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Diflucan: When Can You Take a Second Dose?

Diflucan is the brand name of Fusidic acid and is an antibiotic drug used in the treatment of fungal infections in humans. It works by killing sensitive fungi. The drug is available only with a doctor’s prescription as it is not easily available for purchase. It is used to treat Candida (also known as yeast infections). 

Can I take second dose of Diflucan early? 

This is a sensitive question and we have gathered all the available information to answer our readers. Diflucan is a powerful drug. We have mentioned its side effects, dosage, and more below. Taking a second dose of Diflucan early without the suggestion of a doctor is a very risky thing to do. Avoid taking the drug on your own and ask for the doctor’s suggestion.

It is only suitable to take a second dose if the symptoms of the disease are not reduced after 2 days. However, consult your doctor for better advice.

Yeast infections can be stubborn to treat sometimes. If your symptoms do not improve after a week of Diflucan intake, then tell your doctor, and they may recommend a new medicine or a more extensive Diflucan treatment plan.

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What is Diflucan?

Diflucan is a prescription-only medication. It comes in the form of a pill or a suspension that you take orally. Diflucan is the brand name of the generic oral tablet ‘Fluconazole’. So whenever at the pharmacy spell the generic name Fluconazole to get the medication easily. 


Generic medications are frequently less expensive than their brand-name counterparts. Brand names are more accessible than generic medicines in some circumstances. 

Usage of Diflucan

Diflucan is a drug that is used to treat and prevent candidiasis. Infection with one of the various kinds of fungus Candida causes this illness. Vaginal yeast infection and oral yeast infection are both examples of candidiasis (thrush).

Candidiasis can also infect other regions of your body, such as your throat, esophagus, lungs, and bloodstream. This drug is utilized for the prevention of candidiasis in people who underwent bone marrow transplant operations. The Immune systems of people with transplantation are compromised, making them more susceptible to a severe type of candidiasis infection.

Meningitis is an infection of the brain and spinal cord. It occurs due to the fungus Cryptococcus. Diflucan is useful to treat this fungal infection as well. It should be used with caution by women that are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it may cause harm at the start of pregnancy by arresting the growth of the infant’s organs until it is born for the first time.

Can I take Second Dose of Diflucan Early?

When should I take a second Duflican 150 mg? Your healthcare doctor will most likely prescribe two 150 mg pills if you’ve confirmed you have a yeast infection and elect to receive prescription Diflucan therapy.

Take the second 150 mg Diflucan dose if the symptoms are not vanishing. To cure a persistent illness, the second dosage just provides a bit more antifungal action.

Is It Suitable to Take a Second Dose of Diflucan After 72 Hours?

If you are consuming Diflucan for recurring vaginal thrush then intake the second dose of Diflucan 150 mg after 72 hours from the first dose. After 72 hours later, another dose will be taken after 72 hours. This makes a total of 3 doses at the gap of 72 hours. 


For the next six months, it is recommended to take Diflucan once a week for proper effectiveness without any side effects. 

How to Take Two Pills of Diflucan?

Diflucan pills and liquid can be taken with or without meals. These pills come in three strengths: 50 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg. Swallow the pill wholly with a glass of water. Fix the time for taking the pills every day. 

The liquid form is normally available in two strengths:

  • 200mg fluconazole in a 5ml spoonful (200mg/5ml) 
  • 50mg fluconazole in a 5ml spoonful (50mg/5ml) 50mg

To measure your dose, use the plastic spoon that came with your medication. A kitchen spoon is preferable because it will carry an accurate quantity. 

What to Do if Diflucan Is Not Working After 2 Days?

Yeast infections can be stubborn to treat sometimes. If your symptoms do not improve after a week of Diflucan intake, then tell your doctor, and they may recommend a new medicine or a more extensive Diflucan treatment plan.

If your symptoms do not improve after 7 days of taking fluconazole for vaginal thrush, balanitis, or oral thrush, consult your doctor. Your doctor may advise you to continue taking fluconazole for a longer period of time or prescribe a different antifungal medication.

