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How Can You Make Your Tacos Healthier?

How often do you eat tacos? What do you think your tacos are filled with? Did you ever think, are tacos healthy? Well, tacos are the most popular Mexican food that is now common around the world. It consists of vegetables, meat, cheese, and other different eatables wrapped with a tortilla that may be hard or soft depending upon the type of tacos.

Tacos can be healthy or unhealthy depending upon how they are made. The article is going to explore everything about what tacos are made of. How is their shell made? Is the hard tortilla better for tacos or should you choose a soft one? Which tacos should you choose at a restaurant and everything that you need to know about tacos?

Finally, you will get to know whether the tacos are healthy for weight loss or not and how you can eat the healthier version of your tacos. You will also come to know about some tips to enjoy healthy and delicious tacos.

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Are Tacos Healthy?

Are tacos good for you? Are tacos unhealthy? Are tacos healthy for you? A lot of health-conscious people ask this question about tacos. So let us discuss how healthy are tacos.

First of all, you should remember that whether the tacos are healthy or not depends upon the ingredients in them. If healthy ingredients are used while preparing tacos, they are safe to eat. Let us first talk about unhealthy tacos. Tacos are unhealthy when you add a lot of cheese to them. Cheese contains saturated fats that increase the bad cholesterol in our bodies. Adding extra cheese can also add to the calorie content of tacos.


Next comes the meat. Using the right meat along with the right quantity of meat is very important in making tacos healthy and low in calories. If you use beef or pork instead of cheese, it will increase the fat content of tacos. Beef is relatively unhealthier than fish or chicken.

If you do not use the right sauce, your tacos become unhealthier. If your sauce is high in sugar and sodium, it will cause you more harm than good. A high amount of salt and sugar can make you feel bloated. It can also lead to diabetes and hypertension. Also, you are at higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases if your sugar and sodium consumption is high.

Healthy Tacos

Tacos are not necessarily unhealthy. They can be healthy if you add healthy ingredients to them. Healthy tacos are those that contain more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are very important for human health.

Fruits and veggies also contain a good amount of fiber that improves your bowel movements and helps your digestive system work efficiently. They also contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that play an important role in keeping you healthier.

You should use the following fruits and vegetables to make your tacos healthy.

Another important thing that you should keep in mind while eating tacos is that there should be the right amount of protein in them. Chicken breast is an excellent and accurate source of lean protein. Lean protein is good for building muscles and weight loss. People ask, are tacos healthy bodybuilding? So, here lies the answer, the handsome amount of protein makes your tacos healthy for bodybuilding.


To make your tacos healthier, choose healthier shells. Hard shells are mostly deep-fried and are high in saturated fats. Choose whole-grain tortilla shells that are soft and are not deep-fried. They are high in nutrients and make your tacos healthy.

Healthy Restaurant Tacos

Restaurant tacos are comparatively unhealthy as compared to homemade tacos. But some tacos at the restaurant can be healthy depending upon what kind of filling they use. Here we will discuss the reviews about some restaurant tacos.

Are Taco Bell Tacos Healthy?

When you think about taco bell, you are probably not thinking about healthy eating.  Although it is possible to have light meals at the bell, most of them are packed with high sugar content that is not good for health.


Also, they use beef instead of chicken that is fattier. Tacos from Taco Bell contain a lot of carbohydrates that make you gain weight and are not good for those suffering from diabetes.

Are Jack-In-The-Box Tacos Healthy?

Jack in the box claims that their tacos are very healthy with low calories. No doubt, they are low in calories but they are very unhealthy.  They are tempting and are low in price but they do not use healthy ingredients. There are no vegetables in their tacos plus they use beef instead of chicken which is high in fats. The artificial flavors make their tacos more unhealthy.

Are Taco Bell Power Bowls Healthy?

Are power bowls from Taco Bell healthy? Well, the power bowl is very high in calories. It contains 500 calories per bowl. Also, it is high in sodium and is not good for your heart health. The good thing is that it is also high in protein so you can eat it in moderation. Or you can order other low-calorie options. Also, the people ask, are taco bell refried beans healthy? No, they are unhealthy as they are fried again and again so they absorb more fats.

Are Taco Bell Beans Healthy?

Are taco bell bean burritos healthy? Yes, they are. The taco bell beans are very healthy, almost fat-free, high in protein and fiber. It contains nutrients like iron and phosphorus that are good for the heart. It contains 380 calories with 9 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. This high protein content is very good for muscles. But you should not use the red sauce with bean burritos, use pico de gallo to reduce sodium intake.


