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Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose? (All-Inclusive Guide)

Of course, skin color and features cannot describe one’s beauty. But a Straight or Greek nose is something that humans find attractive.

A bulbous or even small-shaped nose may affect the proportions of the face. However, what makes a nose beautiful? Is it only the small and pointed nose that is attractive?

In fact, a nose that balances and maintains the proportion of the face is beautiful.

But some women think that only a thin nose can look nice on them.

That’s why they opt for plastic surgeries and weight loss techniques to get a thin and sharp nose. But, Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose? Can you get a better nose shape by losing fat?

I will explain nose and weight loss in detail. So stay put. Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose?

Slim down your nose to get natural and fabulous look

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Your Nose And Weight Changes

These components make up the nose:

  • Cartilage
  • Skin
  • Bone

Interestingly, the nose is devoid of fat cells. Thus, it’s ridiculous to say fat has accumulated in my nose due to weight gain. Also, it’s impossible to shrink the nose with diet.

Indeed, gaining or losing weight does not affect nose size and shape directly. However, depending on the changes in facial fat, it may be affected.

The overall proportion of the face is affected by losing or gaining weight on the cheeks.

You will naturally have a shorter nose if your cheeks gain fat, even though the nose’s shape hasn’t changed. Nevertheless, face fat makes it appear thinner and wider than usual.

A chin surrounded by fat will distort the side profile, which upsets the balance of the nose and chin.

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose?

The answer is an emphatic no! Even losing weight won’t shrink or lighten your nose.

Nevertheless, losing face fat can make a significant difference in the appearance of your nose. Instead, your nose becomes prominent and larger.

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose?

No matter how much fat you lose, your nose stays intact. As your nose size and shape remain the same before and after you lose fat.

Though you have chubby cheeks, your nose will appear wider when you lose cheek and jaw fat.

Additionally, losing fat also removes the toxins that cause inflammation in the body. So losing fat around the nose will cause the nose to appear slimmer.

A person’s face shape can also influence the shape of their nose. In overweight people, the nose may appear wider due to the sides of their faces, but as they shed pounds, the sides of their faces do not pull back on the nose.

People who have their nose buried in their face may notice it more when they lose weight, so it’s different for everyone.

bulbous nose

Does Gaining Weight Make Your Nose Bigger?

Are you concerned that if you gain weight, your nose will become bulbous and chubby? Well, my folk, it isn’t true. Adding weight can cause fat to accumulate on the cheeks, forehead, and chin, but the nose can’t store fat.

Getting fat, however, may affect the harmony between your face and nose. Fat around your nose, cheeks, and jawline can cause the ball of your nose to look round and fatty.

Indeed, fat on your nose messes up your facial harmony.

fat around the nose

How to Lose Fat Around Your Nose?

As I mentioned earlier, weight loss and gain cannot affect the shape and size of your nose. It might still be possible to narrow your nose.

Slimming your nose depends on its shape and cartilage.

A nose job is the most common surgical procedure to improve the shape of the nose. It gives your nose a natural and stunning appearance.

Even if you are not comfortable with surgeries, you can do exercises and nose massages to help thin your nose and sharpen its edges.

Weight loss also reduces fat around the nose, giving it a more appealing appearance. However, this method only makes a small impact on nose fat.

Nose Job to Get Rid of Big Fat Nose

A nose job is a surgical method to improve nose-related problems. It is well-known as rhinoplasty in the US. It is performed by qualified facial plastic surgeons or ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists.

You could undergo this surgery for medical reasons, like fixing breathing problems or disfigurement caused by birth defects or trauma.

Nevertheless, most women prefer it because it is cosmetically appealing. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has ranked it the third most popular cosmetic surgery in the world.

A nose job can treat the following problems:

  • Getting rid of bulbous nose
  • Make crooked noses straight
  • Removing nose humps

The Nose Job removes fat from the nose and builds up the bone to create a fantastic yet natural appearance.

nose job - rhinoplasty

Internet Remedies You Shouldn’t Try to Slim Down Your Nose

A nose consists of a bony and cartilaginous framework. It develops in the fetus and persists throughout life in the same shape. Therefore, you cannot shrink your nose with any remedies. So, keep your ears away from rumors.

internet remedies to get rid of nose fat

Check out what other websites recommend losing nose weight.

  • According to popular belief, ice cubes applied to your nose for an hour can shrink it. It never work.
  • Some people believe that anti-inflammatory products can reduce bump fat on the nose. The internet suggests applying a paste made of ginger, toothpaste, garlic, and apple cider vinegar to your nose. Unfortunately, it does not work either.
  • Others believe, even exaggerate, that nose exercises will make your nose appear smaller than usual. They recommend yoga and facial exercises. Although it greatly improves facial appearance, it does not affect nose shape and size.

