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How Does Sperm Smell When It Dies? Is It a Normal Strong Odor?

Many people complain about sperm odor. Do people inquire about how does sperm smell when it dies? The bad smell of sperm can become a great problem for any individual it is prolonged and stronger. 

So, does sperm smell when it dies?

There could be different reasons for the bad sperm smell. Several factors contribute to making the situation worse. In many cases, the situation can be controlled by keeping a check on the food intake and overconsumption details. There are different reasons that why a person suffers from a bad perm smell.

 Let us discuss this issue in a bit more detail. The factors that contribute e in the bad smell of sperm are listed below. Also, the different food types that are also causing this issue are mentioned. So, let’s dig in.

A really bad smell could also be symptomatic of an STD, which affects the reproductive system and ultimately affects fertility.

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Is It Normal for a Sperm to Smell Fishy?

You might be wondering if it’s normal for sperm to smell after drying out. So, let’s know about this a bit before moving on to the reasons for it. 

Suppose a man’s sperm smells abnormal, either fishy or something else. It could be a symptom of an underlying issue. If the sperm is an odd color, such as yellow, red, green, or brown, that might be an indication of any infection associated with the male reproductive system or prostate glands. 


A really bad smell could also be symptomatic of an STD, which affects the reproductive system and ultimately affects fertility.

If the sperm had just become smelly when it used not to be, you have not changed your diet, and you believe that it could be a symptom of an underlying problem, you should see a doctor. If it is due to any reproductive problem like STD or other, you should immediately consult the doctor. 

If it is anything concerned with the prostate, quick medical assistance can save your life or help ensure that you do not become infertile in case you want to start a family in the future with a significant other.

Does Sperm Smell When It Dies?

When sperm dies, it soon dries out and gets crusty with a light filmy covering. It is an outward sign of the sperm decomposing more, so the smell gets stronger. The smell of the sperm can be really bad if the sperm completely dies before it dries out.

Factors that Causes Sperms to Smell Stronger

Multiple factors are responsible for the bathed smell of sperm. Among the different factors, a few are listed below:


Dehydration is the most frequently reported factor that causes a strong sperm smell. Drinking plenty of water is always important and is another factor in keeping yourself healthy. Your body won’t be at optimal performance without enough water, so your sperm may suffer.


Your body cannot filter out the toxins if you do not drink enough water, which may leave higher amounts of products that make your sperm smell more strongly.


Diet can also be the reason for the smell of sperm. Certain foods can cause a stronger smell if you eat too much, even though they are still healthy. Hence, take a quick glance at them: 

There are some green vegetables like broccoli, can cause the sperm to smell stronger. Moreover, an unhealthy diet and some repugnant vegetables are responsible for the bad smell of sperms.

Red Meat

Heart problems and many other problems are caused due to excessive intake of red meat. A lot of red meat is not only bad for the sperms but it also affects the overall health profile of an individual.


Taking too much onion or garlic in a single time will not only make the person breathe with a foul smell but, it will also make the sperm smell stronger. So, try to avoid having an excessive amount of garlic.

Junk Food

Excessive consumption of junk food is not good for the sperms as well as for your health. You need to minimize the intake of junk food as much as possible to ensure a good health profile. It can affect the smell of your sperm too. 

Green Vegetables

There are some green vegetables like broccoli, can cause the sperm to smell stronger. Moreover, an unhealthy diet and some repugnant vegetables are responsible for the bad smell of sperms.


A large amount of caffeine can cause dehydration in the body and is also responsible for acidic or more bitter sperm smell. Drinking more than four cups of coffee in a single day can make the situation worse. Other drinks that contain caffeine including black teas and sodas can also make the situation worse.


It is necessary to have a balanced and healthy diet, as it can affect your whole body and greatly influence your life and how you can live your life.

