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Best Tips on How to Keep Shorts From Riding Up?

As the summer arrives, this question pops up everywhere in the community about the shorts. People often complain that no matter how much they care their shorts often ride up.

They keep on inquiring about different hacks on how to keep shorts from riding up. Either they should use a spray to keep shorts from riding up or they should use tape to keep shorts down. What is the ultimate solution, how to keep your shorts from riding up your thighs?

Well, there are a lot of things that you need to care about to get rid of this problem. The fitting and the size of your shorts is the first and the most important thing that you need to look out for first.

Secondly, what type of activity you are indulging in? Are you walking, running, playing, or riding a bike? Depending upon the activity you need to choose the best shorts for yourself to enjoy full comfort.

Below we are going to discuss that how you can keep your shorts from riding up during different activities. For different situations, the best possible remedy would be different. So, rather than just listing all the possible remedies or the hacks here let’s discuss it in a bit different style.


According to different scenarios and for different types of shorts, what things you need to consider, and what remedies you can opt for, we have mentioned each one of them separately. So, keep tuned till the end. Let’s ding in together.

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Prevent Your Shorts From Riding up in the Middle

People often ask that why shorts ride up in the middle. How to keep your shorts from riding up in the middle? This is associated with the perfect fit.

If you have not chosen the right size for you then you will encounter this issue all the time. First, you need to figure out that your shorts are fit for you or not.

Check the back crotch, are the “smile” lines appearing there? Do your thighs fit accurately or are you uncomfortable in it? Do check the waist as well. Does it fit properly? Or it is too tight or too loose?

These all could be the possible reasons that your shorts ride up in the middle. The best remedy for it is to replace such shorts with the ones that fit you perfectly.

Check for the fitness of the waist and thighs. Here are some short wearing rules you could follow in order to keep your shorts from riding up in the middle.

Also keep a check that when you wear your shorts, the “smile” line does not appear on the back crotch. If all is well then your short will surely not ride up in the middle.

More specifically, people also question to overcome this riding-up issue during different activities. Normally, a common man encounters this problem of riding up shorts during:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Playing

This question pops up a lot that how to keep your shorts from riding up while walking? Or people ask about how to keep shorts from riding up while running. To deal with both scenarios your approach might differ.

While Walking

People often ask that when they wear their shorts, they fit perfectly. But as soon as they start walking their shorts ride up. What is the reason behind it? Why do the shorts with the perfect fitting do so? Is there any other thing that causes this? How to stop them from riding up?

Well, as quoted earlier, the first thing that could be the reason is the fitting of your shorts. First, you should resolve that issue. But, if you are still facing the problem then you might try some other hacks that may help you as well. You should check for the fabric of your shorts and the length as well.

As it is obvious, that the shorts are made up of a bit stretchy material and the one made up of thicker fabric remains in place. Similarly, the length of the shorts also affects a lot to keep the shorts in place, probably the one having length reaching just above your knees. Keep a check on these little factors and you will surely get relief from your problem.

While Running

The people, who are habitual of doing workouts and running to keep themselves fit, often complain that their running shorts ride up while running. No matter how much they care about the fitness, size, and length of their running shorts they keep on struggling with this issue.

Most of them use spandex shorts while running, even then they end up asking the same thing again that how to keep shorts from riding up when running.

They are curious to know about the perfect remedy for it. Most of them specifically ask about how to keep spandex shorts from riding up when running? Well, no matter what type of fabric your running shorts are made up of. Due to continuous vigorous activity of your thighs, your shorts get ride up.

Apart from keeping a check on the other factors likes fitness and size of your shorts, you can go for some clever hacks to cope with this situation. Just use some elastic bands and sew them at the ends of your shorts.

The elastic bands will ensure the fitness of your shorts from the end around the thighs. After this, no matter how long you spend your time doing activities like heavy workouts or running, your shorts won’t ride up again like before.

While Playing

Playing outdoor games in summer people prefer to wear shorts. To enjoy the game and to vibe perfectly on the beach, the volleyball matches at the beaches are played in volleyball shorts.

All those players encounter the same issue. Does this question again arise that how to keep your volleyball shorts from riding up?

Volleyball again is a vigorous activity that has a direct effect on your thighs. Continuous jumping and running often cause shorts to ride up. To keep your shorts from riding up elastic band remedy would be the most effective one in this regard.

Side by side tries to look for a bit longer shorts that won’t also ride up during your game. You can implement the D-I-Y pastes techniques as well. Polyester boning design is another great hack to cope with this difficulty. It is a strip of polyester.

You need to sew it between the thighs of you short. If used correctly, this will prevent your thighs from riding up or even bunching in between. But you need to sew it carefully and correctly.

Associated Names of Shorts

The community sometimes categorizes the shorts with names by associating them with a specific use or user like:

  • Bike shorts
  • Athletic shorts
  • High-waisted shorts
  • Jeans shorts

It is observed that some people now matter wear whatever type of shorts, they always end up complaining that their shorts ride up while different doing activities. How they can cope up with this issue, what possible measures they need to take, all of them have been discussed separately depending upon different types of shorts.

Bike Shorts

When you are riding a bike wearing cycling shorts you might face this issue. First of all, check the length of your shorts. Shorts with length just above the knees would not ride up while riding a bike but the shorts with an even shorter length than that will ride up.

Bike Shorts

Try to wear a bit longer shorts to avoid this hustle while riding a bike. Other than this you can also imply the elastic band remedy quoted above. There is another option as well that you can try. You can use fabric paste or cornstarch paste to prevent your shorts from riding up.

They are available at local stores and are the cheap D-I-Y pastes which are quite helpful in this regard.

