, you may be searching for a way to eliminate it.

I’ve provided a complete FUPA workout plan to tone your body. Let’s take it on; this is a challenge. The challenge is that you must make an agreement with your FUPA that you will exercise one hour every day for 30 days so that you can lose your FUPA.

Whether you’re trying to lose pubic fat or want to keep it, it is important not to forget your physical and mental health.

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How to Lose a Fupa in 30 Days?

Losing FUPA in 30 days seems hard and impossible. But it is achievable if you have a strong dedication to losing it. Losing FUPA without surgery doesn’t require wasting your days and nights in the gym, premium diet plans, or following strict rules and regulations.

Getting rid of pubic area weight requires mild exercise, increased metabolism, and some fun stress-relieving activities. You can lose FUPA weight using this formula in a safe and controlled manner.

However, how to lose FUPA in 30 days? I’ve outlined a comprehensive guide to losing FUPA in 30 days. You are sure to see results from this healthy workout and diet plan.

How To Lose FUPA In 30 Days

How to Lose a Fupa in 30 Days With Exercise?

Losing FUPA with exercise is the best strategy because it provides the targeting weight loss. On the other hand, diet can’t help us to target a specific area of fat burn. Instead, it targets the whole body fat. A sudden weight loss with only diet may also result in loose skin and a cute tummy pouch.

In contrast, only exercising won’t help you lose stubborn fat, since you need to be calorie deficient to burn fat for energy. In the meantime, your muscles need to be slimmed down or straightened by exercise.

Thus, losing FUPA can be faster with a diet and workout plan. So, let’s start with our 30 days of losing the FUPA challenge with exercise and a healthy diet, here we go.

4 Weeks FUPA Workout Challenge

Here is a 30 Day FUPA workout plan that will help you go away from your FUPA. Put it to the test and see how far you can go. Sketch yourself with these 60 minutes FUPA workout plans. Now let’s begin!


1st Week Exercise to do
Monday 15 crunches, 10 high planks, 6 leg raises 
Tuesday20 crunches, 8 leg raises, 15 forearm planks, 10 superman
WednesdayThe Hundred
Thursday30 crunches, 25 High planks, 12 Leg raises, 10 Burpee
Friday35 crunches, 30 forearm planks, 14 leg raises, 
Saturday40 crunches, 35 high planks, 16 leg raises, 10 Pelvic tilt
Sunday45 crunches, 40 forearm planks, 18 leg raises, 10 knee tuck


2nd Week Exercise to do
Monday 50 crunches, 45 high planks, 20 leg raises 
Tuesday55 crunches, 22 leg raises, 50 forearm planks, 20 superman
WednesdayThe Hundred, 24 leg raises
Thursday66 crunches, 60 High planks, 25 Leg raises, 15 Burpee
Friday70 crunches, 65 forearm planks, 70 leg raises, 15 knee tuck
Saturday75 crunches, 70 high planks, 30 leg raises, 15 pelvic tilt
Sunday80 crunches, 75 forearm planks, 32 leg raises, 15 knee tuck


After the Second Week, you’ll see a good change in your body and see a significant fat loss. Now get ready to trim your pubic and tummy, so let’s go.

3rd Week Exercise to do
Monday 85 crunches, 80 high planks, 34 leg raises 
Tuesday90 crunches, 36 leg raises, 85 forearm planks, 25 superman
WednesdayThe Hundred, 38 leg raises
Thursday100 crunches, 95 High planks, 40 Leg raises, 25 Burpee
Friday105 crunches, 100 forearm planks, 42 leg raises, 20 knee tuck
Saturday110 crunches, 105 high planks, 44 leg raises, 20 pelvic tilt
Sunday115 crunches, 110 forearm planks, 45 leg raises, 20 knee tuck


Finally, this is the end of our training session. I’m sure your FUPA has gone. Now let’s strengthen your muscles with this final week of training.

