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Why Does My Back Pain Feel Like Air Bubbles?

Are you feeling uncomfortably full after eating food? Can you hear any rumbling noises from your stomach? Perhaps! your abdomen gets bloated and after a while, you’re sensing sharp back pain feels like air bubble.

Do you find it relatable with your case? If yes, then there would be trapped wind for which you are going through this suffering.

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However, whether you take your move to get out of this heck, it is essential to find out the cause first. Because the treatment of this sensation solely depends on the cause.

That’s why we outline every possible reason that can contribute to developing this sort of feelings. Plus, we incorporate some easiest and safest remedies to ease your pain to a greater extent. So, let’s get started….

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What Causes the Air Bubble Feeling in the Back?

The gases inside your body either come from inhaled air or food by-products. It’s a typical marvel. When you swallow foods the colonic bacteria work on that to break them down. On average people produce 0.6-1.8L of gas per day inside the body.

Therefore, normal individuals burp or fart to exhale out those gases. But, if these chain breaks and air get trapped, it affects the quality of life. For example, it may cause abdominal bloating, distension or pain.

This sort of condition will give you tender feelings in the abdomen first. After that, the pain will radiate to your back. However, some people whine – why do I feel like an air bubble in my lower back? Another group complained about the airlock in the upper back. Alright, here’s what happens in reality.

feel like an air bubble in my lower back

If you feel an air bubble in the upper back, it indicates the gas originates from the stomach. On the contrary, lower back pain due to gas is the radiating pain of abdominal bloating.

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The worst thing about the pain is it can send you from the restroom to the emergency room. So, you must find out those culprits. So, in the accompanying  part, we will be discussing the probable causes:


Whatever you eat or drink assumes a huge part in keeping up your general wellbeing. For instance, the accompanying food items are known as gassiest foods:

  • Vegetables: Broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage.
  • Fruits : Apples, apricots, mango, oranges, peaches, pears, plums, watermelon etc.
  • Dairy products: Cheese, ice cream etc.
  • Sodas: Sodas and carbonated drinks.
  • Hard candy.
  • Onions.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Packaged goods: bread, snack foods, cereal, salad etc.

The foods listed above are not the only ones that produce gas. The gassiest food list contrasts from individual to person. For examples, even drinking one glass of milk can create excess gas inside for you.

Food for Digestion

On top of that, some of them are highly nutritious.

So, you can simply make a food diary to know your list of gassiest food. You just sit and make a list of foods for which you’re going through this agony.

Aside from what you eat, how fast or slow you eat is another thing to notice. You probably bloated due to eating foods too fast. Because that time you may swallow excess air along with the foods.

In this context, eating too fast might be the reason for your bloating and air bubble feeling.

Food Intolerances

People often confuse this term with food allergies. However, both of them fall under a term called “food hypersensitivity”.It’s difficult to distinguish sometimes which reaction you are going through. Like, both give some similar kinds of effects.

Well, in the case of food intolerance, it may take a few hours to 48 hours to appear the symptoms. Every time after eating that particular item, you may feel like bloating, rashes, headaches, nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain etc.

However, food tolerance is not as serious as allergies. Having a tiny bite of food that you’re allergic to can cause you an anaphylactic shock.

People having food allergies or intolerances are inclined to develop back pain.

Swallowing Air

Earlier I told you about the source of gases inside the body. Swallowed air is one of them. Our body’s natural mechanism tries to pass out these gases. However, if the swallowed air somehow gets stuck inside the body, it is then considered as the trapped wind.

Later, these trapped air will move here and there. It can cause you chest pain, bloating, stomach pain, back pain and much more. A person voluntarily may not take excess air. But, a recent study shows drinking fizzy drinks or chewing gum enhances air intake.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

If you’re diagnosed with IBS, it doesn’t mean that it will cause you only intestinal issue. You may go through extraintestinal manifestations like back pain, muscle pain, jaw pain, headache and so on.

Are you experiencing IBS with upper back pain?  Then, without wasting your time you should visit your doctor.

If you are facing IBS with upper back pain, then it’s time to visit your doctor’s chamber. Because IBS patients are more prone to develop rheumatoid arthritis. Which can lead to back pain later.