Athletic Shorts

Athletes use to practice a lot and keep doing the heavy workouts. They mostly practice in workout shorts and encounter this issue a lot. For them, the best hack is either to use cheap D-I-Y pastes or they can use tape to keep their shorts stick to their thighs and prevent them from riding up during their vigorous activities like swimming, running, cycling, etc.

Athletic Shorts

Polyester boning design or the use of elastic bands would also be a great choice, but in the case of athletes, this might not be possible every time. So, being an athlete whatever hack suits you best according to your time and need you can opt for that one and you will surely find satisfactory results.

High-waisted Shorts

All those individuals who use to wear high-waisted shorts are the ones who face this riding-up problem a lot. They are usually the ones always struggling with this issue. For them, the first and the most important factor matters are the lengths of their shorts.

If their short shorts are too short in length then they will keep on facing this issue. They need to get shorts of adequate length. Secondly, the fitting of their shorts also matters a lot.

If you are wearing a high-waisted short that is too tight from your thighs, from the back crotch “smile” line is visible then your shorts will ride up.

High Waisted Shorts

You need to choose a bit loose one that is not too much tight on your thighs and properly fits from the backside as well.

Other than the two important factors mentioned above, you can also try other remedies like elastic bands or polyester boning design. Or the hacks like tape or cheap D-I-Y pastes like the fabric paste or corn starch paste.

But if you do not choose your shorts having the right length and fitting according to your body shape then no matter whatever and how many other remedies you try, you will end up facing the same issue again and again.

So, you need to consider the important factors first to get permanent relief from this irritating issue.

Jeans Shorts

People usually wear tight jeans, but unlike jeans, their shorts should not be too tight. No matter if you are wearing spandex shorts, denim shorts or jean shorts, you should keep a check on their fitting because wearing tight shorts will cause them to ride up.

It is not necessary to wear long shorts to avoid riding up issues but in the case of jean shorts, you need to select the one for you that is not too tight because in their case fitting is an important factor.

Jeans Shorts

If your jean shorts are comfortable around your inner thigh and do not bulge up from the inner thighs then they won’t ride up much. And to prevent them completely from riding up you can go for the elastic bands or the polyester boning design option in this case as the tape or other sticking pastes remedy might not be much effective one in this case.


To Sum up, there are plenty of ways by which we can stop our shorts from riding up. But it all depends upon what kind of activity we perform and whether we have chosen the correct type of shorts for us. In any case, make sure that you don’t overdo anything while choosing these options so that you may never experience such problems later on.

If you have given it a read thoroughly till the end then you have found the solution to your everyday problem in the summer season specifically. So, no more worries now. You can wear your favorite shorts and can enjoy the summer vibes. Just consider some little factors that matter and you are all done. Hope you find our discussion helpful. Happy summer.


Why do all my shorts ride up?

There could be different reasons for it. Either you are not choosing the correct size for your shorts according to your body shape and size or you are not choosing the correct length for yourself. Other than this may be the fabric you are choosing for your shorts is not the right one. Keep an eagle eye and figure out if any such thing you are practicing.

If yes, then resolve it, look for a bigger size than the size of the previous short you bought, or choose a bit long short if you are habitual of using too shorter ones. Or if there is no such issue then you should try some remedying or hacking to resolve this issue whatever is in your reach and you can do it easily. You will surely get satisfactory results.

Does Hairspray stop shorts from riding up?

Hairspray is no doubt one of the best hacks to prevent your shorts from riding up. It keeps your shorts in place. This is a famous trick practiced by athletes especially or other sportsmen to keep their leotards from riding up. If you are a common man and do not indulge in such vigorous activities, even you can also try this to avoid your shorts from riding up while running, walking, etc.

How do I stop my shorts from riding up my inner thighs?

If your shorts are riding up from your inner thighs then you need to check for their size and fitting. One size bigger shorts would be better for you to overcome this issue. If even after that you face the same issue then go for the remedies, maybe they could be the effective one for you.

Why do my pants keep going up my bum?

It’s quite possible that you are wearing tight jeans with a high waistline. These types of trousers usually fit well but when worn at times like swimming, cycling, hiking, etc., they tend to slip down due to sweat. To solve this problem, firstly ensure that you buy loose-fitting clothes.

Secondly, always carry a belt with you. Thirdly, use deodorant before heading outdoors. Fourthly, take frequent breaks during exercise. Lastly, drink lots of water throughout the day.

What causes my underwear to ride up?

The reason behind this is simple: Your undergarments are either too small or too big. The former means that you are buying the wrong size; the latter means that you are wearing the wrong size. For instance, if you’re wearing a pair of men’s briefs, chances are they’ll ride up because they’re too large. On the contrary, if you’re wearing women’s panties, chances are they’ll stay put because they’re too small.

Can I stop my shorts from slipping off my hips?

Yes! There are many things you can do to help keep your shorts from sliding off your hips. First, make sure that your top fits snugly across your chest and shoulders. Next, adjust your bra straps so that they sit comfortably against your back. Finally, tuck your shirt into your pants to create extra room between your skin and your clothing.

Is it okay to wear a thong bikini bottom?

Thongs have been around since ancient times. They were originally used as part of a loincloth called a kilt. Today, however, we see them being worn on beaches all over the world. Thongs come in various styles including triangle, circle, square, heart-shaped, and more.

Some people prefer wearing thongs because they feel comfortable and easy to move about in. Others find them sexy and fun. Whatever your preference may be, just remember to follow these tips to keep your thong bikini bottoms looking great.

It might be due to the underwear that you are using. Either they are now too old that their elastic has worn out or are too small concerning your bootie size.

How do I know if my shorts are too small?

You can easily check this by looking from the back that while wearing your shorts and standing straight, do a “smile” line appears from the back crotch. If yes, then it is might be due to the size of your shorts, they are probably too small that’s why they are riding up from the inner thighs.


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