Healthier Varieties of Tacos

Tacos are of many types including breakfast tacos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos, beef tacos, and many more. Let us discuss which ones are healthy and why.

Are Fish Tacos Healthy?

Most people are curious to know if shrimp tacos are healthy? Yes, fish tacos are very healthy with significant health benefits of eating fish. Fish is one of the healthiest foods and it contains many nutrients. 

Fish has Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and riboflavin which are very good for health. It is also rich in nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. It is a part of a healthy diet and it reduces the risk of diseases like stroke and depression. It also plays a role in enhancing longevity.


Are Chicken Tacos Healthy?

Are our grilled chicken tacos healthy? Yes, Chicken is a very good source of protein. Chicken breast especially contains lean protein that is very good for weight loss. Chicken is better than beef as it is low in fat. One chicken taco contains 260 calories and 6 grams of fat. Chicken is balanced with other fruits and vegetables to make a proper healthy taco.

Are Steak Tacos Healthy?

Steak tacos are a good source of fiber and protein. Sometimes, it may be too high in calories but generally, it is healthy with a good protein source. It is made by melting and combining cheese with meat that makes it high in saturated fat. They use corn tortillas and it contains 500 calories, so you must eat in moderation.

Are Hard or Soft Tacos Healthy?

Are soft tacos healthy? Are hard shell tacos healthy?  Are crunchy tacos healthy? Well, tacos are fried in oil for a longer period until they become hard and crunchy. So, soft tacos are healthy as they do not contain saturated fats. Hard tacos are deep-fried, filled with saturated fats, and are very unhealthy.

Are Beef Tacos Healthy?

Beef tacos are less healthy as compared to other ones. Beef contains a lot of calories as it is high in fat. It is red meat that is not good for heart health as it increases cholesterol and causes weight gain.


Are Old El Paso Taco Shells Healthy?

They are very unhealthy as they are deep-fried and are extra crunchy. They are seasoned with beef to enhance the taste but this makes them even unhealthier.

Are Taco Shells Healthy?

Whole grain taco shells are healthy as compared to others. Soft taco shells are more healthy than hard ones as they are fried in oils for longer. You can choose a healthy taco shell of your own choice to make homemade tacos.

Are Tacos Good for Weight Loss?

Do tacos make you gain weight? Are tacos good for weight loss? Are tacos fattening? First, let us discuss how many calories are in a regular taco? A regular soft taco of 128 grams contains 260 calories. And a regular tostada of 159 grams contains 250 calories. Weight loss is all the game of calories in versus calories out. So you can lose weight by eating tacos.

Remember one thing, that eating healthy can make your weight loss process faster. As fruits and vegetables contain more fiber that helps you feel full for longer and you don’t feel hungry again and again. Similarly, a good protein source is more filling and it keeps you satiated for longer. So if you want to lose weight, try healthy ingredients in your tacos and be careful about the number of calories you are taking.

The Bottom Line

Most of the people who enjoy dining out are curious to know if tacos are healthy. So, it depends on the ingredients of your tacos. So, if you want to eat healthy tacos to lose weight, you must add the ingredients that are good for your health and that can help you lose weight faster.

You can make your tacos healthier by adding more fruits and vegetables. You can add chicken as a protein source. And always use whole grain tortilla shells to enjoy healthy tacos.


Are tacos healthy for weight loss?

At a restaurant, a taco may contain up to 1500 calories and 60 grams of fat. Especially when it has cheese and meat in it. Homemade tacos can be very healthy for weight loss if you prepare them by using whole-grain tortilla shells, chicken, fruits, and vegetables.

Are homemade tacos healthy?

Yes, homemade tacos are very healthy especially if you want to lose weight. You can use the number of ingredients according to your calorie intake and diet plan. Also, you can avoid unhealthy ingredients at home.

Are tacos junk food?

According to health experts, it can be considered both healthy and junk food. You can make it low in fat by adding healthy fruits and vegetables balanced with a good protein portion from meat. Taco shells should not be hard and fried if you want them to remain healthy.

Are street tacos healthy?

Street tacos may be healthy or unhealthy. It depends upon what kind of tortilla shell they use. Also, it depends on toppings and other ingredients. But mostly they are healthy with low calories along with healthy vegetables like cilantro, Avocados, and lime.

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