Other than these, you can also find lots of other useless material on the web. But the size of your nose won’t change if you tone or strengthen certain facial muscles.

In addition, many people use DIY injections to reshape the bones of the nose. Those products are not approved by the FDA. And can cause serious side effects on your nose as well as your health.

Apart from rumored remedies, no trick can reshape or even slim a nose.

nose  job - DIY injections to get rid of nose fat

Cheapest and Easiest Method to Slim Down Nose

With makeup, it is easy to achieve a natural but glamorous look.

Simple makeup tricks can help you instantly make your nose appear smaller or more square without any hassle.

Those tricks do not require you to be a makeup expert. Still, if you wish to get the perfect nose shape, you may consult a makeup artist.

How to Contour Nose to Look Thinner?

We are not all born with straight noses and sharp tips, and that is okay!

Using contouring, we can create an illusion of a straight nose during a celebration. I’ve provided here a step-by-step guide to contouring a bulky and large nose.

  • Create two lines that run from your eyebrows to the tip of your nose. Get these lines closer for a narrower shape. The closer the lines, the slenderer the nose will be! Draw the lines on both sides.
  • Next, apply concealer and highlighter to the bridge of the nose. You should start at the tip of your nose and apply a highlighter in a slanted line all the way down.
  • Blend it well for a smooth finish. It will make your face look dreadful otherwise. If you want your nose to appear narrower, blend it outwards and towards the middle of it.
  • Utilize a lighter shade of concealer than your skin tone to make your nose appear thinner. Then, set it with powder.

This makeup technique can eliminate the shadows on your nose and make it appear slimmer.

Nose contour to slim down nose

Does Losing Weight Make Your Face Slimmer?

A considerable weight loss of 12 to 20 pounds can impact your face. Losing less fat will not appear on your face.

In contrast to the nose, skin is composed of collagen and muscles, which can shrink when the body rapidly loses fat. When you follow weight-loss strategies, you can slim down your cheeks, jawline, and forehead.

You will become more attractive and charming if you lose face fat. However, it won’t change the shape or size of your nose. But yes, it can alter the way your nose appears on your face.

Despite the positive effects of losing weight on both skin and health. When you lose weight in a short-cut way, you will surely end up with sagging skin. Thus, you will have an older, exhausted appearance. However, it is an unusual case.

On the whole, a balanced diet and proper strategy can give you a thin, attractive face and help you lose weight.

Face slimming due to weight loss

Embrace Who You Are!

God has made all of us beautiful and attractive. Everyone has unusual internal and external beauties that are different from other people. Thus, it does not matter if you have a small nose on big fatty skin or a bulbous nose on a small thin face.

It is your dignity and kind heart that makes you beautiful.

The nose is the blessing of God and an organ of sense. Be happy with its shape. Trust me; you are the most talented and beautiful creature of this universe!

Different shapes of nose


How do you lose weight in your nose?

The nose is devoid of fat cells. In fact, it is a bony cartilaginous structure. Certainly, there is no way to change its size or shape. Still, yes! Makeup and contouring can temporarily change its shape. You can also get a nose job or cosmetic surgery to make a permanent change to your nose.

Can you slim down your nose?

Diet and exercise are unlikely to slim someone’s nose. The shape of the nose is largely determined by bone and cartilage and cannot be altered until surgery is completed.

What is the cheapest and easiest method to slim down your nose?

You can slim down a bulky nose quickly and easily with makeup, especially bronzer, concealer, highlighter, and contour. As well as slimming, it gives your nose a natural but striking appearance.

Why is my nose fat in the morning?

Sleep deprivation may cause waking up with a puffy face – but this can be more apparent when an individual is too awake or sleep-deprived. The position of a person’s sleeping can also exacerbate the accumulation of fluid in the face while lying down.

How do I get rid of the fat around my nose?

An effective way to get rid of humps and fat around the nose is through rhinoplasty. It also gives you the shape you desire for your nose.

Can a nose job fix a fat nose?

Tip Plasty is a minimally invasive procedure that can correct a wide or bulbous nose. By cutting the extra portions of your nose, you can enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem. A surgeon can perform a bulbous nose job with either an open or closed method, like a normal wide nose rhinoplasty.

Does Losing Weight Change Your Face?

Excess fat on your cheeks, jawline, chin, and forehead can be removed when you lose weight. Hence, weight loss will help you achieve a slimmer face.

Does Losing Weight Affect Your Nose?

The nose is mainly composed of skin, cartilage, and bones. This organ does not have fat cells. Therefore, weight loss does not seem to affect nose size and shape.

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