I Took Diflucan 3 Days Ago, Why Am I Still Itching?

The majority of yeast infections clear up within a few days after beginning medication. Even after the infection has cleared, you may still feel itchy and uncomfortable. If you don’t feel better after a few days of stopping therapy, get medical assistance from your doctor or nurse.


A persistent yeast infection is one that persists for more than six months or returns more than twice.

Chronic infections may respond to the same therapies that work for acute yeast infections. To avoid reinfection, a doctor may prescribe a greater dose of medicine or a frequent repeat dose.

Working of Diflucan

Diflucan belongs to the triazole antifungals family of medicines. A drug class of pharmaceuticals that all operate in the same manner. These medicines are frequently used to treat illnesses that are similar to each other.

Fluconazole acts by preventing Candida and Cryptococcus fungus from reproducing. This medicine aids in the recovery of persons who have been infected with these fungi. People who are at a higher risk of candidiasis infection are prescribed Diflucan for prevention.

Diflucan Side Effects

Although Diflucan isn’t known to induce drowsiness, it can have other negative effects.

Side effects that are more common The most frequent oral tablet side effects vary depending on the dose taken. Some adverse effects include:

Minor side effects may vanish on their own in a few days or weeks. Consult your doctor or pharmacist if they get more severe or don’t go away.

Serious Side Effects

If you have any major side effects, contact your doctor straight once. Dial a medical emergency immediately if the symptoms are life-threatening.

The following are examples of serious side effects and associated symptoms:

Liver Damage:

  • Yellowing skin and eyes
  • stools with a pale hue and dark urine
  • extreme itchiness on the skin, nausea, or vomiting

Symptoms in Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Aids) Patients:

  • severe rash with peeling skin
  • Pointed Torsade’s, a type of pointed torsion (a life-threatening heart rhythm condition).
  • feeling as if your heart is skipping a beat is one of the symptoms (palpitations)
  • a heart rate that is rapid and erratic
  • dizziness
  • fainting/ seizures

Problems With the Adrenal Glands:

Among the signs and symptoms are:

  • stomach ache
  • exhaustion
  • a decrease in appetite

Take Diflucan as Prescribed by Doctor

Diflucan oral pill is prescribed for both short and long-term usage. If you do not take it as directed, you may get side effects. Stopping taking medicine abruptly will not treat the problem, instead, the problem may become worse. Missing the doses and not taking the medicine on time will stop its functionality and work altogether. 

A specific amount of this medicine must be present in your body at all times for it to act properly.

If you miss taking a dose, take it immediately after recalling it. If you remember only a few hours before your next scheduled dose, take only one dose. Never take two doses at once to make up for missing ones. It’s possible that this will have odd consequences.

How to know if the medication is effective: You should be experiencing fewer signs and symptoms of infection.


How long does fluconazole cause discharge?

After 24 hours, the symptoms usually start to fade. However, it may take a few days for your symptoms to totally go away. Reach out to your doctor if symptoms don’t improve in a few days. To cure a vaginal yeast infection, simply consume one Diflucan pill.

Is a single fluconazole tablet sufficient?

Vaginal candidiasis is generally treated with a single oral dosage. It’s possible to take just one dosage every day. Food has no effect on the absorption of fluconazole.

How long does fluconazole stay in your system?

After you take the dose, the drug continues to function in your body for several days. If you potentially get pregnant, use an effective method of birth control for 7 days after taking this drug to avoid the chance of damage to the developing fetus.

Is it true that Diflucan might make you sick?

Diflucan may lead to odd consequences. These include skin darkening, dizziness, fainting, loss of hunger, depression, rashes, fatigue, weakness, and numerous others. Consult your doctor and they will suggest a solution. Some people may experience dizziness, sleepiness, or less attentiveness as a result of taking this drug.


Can I take a second dose of Diflucan early? It is recommended to take a second dose of Diflucan after 2-3 days of infectivity in treating the yeast infection. However, our take remains that you should consult your relevant doctor before taking the drug as it is a heavy drug that may lead to harmful side effects.

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