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BBL Belly Button: Is It Aesthetically Appealing?

With the increasing craze for looking aesthetically appealing, there came a lot of surgical procedures that can completely reshape your figure. No doubt, there are also a few exercises that can also help. However, skin tightness can only be achieved by surgical procedures such as BBL which also affects your belly shape.

So, what does a BBL belly button look like?

The shape of your belly button after the BBL surgery depends upon how much fat tissue is removed from your abdomen. Consequently, the belly button may look small or slit-like or it may appear larger. Sometimes the position of the belly button may change. It means that your belly button may be a little higher or lower than the original position. Hence, it depends upon the demands of surgical procedures.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guideline to shape a  BBL belly button. Also, you will get some tips and tricks to heal faster from a BBL surgery.

A BBL recovery makes your belly button look completely normal, as improving the aesthetic appearance is the main aim of this surgery.

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What Is BBL?

Before diving deep into the details, we must know completely about BBL. Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is a surgical procedure that is also called gluteoplasty. It is a surgery in which the buttocks are uplifted by various methods.


The purpose of this surgery may be to enhance the aesthetic contours of the butt and to fix the belly fat. In other cases, BBL is performed to correct any congenital malalignment of the hip or anatomical abnormality of butt muscles. BBL covers the following procedures.

  • Gluteal Implants
  • Liposculpture
  • Body Contouring

Gluteal Implants

It is a buttock prosthesis in which a silicon graft is placed inside the butt to raise and uplift it. The implant is fitted under the gluteal muscles


The procedure involves lipofilling and liposuction. In this procedure, the surgeon either removes the excess fat or fills up the fat to improve the contours of the body.


Body Contouring

Body Contouring is the basic aim of a BBL surgery. For this purpose, they either enhance your muscle mass or rearrange the shape of the muscles to make your butt appear perfectly round.

Why Does Your Belly Button Change After BBL?

A lot of females who are interested in a BBL surgery, ask a common question, that is, does a BBL change your belly button? Well, a BBL scar may make your belly button appear slightly weird, but it doesn’t mean that your belly button changes completely. A BBL recovery makes your belly button look completely normal, as improving the aesthetic appearance is the main aim of this surgery.

BBL scars may appear on your abdomen too. As the surgeon may take fat tissues from your abdomen to graft them to your butt region. When the fatty tissue is removed from the abdomen, your belly button may look a bit higher or lower than its original position. However, there isn’t any considerable change in the shape of the belly button after BBL. 

The location of a BBL belly button differs slightly depending upon how much fat the surgeon has removed around the navel. Sometimes, the surgeon has to create a new opening for the belly button to maintain the tightness of your skin. However, the surgeon tries hard so that your belly button should look great. You can see a BBL belly button before and after surgery, in the picture below.


Tummy Tuck vs BBL Belly Button

A tummy tuck removes the fat from your abdominal area and makes your abdomen flat. It can make you achieve a perfectly flat belly if you’re not able to fix the sagging belly skin after weight loss. However, it doesn’t affect your butt shape. 

On the other hand, BBL surgery also shapes your butt. Our main concern is to talk about the shape of the belly button after tummy tuck and BBL. During a BBL only the surgeon only removes the fat tissues around your belly button, hence your belly button moves slightly higher or lower.

But during a tummy tuck, a surgeon completely changes the position of the belly button and creates a new opening for the belly button as it is the demand of surgery. This is to improve the aesthetic appearance of your abdomen. You may get a tummy tuck and BBl at the same time. It all depends on the surgeon’s decision and the fat accumulation in your body.

Belly Button Piercing After BBL

Can I get a belly button piercing after BBL? This is a very common question about the BBL belly button.  The answer is that BBL surgical incisions take a long time to heal. If you pierce the belly button before the healing of the wound, either you may get infections or the Piercing will become very loose.

This is because the skin is not that tight and firm, and in the healing stages, the finishing results oftthe the piercing are not lo great. So, it is necessary to wait for 12- 18 weeks after BBl surgery and after that, you can get a belly button piercing. 


Also, there is a question: can you get a BBL with belly button piercing? Well, you have to remove the piercing before going for surgery. Generally, BBL does not affect your piercing however, a tummy tuck may affect it. A tummy tuck may change the position of your belly button. So you might have to get a new piercing after recovery.

BBL Belly Button Shaper

A BBL belly button may take time to heal as the procedure involves liposuction and lipofilling to help you attain an hourglass figure.  However, for a faster recovery, there are a lot of compression garments available to properly shape your belly button after BBL. 

BBL belly button shaper is a tight compression garment that you wear around your belly. This not only helps your belly button heal faster but also brings it in perfect shape. 

The compression is necessary to avoid the formation of BBL scars and to attain a perfect figure. For better results wear a Belly button shaper for several weeks after surgery until you attain a proper belly shape.

Tips and Tricks for a Faster BBL Recovery

A BBL surgery requires a lot of time to heal. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can shorten the recovery span of BBL.

If you want to get the best results of BBL along with a faster recovery, the following are some important tips that can work wonders.

  • Do not sit down on your butt until the wounds and incisions heal properly.
  • Take a proper bed rest in the first few days and follow the sleeping position as your surgeon told you.
  • Do not soak your wounds as they can cause infection.
  • Stay active and walk slowly after the first week of recovery.
  • Wear your compression garments to get the best cosmetic appearance.
  • Do not lift heavy weights until the incisions heal properly.
  • Make sure there is someone to take care of you during the recovery period.
  • Do not smoke for at least 2 months after the surgery.
  • Don’t go for belly button piercing for at least 12 to 18 weeks after surgery.

These were some Dos and Don’ts for BBL recovery that can help a lot for faster healing. Also, to achieve the best cosmetic appearance after surgery, these tips and tricks can be very helpful.


Question: Does Lipo change your belly button?

It may or may not change the appearance of your belly button depending upon the demands of surgery. It also depends upon how much adipose tissue a surgeon has to remove from your abdominal area during the surgery.

Question: what is a Beverly’s Hill Belly Button?

This is the best cosmetic appearance of the belly button in which the surgeon hides the incisions inside around the belly button. This gives an “innie” belly button and it looks aesthetically appealing.

Question: What is a BBL tummy?

A BBL tummy is your tummy appearance after a BBL surgery. A surgeon removes fat from your abdomen and may graft the fatty tissue in your gluteal region. It makes your tummy look flat and the butts look more lifted and fuller.

Bottom Line

The BBL belly button is a common concern of those who want to have a BBL surgery. Some people think that this surgical procedure completely changes the shape of your belly button and makes it look weird. 

However, this is not the case, as achieving an excellent cosmetic appearance is the main aim of this surgery. Once the incisions get healed, your belly button starts looking normal. Also, you can go for piercing the belly button after complete recovery from BBL.

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