4th Week Exercise to do
Monday 120 crunches, 115 high planks, 48 leg raises 
Tuesday125 crunches, 50 leg raises, 120 forearm planks, 30 superman
WednesdayThe Hundred, 52 leg raises
Thursday135 crunches, 130 High planks, 54 Leg raises, 25 Burpee
Friday140 crunches, 135 forearm planks, 56 leg raises, 30 knee tuck
Saturday145 crunches, 140 high planks, 58 leg raises, 35 pelvic tilt
Sunday150 crunches, 145 forearm planks, 60 leg raises, 35 knee tuck
Try this MR London online workout program to Lose FUPA in 14 days with the help of a qualified trainer.

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How to Do Exercise for Fupa Loss?

Exercise is the key to losing your FUPA area and helping to tone your body. It tones your muscles and gives you a slim figure. I’ve mentioned all the workout plans, and you must be wondering how to do exercise or FUPA loss.

You only need a little of your time, 60 minutes, for 30 days, which will transform your figure for life. The exercise listed above is the best way to get rid of the FUPA in as little time as possible.

It’s time to let go of your embarrassing FUPA and lay the fitness mat on the floor. Here are the steps on how to do exercise for FUPA.

High Plank

High planks are bodyweight exercises. It is beneficial to do high planks since it activates the muscles’ growth in the core muscles. Although it activates muscle strengthening throughout the body, it focuses mainly on glutes, thighs, abdominal cavity (abs), and hamstrings.

How to Do High Planks FUPA?

In the beginning, people may find this pose challenging, but they can hold it for longer with practice. To do High Planks for FUPA, follow these steps:

  • As you start, get on your knees and place your wrists directly under your shoulders.
  • Bring each leg back behind you one at a time.
  • Try pulling your shoulders away from your ears and down your back as you hold this posture. 
  • In order to brace the core, pull the lower belly toward the spine while slightly tilting the pelvis.
High Planks for 30 days FUPA workout plan
Image has been taken from Healthline

Good Time

Experts recommended that it is good to hold this pose for 10 to 30 seconds. Attempt to do multiple sets of smaller periods. If you are advanced, you can do the plank for up to one or two minutes, but do not go beyond that.

Forearm Plank

Forearm planks are static core exercises, quite similar to push-ups. These are functional movements that work multiple growth muscles simultaneously.

This pose strengthens the core muscles, the limbs, and the back at the same time.

Despite being a difficult workout plan, it can give you more muscular abs, core, and muscles if it is done correctly. A great workout for FUPA loss!

How to Do Forearm Plank FUPA?

Even though this is a challenging exercise, you will enjoy it if you do it daily, and your muscles will adapt. Here is how to do it.

  • Get on your knees.
  • Hold your fists closed and lower your upper body to your forearms.
  • Lift your knees until your weight is evenly distributed between your forearms and toes. 
  • At this point, you should be at ground level.
  • Put some pressure on your abs! Tighten it.
Forearm plank to get rid of FUPA

In order to burn belly fat, you must hold the plank position while lowering your stomach. If you lower your stomach while holding the plank position, you won’t get your desired results. To do this, keep your stomach up in the air and ensure that all of your shoulders, back, and butt are aligned.

Good Time

It is good to hold forearm planks for 30 seconds. You can go with it for 1 minute. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times, or until you’re tired. Do what’s best for you.

Hold for at least 30 seconds.


The burpee is a full-body exercise used for strength training that involves a squat thrust followed by a stand between repetitions. With burpees, you are doing a calisthenics workout for your upper and lower body that is intended to increase endurance and muscle strength.

In practice, burpees could be the most effective exercise for burning belly fat. Burning fat with burpees helps build strong muscles and boosts metabolism all day long. Your body will continue to burn calories and fat even after you have finished your workout.

How to Do Burpees for FUPA?

Burpees intensify your cardio and burn calories. Following is the way to do burpees:

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Lower your butts and squat.
  • Drop your hands to the ground and kick your legs into the air to land in a plank position.
  • Do a push-up using your hands.
  • Now get into a plank position again.
  • Step your feet up towards your hands and stand up.
  • Repeat the previous step.
Burpee exercise for FUPA

Good Time

In general, you complete one burpee in a minute. It is therefore recommended that you do burpee exercises for 6 to 8 minutes. If you wish, you can increase this to 8 to 10 minutes.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunches are among the toughest crunches to perform as part of any strength-building routine. Even though they seem simple, bicycle crunches strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings while also working your lower, middle, and upper abs. In short, ideal for flat FUPA.

