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Do Iron Pills Make You Gain Weight?

People who take iron supplements believe that they will gain weight as a result of their increased appetite and vitality. However, is there such a thing? 

Do iron pills make you gain weight?

You’re undoubtedly aware that iron is required for optimal metabolism and that anemia might result from its lack. Iron supplements raise serum ferritin levels, which causes you to gain weight. Moreover, iron supplements may also interfere with thyroid function and water retention. Eventually resulting in fat buildup and unhealthy weight gain. Meanwhile, some people believe Iron pills improve weight loss. 

Some health professionals dispute these assertions, while others assert that they are beneficial. Here are possible explanations for “do iron pills make you gain weight or lose it?”

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Do Iron Pills Make You Gain Weight

Do Iron Pills Make You Gain Weight

Iron pills, commonly known as iron supplements, are a common treatment for a variety of iron deficiency-related diseases, such as anemia. 
However, there is some debate about whether these drugs can help you gain weight. Do iron tablets make you put on weight, and if so, how much?

Iron supplements are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States, with 18.8% of men and 12.4% of women over 55 taking them.

Iron tablets make you put on weight in the short term due to water retention and other side effects. Still, not all iron tablets promote weight gain; for example, ferrous sulfate does not cause obesity.

Why Does Iron Make You Gain Weight

weight gain iron supplements

Although iron supplements are safe and beneficial for anemic patients, taking an iron supplement can cause more harm than good if you are not anemic.

Iron supplement’s side effects include weight gain. It’s unclear what causes this weight increase, still, it appears to be related to water retention.

Here are some of the reasons why iron causes weight gain.

  • Iron supplements can cause constipation and stomach distress, making you feel heavier or weigh more on the scale.
  • Moreover, iron supplementation can disrupt thyroid function, resulting in the formation of antithyroid antibodies and hypothyroidism. It may result in unwanted weight gain and fat accumulation in the body.
  • Also, iron supplements have been proven in certain studies to increase the amount of ferritin, a protein that stores iron, in your body, which can increase your body weight. 

Iron Supplements Make You Gain Weight or Lose It

do iron pills cause water retention

The relationship between iron and weight is confusing. Iron has the potential to make you lose or gain weight. It is determined by how your body metabolizes the mineral.

Healthy people who use iron supplements daily may be more prone to gaining weight.

The researchers discovered that healthy people with normal iron levels who took iron supplements regularly gained roughly 3 pounds in six months. 

Those who did not take iron supplements, on the other hand, gained little or no weight over the same time period.

The cause of this weight increase is unknown; however, an overabundance of iron may cause the body to retain more fat and burn fewer calories than usual.

In contrast, people who are underweight or anemic may not acquire weight. In any case, you should not use iron supplements to lose weight. 

Iron supplements are not intended for this purpose and, if used in excess, can have dangerous adverse effects.

However, weight gain with iron supplements may be varied with different types of supplements. Supplements for iron are available in different forms, such as ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate, and ferrous fumarate. 

Here are a few varieties that help you find if they contribute to weight gain or loss:

Vitron C:

Vitron C is an iron supplement, usually prescribed to pregnant ladies or anemic patients. It improves the absorption of iron from food by raising the level of vitamin C in the body. 

Vitron c iron side effects are typically short-term and can disappear once your body adapts to the drug. 

However, it does not contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Still, if you find long-term constipation, bloating, or an upset stomach, consult your doctor.

Feroglobin B12:

Feroglobin B12 is a combination of essential minerals and vitamins. 

It is a beneficial nutritional supplement that anyone can take, as it promotes the formation of new red blood cells. 
Feroglobin b12 capsules and weight gain is not actually a matter of concern. As it may cause a little gain, but that’s okay. However, if you’re iron deficient, this weight gain will not happen.


Floradix is an organic iron and vitamin formula that aids in raising your energy level, metabolism, and blood production

Floradix weight gain is not unhealthy, but it actually helps you maintain a healthy BMI. Since it raises the serum ferritin levels, weight gain with Floradix is expected.

Integra Pill:

Integra Pill is another iron supplement that increases iron absorption by improving vitamin C in the body. T

Typically, low potential pills do not contribute much to weight gain. However, Integra plus weight gain can be long-term, usually contributing to belly fat. 

Ferrous Sulfate:

Ferrous sulfate is an iron salt that is widely used as a supplement to make optimal iron compounds in the body. 
Ferrous sulfate makes you gain weight because it raises the level of iron in the body, which is connected to weight gain.

Ferrotone Multivitamin:

Ferrotone multivitamin is the nourishing combination of essential minerals, vitamins, and iron. 

It promotes the production of hemoglobin and boosts immunity. 

Ferrotone multivitamin and iron tonic is the ideal nutritional supplement for anemic patients. People with a low iron profile are less likely to experience abnormal weight gain and fat buildup; however, people with an over-high iron profile may have difficulty managing weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do iron pills make you fat?

The quick answer is no, iron supplements do not make you fat. But, there are many diverse perspectives on iron and weight, the truth is that iron cannot directly induce weight growth. Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons why people who take iron tablets may gain weight.

Can iron infusions cause weight loss?

Typically, iron infusions don’t cause weight gain or loss. Iron infusions increase the amount of iron in your bloodstream, ensuring that your body has enough red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout your body. Despite this, you should not rely on iron infusions to lose weight. Weight loss by iron infusions is not a safe or healthy technique to lose weight.

Can you crush iron pills?

No, you shouldn’t crush iron pills. Taking the drug in this manner may result in adverse side effects or severe damage. When iron is taken with food, it is typically well absorbed by the stomach. However, if taken without food or if the stomach lining is irritated, it might produce stomach distress, nausea, and vomiting.

Do iron pills cause water retention?

Iron supplements may induce water retention in some people, but the consequences of iron deficiency are far more severe than a puffy face. The effect of iron tablets on water retention varies from person to person. If you have edema or bloating, try reducing your sodium intake and increasing your fluid intake.


Do iron pills make you gain weight? Although many people have gained weight by taking iron pills, it is ultimately up to your specific body to decide whether or not you will gain weight. 

On the other hand, iron supplements are one of the most effective treatments for anemia, which is often caused by a blood-deficiency disorder.

Instead of using iron supplements, you can also get the proper amount of iron easily by eating more foods that contain this essential mineral.

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