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10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Oranges at Night

No one can deny the benefits of eating oranges for health. These sweet citrus fruits not only taste incredibly good, but are also a rich source of vitamin C. However, are there any health benefits of eating oranges at night?

As a matter of fact, there is no risk associated with eating oranges at night. Instead, it can help boost immunity, clear the gut, and accelerate fat burning during the night. However, some people avoid citrus fruits near bedtime for good reasons. 

Nonetheless, oranges are nutritious fruits. When you take it in moderation, it can help you in many ways. Meanwhile, there are some exceptions to eating citrus fruits before bedtime. 

In this article, you will come to know the many benefits of eating oranges at night and their oranges side effects before bedtime.

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Benefits of Eating Oranges at Night


Oranges are acidic fruits, it is a naturally rich source of vitamin C and fiber. It can be very beneficial for skin, gut, heart, and blood health. The following are a few of the health benefits of eating oranges at night.

Helps You Stay Alert at Night

Eating oranges can help you stay alert and active throughout the night, even if you have not gotten enough sleep last night. It is due to the energizing aroma of the oranges that can help significantly in lifting moods and boosting brain function. 


Moreover, it acts as a natural diuretic. Therefore, if you eat oranges before bedtime, it can interrupt your sleep several times to visit the bathroom. 

Anyhow, eating oranges regularly can increase the level of melatonin in your brain that can regulate your sleep cycle, allowing you to enjoy healthy and quality sleep. 

Reduce Midnight Cravings

Oranges are naturally rich in fiber and water content. Therefore, it aids in satiation for a long time, so you can eat or crave less. Eating oranges at night keeps you full all night, allowing you to control your late-night hunger sensations.


Help Repair Your Body

Eating oranges at night can help in the faster healing and repairing of your body cells, and tissues. It consists of a rich amount of potent antioxidants, protein, and vitamin C that promote the natural healing of wounds and the growth of new healthy cells. 


An Incredible Source of Good Nutrients

Oranges are a great source of carotenoids, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. One serving of orange fruit can help you gain an abundant amount of essential nutrients and minerals. The following is the nutritional profile of 1 orange:

Serving Size140 g
Total Fat0.2 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Total Carbohydrates18 g
Sodium1.4 mg
Potassium232 mg
Dietary Fiber3.1 g
Sugars12 g
Protein1.3 g

Reference: Nutritionix


Good for Stomach

Fibers are naturally rich in fiber content, which helps in the digestion process and weight loss. Eating oranges at night helps in the cleaning of the gut and improves the digestive system. Moreover, it supports bowel movement and intestinal health. Nevertheless, eating oranges at night if you are suffering from GERD, stomach ulcers, and acid reflux can exaggerate the condition.


Boost Immunity

Oranges contain a significant amount of phytonutrients, essential minerals, and vital nutrients. It is particularly rich in vitamin C and folates that help metabolism greatly. When you consume oranges before bedtime, it boosts your immunity. 


Promote Heart Health

Oranges are rich in powerful antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, potassium, thiamine, and fiber. All these elements are incredibly beneficial for heart health. Eating oranges regularly can help clean the clogged arteries and prevent the risk of heart strokes. Moreover, it helps to lower blood pressure. 


Give You Better Skin

As mentioned earlier, oranges are an incredibly rich source of vitamin C which is considered beneficial for skin rejuvenation. Besides eating oranges, using the orange face mask, or juices on the skin can help in getting a glass-like glow. It has strong exfoliating, and bleaching properties. 


Best Time to Eat Oranges for Glowing Skin

Normally, you can eat oranges at any part of the day. However, for skin care and glowy skin, it is suggested to take it in the morning, preferably with breakfast. It helps in the synthesizing of collagen protein, which results in skin tightening and glowing.

Fight against Free Radicals: Orange At Night Kills Cancer Cells

Another important benefit of eating oranges at night helps in the prevention and fight against free radicals in the body. It reduces the risk of tumor and cancer formation. Not only this, but it reduces inflammation and helps detoxification


Increase Vision

Oranges contain a considerable amount of beta-carotene, which aids in the formation of vitamin A. It is essentially helpful in promoting eye health and improving eyesight. In fact, drinking orange juices daily or eating 2 oranges in a day helps you in getting rid of contact lenses and eyeglasses.


Is Eating Oranges at Night Good for Weight Loss?

Oranges are incredibly good for weight loss, due to their low calories, and high fiber content. It contributes greatly to losing weight and burning fat from problematic areas. But, can I eat oranges at night for weight loss?


raditionally, it is believed that eating citrus fruits near bedtime contributes to weight gain. However, it is not a fact; oranges are rich in potent antioxidants, and fiber that can help in reducing appetites, improving digestion, and faster metabolism. All these factors contribute overall to reducing body weight. 

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to consume large amounts of oranges at night, because high fiber content may contribute to fat accumulation.

What are the Side Effects of Eating Citrus Fruits (Oranges) Near the Bedtime?

Although eating citrus fruits can have good effects on your health, eating them near bedtime or in excess can lead to some health risks as well. Following are the few side effects of eating citrus fruits at night:

  • Eating citrus fruits at night and not doing a toothbrush leads to erosion of the tooth enamel and cavity.
  • Eating oranges at night may cause diarrhea and stomach pain.
  • Oranges at night may cause bloating, stomach cramps, or burping due to their high fiber.
  • Consuming oranges at night may result in acid reflux and aggravated GERD symptoms.
  • Eating oranges before bed may cause trouble sleeping due to multiple moves to the bathroom (as it is high in water content.)

What Is the Best Time to Eat an Orange?

It is good to eat oranges in the morning, ideally at breakfast. However, you can also take it as an afternoon or evening snack. Since it is a nutritionally dense fruit, therefore, eating it in the morning can help in maximum absorption of nutrients and better digestion.


You can also eat the oranges between the period of two meals. But, avoid eating oranges just after taking a meal.

Moreover, you should avoid eating oranges just before sleeping, as it can increase the risk of acidity and stomach pain, which may lead to sleep disturbance. 

What Fruits Should I Avoid at Night?

Following is the list of fruits to avoid before bedtime:

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Is it good to eat oranges in the morning on an empty stomach?

Eating oranges in the morning on an empty stomach is exceptionally beneficial for health. It improves the digestion process, helps in detoxification, and helps get adequate energy. Also, it acts as a portion of satiating food.

Do oranges burn belly fat?

Oranges are typically low in calories, while exceptionally high in vitamin C, and fiber content. Therefore, eating oranges helps with fat loss. Moreover, the potent phytonutrients in oranges help in burning body fat.

How many oranges should you eat in a day?

Oranges are naturally rich in fiber, high fiber may lead to stomach discomfort. Therefore, it is better to eat 1 or 2 oranges in a day. Eating 4 oranges at a time is too much! 

Is it good to lick oranges at night?

Licking citrus fruits (oranges) before bedtime is not a big deal, you can lick or even eat 1 orange fruit is safe and okay for your health. However, over-consumption may lead to stomach illness

Can we eat oranges at night during pregnancy?

If you are craving oranges at night during pregnancy, then listen to your body and eat oranges. It is perfectly safe during pregnancy, as it is a good source of folate, potassium, calcium, and vitamins that can help your gestation. 


Oranges are naturally nutritious fruits that can promote overall well-being. Particularly, eating orange citrus fruit in the morning is incredibly beneficial for health. Anyhow, the benefits of eating oranges at night are also commendable until you eat the fruits in reasonable quantities. If you eat it in excess before night, then you are more likely to get hurt than getting benefits. Therefore, if you want to eat an orange before bed, you should take it at least 1 hour before sleep!

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