When you have constipation, it becomes difficult to pass away both stool and excess air. For this, the stool remains in your intestine, swells the area and therefore adds discomfort. You feel bloated and a dull aching type air bubble in the back.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

We are naturally blessed with trillions of healthy bacterias in our gut. This little army sometimes chooses to live in the intestine instead of the colon.So, it impacts the overall bacterial population.  This whole framework is known as SIBO.

It also alters your digestion and absorption process. As a consequence, you go through abdominal distention and pain. Later on, you feel the referred pain in the back. Leaving this condition untreated can cause you serious health problems.

So, if you’re back is hurting and you‘re filling a bubble-like air, the aforementioned reasons may be the culprit. Other than these causes, there are some less common reasons too. Spinal injuries, liver disorder, peritonitis, pancreatic cancer are such type of causes.

 They are spinal injuries and disorders, pancreatic cancer, liver disorder, peritonitis and bowel obstruction.

As for now, you may get pretty clearness regarding why this occurs. So, it would be great for you to know the remedies now. Let’s proceed.

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles Feelings From Your Back?

Nothing can be more annoying than the feeling of back pain like an air bubble. You can’t move, sit or even sleep due to the agony.

The good news is you need to follow a few simple tips to get out of this condition. However, if the pain goes beyond your threshold, take help from health care professionals.

Modify Your Eating Habit

Foods high in carbohydrate (refined), additives, fats (saturated) are the main enemy to cause you this. If you come to know about the gassiest foods for you, then cut them down from the list. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take fatty foods at all.

You can have food containing omega 3 fatty acid. Because it improves food absorption and also aids Ibs. Try to eat food rich in fibre as it nourishes your colon well.

It will help you to improve your digestion naturally. Besides, you should keep yourself hydrated. Your body requires 1.5–2 litres water per day. However, you can meet the need with herbal tea, seltzer water along with mineral water.

Another way to be hydrated is by taking foods containing more liquids. For this, you may have these foods: zucchini, celery cucumber,  strawberries, grapefruit and tomatoes etc.

Aside from these, eating mindfully may bring a great impact to your life -in a positive way. For this, when eating try to focus on that. You can switch off the tv, phone and focus on the texture, smell, taste. Don’t just move the jaw, try to enjoy each bite.

This sort of habit will prevent gas, bloating and indigestion issues. Smoking, taking alcohol, and having late-night snacks may increase gas inside. So, avoid these things to get rid of this nightmare.

Taking Probiotics

Probiotics relax you from frequent acid reflux attack like magic. Its natural solution works your overall system to reduce the excess gases.

One such over the counter drug is Probiolite.

It relieves you from heartburn, nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and a lot more issues.On top of that, there is no risk of getting side effects.

Get Some Exercise

Physical activities like doing some yoga, going to walk, cycle riding can deflate the air bubble feeling in the back. During these activities, internal organs like the intestines get stimulated to pass away the gas.

Exercise to relief back pain

Here are some simple,  quick and effective exercises that you can do without any toil :

  • First off, you should lie down on your back. After that, raise your two legs and move them like riding a bicycle.
  • You can try some yoga poses to relieve the gases. Like you can do cat-cow, torso twist, extended triangle pose, sphinx pose and so on. The best thing is you will need only 5 minutes to do each posture.

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Apply Heat

Research work shows that using a hot water bag/pad can reduce gas pain. Here, applying this stuff activates your heat receptors. At the same time, this pad acts as a numbing agent as it suppresses your pain receptor.

The Bottom Line

Back pain due to trapped air can rarely be a serious issue. With little care, you can get back to the previous form. After reading this article on back pain feels like air bubble you may get to know why this is happening.

Also, the tips I mentioned are all scientifically-proven. They also aid thousands of people who once gave up trying everything. So, try them out and let’s know in the comment section below if it works for you or not.

The FAQs About Back Pain

Can gas bubbles make your back hurt?

Yes, you know that gas bubbles can sometimes make your abdomen so tight that it can’t be touched for pain. This pain can shift to the back and make you uncomfortable.

Does stress cause back pain?

Stress can be the cause of pain in some body parts. Your breathing pattern gets changed if you are in an excess load of stress. As a result, your shoulder and back muscles can be affected and so you can face back pain.

What side do you lay on for gas?

To ease gas passing, it is recommended to lay on the left side at night. Try to put a pillow between your knees as it helps a lot to reduce gas.

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