Coronavirus Update:Hong Kong Imposes Quarantine Rules on Mainland Chinese

Hong Kong has established obligatory two weeks quarantine for citizens coming from mainland China. They have been keeping up with a great green attempt to restrain the dangerous novel coronavirus.

The quantity of deaths from China’s coronavirus outbreak has surged to 722 on Saturday, 8th February 2020.

Besides, it is stated that the novel Coronavirus has been transcending the demise exit from the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). It seemed to be the first death of a United States resident from the outgrowing coronavirus.

According to the United States Embassy in Beijing, the resident was almost 60 years old. He was also departed at Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, China.

Nonetheless, the resident was also proclaimed to have some other underlying health conditions. Distinctly, the Japanese foreign ministry announced a man from Wuhan in his 60s deceased. He was suspected to be a case of coronavirus.

Still, they could not confirm the judgment, and that Chinese officials stated the cause of death was viral pneumonia. Wuhan city is preparing its second temporary hospital following the outbreak.

Meantime in France, five Britons disclaimed tested positive for coronavirus, which was reinforced by the local health officials. Apart from that, four adults and a kid were diagnosed with coronavirus in eastern France, including a British national from Singapore.

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In total, France confirmed five new cases, bringing the total of 11. Hong Kong has reported 26 confirmed cases. Bunch of tourists queued at the border city of Shenzhen to strike the Friday midnight deadline.

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Press conference in Hong Kong

In a press conference, the chief executive of Hong Kong mentioned that the authority only has 12 million face masks. Furthermore, she demands all of it be utilized within a month. She also requested anyone with medical supplies to purchase masks to distribute them to residents in need.

She also informed that the outbreak had created a nationwide deficit of protective medical equipment, such as aprons, face masks, and many more. When the stock is limited, and the demand is extended, faulty practices like hoarding at more expensive prices will be increased. This is the most precise aspect we have had on the spectrum of the novel coronavirus.

What did Dr. Li Wenliang contribute?

There has been extensive rage and despair across China over the loss of Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist. He was the limelight who sought to notify about the latest coronavirus. He caught the virus while managing patients in Wuhan, in the Hubei region.

In December 2019, he conveyed a message to his fellow practitioners of a virus he imagined looked like Sars – some other destructive coronavirus. Later, he also warned them to wear protective personal equipment to avoid infection. However, he was ordered by police to stop spreading false remarks.

A few days later, he was charged by the Public Security Bureau in which he was ordered to sign a letter. In the letter, he was indicted for giving misleading remarks that had critically disrupted the social status. Later, local authorities confessed to Dr. Li.

Analysts’ state it is difficult to revive this issue in current times. This is because the novel coronavirus has already triggered as much online despair, fury, and distrust against the Chinese government.

The news of Dr. Li’s passing became the topmost trending issue on Chinese social media, earning an estimated 1.5 billion views. His death has also led to calls for action with a few hashtags trending. But, the hashtags were instantly banned. -a blog about Healthy Living