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China Coronavirus Death Toll Soars Past 3300, as Infections Mount

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So far, there have been reported 3,329 deaths in the China mainland. The global death toll for the COVID-19 pandemic is now 65,600, with the number expected to rise even further. The virus has now been confirmed in 203 countries and territories all over the world. Countries like Italy, Spain, France, and Iran are facing the worst health disaster in their history. The USA has now the largest number of infected in the world with 311,637 cases. Italy is dealing with 15,362 deaths due to the virus, with its healthcare system on the verge of collapse.

COVID-19 caused by the novel coronavirus has now claimed more lives than the 2003 SARS pandemic in South Asia. In total, 774 people were killed by the SARS virus in more than two dozen countries in 2003. Primary airlines have discontinued flights to and from China. Besides, several other countries have vacated their residents from Wuhan and the broader Hubei region in an attempt to hinder the progress of the virus.

Global News

China health authorities have urged against the extreme and unnecessary use of personal protective equipment

China’s National Health Commission requested for the rational utilization of protective equipment in a declaration on Sunday. Furthermore, they also warned against unreasonable and turbulent usage of the apparel that would deplete supplies and could also double the infection. The declaration was issued as China suffers a critical deficit of equipment, including face masks, sanitizers, and gloves, to protect medical practitioners from contamination.

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The Philippines evacuates 30, including a baby, from Wuhan

Twenty-nine adults and a baby traveled on a chartered flight provided by the external affairs and health departments which arrived at Clark Air Base in Manila. The returning travelers and a 10-member control team were shifted from the flight into buses that brought them to the nearby Athlete’s Village in New Clark City for two weeks quarantine. There were approximately 300 Filipinos in Hubei, according to the Philippine government’s judgment, but it stated not all had required to be relocated.

Singapore Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong advises the public not to panic over coronavirus

Photos, audios, and videos of barren supermarket racks and netizens buying massive quantities of food storage flooded all over the social media. This disturbance happened after Singapore inflated its response degree to the coronavirus outbreak from yellow to orange on Friday. Netizen’s concern can be fully understood, but if it’s persisting to run into a panic state, that’s not making it effective indeed. MP Tin Pei Ling has also stated that we need to be more apparent about what state we’re in.

Coronavirus fraudulent news web revealed in Hungary

On Saturday, the Hungarian police announced that they had tapped a system of false news websites that described alleged coronavirus related deaths in Hungary. A man and woman are presumed of enforcing multiple fake news portals. They were also accused of connecting Facebook pages declaring that numerous people had been affected and died from coronavirus. Computer devices were seized at different locations during sweeps that took the spot on Friday, stated in the police report.

Singapore vacating 174 residents on another flight from Wuhan

Singapore ascended a second departure flight from Wuhan on Sunday, returning home 174 Singaporeans and their family members. The Hubei state vacated 92 Singaporeans from Wuhan on January 30, some of whom have since been approved as infected. The returning residents will face medical check-ups and screening on landing at Singapore’s Changi Airport, added by the foreign ministry. Those with symptoms like cough, fever, or any other respiratory manifestations will be brought to assigned hospitals for additional testing. Meanwhile, the remaining residents will be hospitalized for two weeks.

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