How to Do Bicycle Crunch for FUPA?

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent 90 degrees above your hips.
  • Try to keep your lower back on the floor during the entire movement.
  • Raise your shoulders slightly off the floor while holding your hands behind your head.
  • Straighten your left leg as you twist your left elbow toward your right knee while keeping your right knee at a 90-degree angle. Do not pull the right knee closer to your chest but keep it directly above your hip.
  • Continue to alternate sides by repeating on the other side.
Bicycle crunch to get rid of FUPA

Good Time

Ideally, you will do three sets of crunches per day or 2 to 12 repetitions. You can also do three sets of two or three variations to exercise the other muscles in your stomach.

The Hundred

The hundred is a classic Pilates exercise. It is best to burn FUPA as compared to the above workouts. You’ll never regret your time spent on the hundred. It is a dynamic movement that warms up your core muscles and helps straighten your pubic and abdominal muscles and burn stubborn FUPA.

How to Do The Hundred for FUPA?

The Hundred for FUPA can be done as follows.

  • On the floor or a yoga mat, lie on your back.
  • Tense your abs by curling your head up toward your chest. Stay there for a few seconds.
  • Lift your legs so that your shins are parallel to the ground. Keep your arms straight and breathe deeply.
  • Are you ready? Count 100 times as you raise and lower your arms (and remember to breathe, too!).
The Hundred

Good Time

The name implies that you have to repeat the same workout 100 times. The time The Hundred takes for you depends on you. 

Pelvic Tilt – Best for FUPA After Pregnancy

The mommy pouch is probably a concern for new mothers. It is vital for women who have had a cesarean delivery to avoid any workout plan that puts pressure on the abdomen or vaginal area.

For women with FUPA after vaginal delivery or a C-section, pelvic tilt, also called bridge exercise, is good. Pelvic tilt helps women tone their stomach and pubic area fat without putting pressure on their vagina or surgical stitches.

How to Do for FUPA?

  • You should lie flat on your back.
  • Place your hands behind your head, near your ears.
  • Flex your legs so that your toes are facing forward.
  • Slowly raise your belly button to the ceiling by pressing into your toes and feet. Feel the tension in your abdomen by tilting your pelvis up.
  • As much as possible, lift your pelvis and hold it there. Put your back flat on the floor by bringing your pelvis down slowly.
  • Do this several times.
Pelvic Tilt - Best For FUPA After Pregnancy
Image has been taken from Healthline

Good Time

The pelvic tilt is an effective and easy exercise to lose FUPA fat for females as well as males. You just need 30 seconds or a little longer 2 to 3 times a day and wait for the magic.

Leg Raise – Ideal for Office Workers With FUPA

Leg raises are weightlifting exercises. Indeed, it works muscles throughout the body; it includes your upper and lower abs, quadriceps, back, and hip flexors. The activity focuses on tightening abdominal muscles and strengthening your core.

The leg raise also makes your hips and lower back more robust and flexible, convenient for those who spend much of their day sitting at a desk.

How to Do Leg Raise for FUPA?

This exercise can be done with one leg by people who are new to abs exercises.

  • Put your arms out at your sides and your legs over your hips, with your feet facing upward.
  • Put the lower back on the ground and draw the navel toward the spine.
  • Drop your legs slowly toward the ground and stop once your lower back begins to rise off the floor.
  • After that, slowly raise the legs back up to the ceiling.
Leg Raise - Ideal For Office Workers With FUPA
Image has been taken from Healthline

Good Time

When one performs a six-inch leg raise, they lie on their back, extend their legs straight out, and raise their legs six inches off the ground. Normally, one holds the position for 10 to 60 seconds.


One of the best exercises to support your core muscles is the superman pose. Doing this workout will strengthen your lower back and obliques and improve your flexibility in the muscles surrounding your spine from head to pelvis.

The reason for its name is that when you do it, it looks like Superman.

How to Do Superman for FUPA?

Your FUPA will look like a flying machine in no time with FUPA.