Less Often Ejaculation

Less often, ejaculation is yet another possible cause for the smell of sperm. The less often a man ejaculates, the stronger the sperm smell maybe. It is a major reason for a man to ensure to ejaculate at least twice a week, if not much frequent, especially if his girlfriend or wife wants his sperm not to smell as bad. It is also another reason why having plenty of safe sex can be healthy.

Smoking, Drugs, or Medications

The use of medicines or having some specific health problems can be the reason for sperm to smell more strongly than normal. Drinking, smoking, and taking drugs could also cause a stronger smell in sperm.

All of such things can affect the immune system and an individual’s overall health, making his body work harder. When the body has to work harder, other body parts may not be at optimal performance, such as the sperm.

Remedies to Minimize the Bad Smelling of Sperm

If a man’s sperm has a strong smell and the reason is not associated with a reproductive infection, there may be changes he can do to make the smell a little more pleasant for him and his significant other, if there is one.

If a man is one of the lucky ones who do not smell sperm, then he does not have to worry about changing anything unless he wants to improve his health anyway.

For now, let’s focus on the remedies to reduce the bad-smelling sperm:

Modifying diet

One of the effective methods to change the smell of sperm and make it better is to modify the diet. It includes eating mostly or all vegetables and being a vegetarian, which is hard for most people and is more commitment than they can make.

Eating an increased quantity of fruit or drinking fruit juice can assist. Eating mint leaves is also better and is capable of improving the smell. Also, putting cinnamon and nutmeg in the diet can decrease how strongly the sperm smells. 

Finally, eating lots of vegetables like parsley and celery can also help.

Healthy Food Consumption

Eating healthy is a major reason for having normal and light-smelling sperm. Blueberries are among many fruits that a man can eat to help stay healthy and keep sperm healthy. Such fruits have many antioxidants, which help kill off anything bad in the body’s system

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

If a man wants to get rid of the bad smell of the sperm, he must avoid excessive drinking of alcohol. Try to set a target and eventually minimize the intake and reduce it as much as you can. It will contribute a lot in overcoming the situation.

Healthy and Contended Lifestyle

Making healthy lifestyle choices can also have a huge impact on making the sperm smell better. It includes limiting the caffeine intake and making sure to drink plenty of water every day. 

Stay away from any drugs and alcohol, including cigarettes.

If a person has to take prescription medicine, there is not much he can do about that except to get off of it as soon as he does not need it anymore. Ensure to ejaculate often, so the sperm that comes out stays fresh. Remember that sperm does not smell as bad when it is fresh.

Healthy Diet

Some beneficial foods for men to eat to stay at optimal health are mentioned here. These include oysters, bananas, nuts, red or orange vegetables, soybeans, fish, berries, etc. Broccoli, however, is a cruciferous vegetable, which some say may contribute to sperm smelling bad.

It is great for your overall health and probably won’t make much of a difference in the smell unless you eat an abundance of it at once.


Does sperm make a discharge smell?

Often, the interaction of semen with vaginal fluid results in vaginal odor. The pH of the vagina, which might get affected by some lubricants, can also affect the scent.

What does healthy sperm look like?

A jelly-like consistency and usually a grey or cloudy white fluid are the characteristics of healthy semen. The semen is a complex liquid, and it is yellowish in appearance sometimes. In other cases, it might appear to be grey or white. 

The alkaline substances in it contribute to its bleach-like smell.

Does masturbation reduce sperm count?

Masturbation does not minimize the total sperm count. Even frequent masturbation does not affect it. Masturbation does not hinder the ability to get pregnant either.

Which food improves sperm?

Sperm count is greatly affected by the food type that a person consumes. The food types that positively affect sperm count are leafy and dark green vegetables, fruits that are rich in vitamin C, etc.

Final Words

If you are among the sufferers and have always thought that does sperm smell when it dies because you encounter a bad sperm smell, the content above will assist you a lot in managing your case. 

If the reason for the bad sperm odor is because of any common practice then try to get rid of it and from the bad sperm smell as well. If your self-examination indicates that there might be any underlying pathology then immediately consult with your doctor.

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