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Can You Eat Peanut Shells? Is It Healthy?

Peanuts are loved by millions all around the world. They are the favorite snacks of a lot of people, and they eat them whenever they feel cravings to eat something. Some people are also fond of eating peanut shells along with peanut nuts. If you are here, it means that you also want to know what will happen if you eat the peanut shells. 

So, can you eat peanut shells? Is it healthy? 

Peanut shells do contain crude fiber, but we still suggest you not eat them. Peanut shells are difficult to digest, may contain harmful chemicals, and are the doorway to many stomach diseases. 

There is still a relatively healthy way to eat peanut shells. If you want to know this along with some more helpful information, then continue reading!

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Eating Peanut Shells: Is It Worth It?

Can You Eat Peanut Shells

After eating the peanuts, I often wonder- What to do with peanut shells? However, I only decide to throw the shells in the garbage or add them to the soil where plants are growing. 

But that’s me. People often wonder, Can humans eat peanut shells? Yes, peanut shells are edible, but is it also the wise choice? 

Peanut shells are not nutritious. Since there are not many health benefits, why not go for other healthy, nutritious snacks, like peanut butter.  

The nutritional value of a peanut shell is: 

Crude fiber60%
Crude protein6%

Except for fiber, peanut shells do not contain any nutrients at all. Let’s tell you the benefits and disadvantages of peanut shells for you to make a decision about them.

what to do with leftover peanut shells

Pros and cons of eating peanut shells?

pros and cons of eating peanut shells

There are some pros and cons of eating peanut shells. Reading them will better give you an idea about, Is eating peanut shells is a good idea. 

Pros of eating peanut shells:

“Are peanut shells good for you”? Well, to some extent, yes. Following are the benefits of peanut shells.

  1. It is a great source of fiber. 60 percent of peanut shells have crude fiber. 
  1. A very small amount of peanut shell powder is used by the pharmaceutical giants to make medicines to treat cough, mucus reduction, and high blood pressure problems.
  1. Since the peanut shells are not easily digestible, you will feel full for a longer period. People ask, Is eating peanut shells good for weight loss? Well, yes, since you will feel full, you will not eat any unhealthy snacks. Eating shells reduce cravings, and weight loss will become easy.
  1. Peanut shells contain flavonoids (though in very small amounts), which are antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to improve immunity in fighting cancer cells. 

Cons of eating peanut shells:

Those who want to try peanut shells often wonder- “can eating peanut shells hurt you”? Yes, they can!

  1. Peanut shells are not quickly digestible. They keep storing in the small intestine and cause stomach pain and intestine complications. If the condition gets worse, then surgery is done to remove them.
  2. Similarly, the chewing of shells is also difficult. The saliva in the mouth is not enough to soften the shells, so they can also hurt muscles and Jaw. 
  3. Pesticide chemicals are another cause of concern regarding peanut shells. Fungi love to attack the peanuts, so farmers spray them with a fungicide. Eating such peanut shells will cause a rise of toxic elements in the blood, and your organs will be most affected by it. The two organs that are mostly affected by this are the liver and kidneys. 
  4. Those who regularly eat peanut shells often face a nutritional deficiency problem. Except for fiber, there is no nutrient present. 

So, we suggest you replace peanut shells with some other healthy snacks to live healthily. 

We don’t recommend you eat peanut shells, but we suggest you give them to your plants as food. Use Peanut shells to make a great mulch for the soil. Although it does not provide any nutrients to the plants, however, they are excellent in improving the aeration of the soil, increasing the moisture retention capacity, and improving soil texture.  

Still, you have decided to eat peanut shells? Then let us tell you the safest way to consume them. 

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How to eat peanut shells? 

benefits of peanut shells

If you are too fond of eating peanut shells, then do it the right way. Don’t just eat the peanut shells with the seed in them. The pesticide content on the shell will lead to liver diseases and a rise of toxic contents in the blood. 

 We suggest you boil the peanut shells to remove any toxic elements present in them. Add the water to a container and let it boil. When you see the water boiling, add the peanut shells and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. 

After this, drain the excess water and then strain the remaining water to collect all the peanut shells. 

In the next step, dry your peanut shells in the sun, or you can also just put them at room temperature and wait for hours. 

The peanut shells will now be easily chewable and without any harmful pesticide chemicals. 

How about you eat Peanut shells with Greek yogurt or with cream cheese to enhance the taste? 

The boiled peanut shells will taste a lot better if you add them to Greek yogurt or cream cheese. Doing this will also increase the nutritional content. 

Can you eat peanut shells while pregnant? 

No, eating peanut shells during pregnancy is not good. As mentioned above, peanut shells have almost negligible nutrients except for crude fiber. During the pregnancy period, you should eat nutritious foods only. In this phase, both you and your baby need a continuous supply of nutrition. Hence, it is better if you go for other nutritious snacks which give all types of nutrients. The one we recommend is fruit salad. 

Can I give peanut shells to my pet?

No, it is highly unlikely that your pets will eat peanut shells in the first place. But if they still do, chances are they will spit it out. And if pets don’t spit it out, they will feel stomach pain, and you will have to visit the vet. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you eat roasted peanut shells?

Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t, as the stomach acid cannot deal with them effectively due to their rough texture. Thus, the pieces of shells will build up in the stomach or intestine, causing severe stomach pain. In severe cases, surgery must be done to remove this “debris.”

Can you eat deep-fried peanut shells?

You should not eat deep-fried peanut shells as your stomach can’t digest them. Plus, it is also difficult to chew as the saliva in our mouth is not enough to soften them. 

Are peanut shells wood? 

Peanut shells are not wood, but they look like it. Similarly, they also smell like wood. 

Final Words

In a nutshell (pun intended), a peanut is the favorite snack of millions of people worldwide. Some people love them so much that they even consume peanut shells as well. So, can you eat peanut shells, and is it healthy? 

We suggest you should not eat peanut shells as you may face health complications. It is true that peanut shells are high in crude fiber. However, there are no other nutrients present in a considerable amount.

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