Here are five steps to becoming a superhero:

  • Stretch your arms out in front of you while lying face down.
  • Slowly lift your arms and legs while tightening your abs.
  • Don’t let those limbs go down!
  • Try not to touch the ground for 30 seconds while raising and lowering your arms and legs.
  • Next, lower yourself, rest, then repeat.
Superman exercise for FUPA
Image has been taken from Healthline

Good Time

You should hold the position for five seconds. Repeat the movement ten times. Lower back strength comes from this exercise. Indeed, you will see your FUPA fight by your Superman.

Knee Tucks

Knee Tucks is another FUPA workout plan for losing it. Within a short time, it dramatically improves the strength of your core muscles. In a nutshell, it helps tone your body incredibly.

A seated knee tuck targets your FUPA directly. As a result, your pubic and abdominal areas will be well-toned. Having consistent knee tucks training will help you build stronger core muscle and get rid of FUPA forever.

How to Do Knee Tuck for FUPA?

  • Position your feet on top of the exercise ball in a high plank.
  • Drag the ball across the floor as you bend and pull your knees in toward your chest. Make sure to pull the lower belly towards your spine.
  • Return to a plank position by slowly extending the legs.
Knee Tuck For FUPA

Good Time

You should repeat the knee tuck process at least 10 times during a single training session.

How to Get Rid of Your Fupa Without Exercise?

Losing FUPA with exercise is targeted, convenient and super-efficient. However, if you don’t have time for exercise or avoid a heavy workout, you can go with a surgical process like cool sculpting or a tummy tuck, etc.

FUPA diet plan

Also, the diet has a significant effect on your FUPA in which you’ve to focus on a calorie deficient diet. Although diet can’t target fat at a specific body area, it will impart a significant effect on overall body fat.

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FUPA Diet Plan

Diet plays an important role along with exercise to burn calories and lose weight or fat. In particular, when it comes to stubborn tummy and private area fat, it must be a combo of high intensity and cardio exercise along with calorie deficient food to burn this.

Here is the nutritional content you must take daily during the FUPA loss period.

  • You must aim to consume at least 2000 mg of fat daily.
  • You must take 500 fewer calories than your body needs (It is important to remember that you have to burn more calories than you take).
  • Aim to take 1.6-2.2 grams of protein per kg of your body weight.
  • When you’re taking 2000 calories, then you must take 300 grams of carbs per day.

Besides these main nutritional values, you must take high quantities of vitamin C, drink plenty of water, take good sleep. Moreover, eating fibrous and probiotic food helps you a lot in losing FUPA weight.

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Bottom Line

I’ve outlined a complete FUPA workout plan with a good diet strategy. Planning for this 30-day challenge will be sure to help you in toning your body.

So, how to lose FUPA in 30 days? It’ll be achievable with a winning combo of exercise and diet. So, I wish you the best of luck with your losing FUPA 30-day journey!


What does a FUPA look like?

FUPA is the fat over the stomach, between the hips, and above the pubic area. It sometimes looks like loose or sag skin over these areas. In women, it is most common after giving birth.

However, it is also a leading problem in aging. Moreover, genetics, eating habits, and rapid weight loss contribute to FUPA.

How to hide FUPA in leggings?

You can wear leggings or skinnies with asymmetrical, long, or draped tops. It is best to wear pants or leggings that tuck in the stomach, as they will help tuck in your belly a bit and keep it comfortable.

Plus, you will look fabulous as there are so many beautiful tunics and long tops to choose from.

How to get rid of FUPA on a woman?

Women can get rid of FUPA with cardio and high-intensity exercise along with a calorie-deficient diet. However, they can also get help with cool sculpting and monsplasty for immediate and guaranteed results.

How much does it cost to remove a FUPA?

The cost to remove FUPA depends on the plan you are following to get rid of it. As for diet and exercise, they can be cheap or even free as you can get things at home. But if you’re planning invasive surgery or major surgery, it can vary from $500 to $5000. It mainly depends on which surgery you prefer and other expenditures.

Is FUPA a bad thing?

Having FUPA is normal. People may find it embarrassing and try to lose it. But it is not harmful, neither medically nor visually. However, some people love their protruding fat, for example, Beyoncé.

How can I lose my FUPA fast?

You can get rid of FUPA faster with a good strategy. You can get a toned pubic area with a good FUPA workout plan and a calorie-deficient diet.

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