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Are Oreos Healthy For You Or Not? Find Out Now!

Oreos have been one of the most popular cookie brands around the globe, with more than 500 billion cookies sold till now. They are also one of the most bought things in any grocery store. People generally prefer to eat Oreo cookies as a snack between meals or when they watch their favorite tv show or sports. 

But Are Oreos Healthy?

Well, eating two or three Oreos once a week is not bad for your health. However, eating six or more is definitely unhealthy. But a common problem regarding them is that people eat Oreos every day (which is super bad). 

Read on to know all about Oreos! 

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Why Are Oreos Bad For you?

Eating Oreo cookies every day is surely not good for your body, and the reasons are simple:

These calories, sugar, and saturated fat can lead to a number of health problems like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndrome.

Let’s Have a look at the Ingredients in Oreos:

Harmful Ingredients in Oreos

The health status of any food or snack is decided by looking at the ingredients. The ingredients that are present in the Oreos but are harmful to you are:

  • Sugar (the most harmful ingredient)
  • Flavors (like Vanilla(
  • Fructose syrup
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Maple Syrup
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Chocolate 
  • Soy Lecithin

Some of you may say we have been adding sugar to our tea every morning for years, and we don’t have diabetes, so Oreos must not be that bad. 


Well, you may be adding one tablespoon of sugar, which is not that bad. However, eating Oreos means you are consuming many tablespoons of sugar. 

Oreos is also making sugar-free and gluten-free cookies, and people generally think they are the healthier ones. 

Are Oreos Healthy if It’s Sugar Free?

Yes, Sugar-free Oreos are the healthiest than any other Oreos type. The one serving of sugar-free oreo cookies only has 90 calories which is almost half than one serving of Golden Oreos.

People also ask, are Oreos good for weight loss? Well, regular ones are for sure not good if you want to lose weight. However, eating sugar-free Oreos before having a meal will reduce hunger, and you will end up eating less. But don’t make a habit of doing this, as sugar-free Oreos still contain calories and some fat content. 

Are Gluten-free Oreos Healthy?

No, gluten-free Oreos are not healthy. Although they are made up of ground white rice and oat flour, the calories content in one serving is 160 calories, and 7 grams of fat is also there, which is very similar to the ones that have gluten. 

However, those who have gluten allergies can enjoy these Oreos and become a part of the group that eats Oreos.

Wondering why people can’t resist Oreos?

Why Are Oreos So Good? 

A study was conducted on those who used to eat Oreos daily and found that eating Oreos is like an addiction to them. They just love the taste, crunchiness, and lickable creamy filing of these cookies. That is why it is predicted that Oreos will cross its sale of a total of 1000 billion cookies very shortly. 

Now, let us tell you the nutrition present in the regular Oreos.


Oreos Nutrition facts

There are different kinds of Oreos, but the nutrition content in a 30-gram serving is generally:

Calories160-200 cal
Fat9-10 g
Saturated Fat3-4 g
Sugar12-18 g
Sodium90-120 mg
Health benefits of Oreo – Infographic

Famous Types Of Oreos

You have already read about sugar-free and gluten-free Oreo cookies. Now, it is time for you to know which are the most famous types of Oreos and what their health status is. 

Thin Oreos

Thin Oreos are another company’s unique addition to make people their permanent buyers. But the question still remains, are thin Oreos healthy?

Eating two or three thin oreo cookies will do no harm to the body. However, eating them too much daily will certainly cause health problems that will make you regret why you chose to eat thin Oreo cookies in the first place. 

Golden Oreos

Golden Oreos are different from the rest due to the vanilla wafers and white cream filling that are just too delicious to resist. Those who eat Golden Oreos have often termed their eating habit an addiction. But are golden Oreos healthy? 

Absolutely Not! The calories content is 170, which is more than almost every other Oreo type. Moreover, the fat content in one serving is 7 grams, and sodium content is 120 mg. So, eating too many Golden Oreo cookies can damage your health, and you will be left with nothing but regret.

Mini Oreos

Mini Oreos are the mini version of regular Oreos released in 2000. People love them for their size, delish taste, and crunchiness. The question arises, are mini Oreos healthy? Well, it is definitely healthier than the regular Oreos due to less sugar and calories as the size is smaller. But since they are bite-sized, people generally consume them a lot; they cause several health problems described above. 


Dark Chocolate Oreos

Dark Chocolate Oreos was an instant hit due to the taste and lickable filling. But are dark chocolate Oreos healthy for you?

Sadly No. In fact, some dieticians have called it one of the unhealthiest Oreos available in the market. The reason is that, in addition to high sugar and fat levels, Dark chocolate Oreos contain higher sodium levels than the rest of the Oreos.

Similarly, people also ask, are deep-fried Oreos healthy, and the answer is again No (reasons are the same). 

If you really want to enjoy eating biscuits and cookies, we recommend you go for the healthier alternative to Oreos. You can choose Organic Sandwich Cookies by Tasty Brand, homemade Peanut Butter and jam (PB & J) cookies, Kinnikinnick Kinnitoos, and anything you make yourself using healthier substitutes of sugar and flour.


Is it bad to eat Oreos every day?

Yes, eating Oreos every day is super unhealthy for you. These Oreos contain high sugar, fat, calories, and sodium (in some types) that are detrimental to the body. If you regularly eat these cookies, you may get diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and high blood pressure problems. Therefore, we recommend you go for Oreo healthy alternatives or eat the regular Oreos once in a while. 

Are Oreos bad for your heart?

Yes, Oreos are bad for the heart in several ways. First, the fat content in the Oreos can cause disruption in the smooth blood flow towards and from the heart. Secondly, it increases the sugar levels in the blood, which can also lead to cardiovascular diseases. Thirdly, people get obese when they eat Oreos daily, which can also negatively impact the heart. 

How many Oreos should you eat a day?

You should never eat more than three Oreos in a day. We know many will be disappointed with our answer, but this is best for you and your health. Also, don’t make a habit of eating them every day. Regularly eating oreo cookies will give you nothing but health troubles. 

Final Thoughts

All-inclusive, Oreos are one of the most popular and delicious cookies we have today. But are Oreos healthy for you or not? Eating Two or three Oreo cookies once in a while is not unhealthy; however, regular consumption of these cookies is bad for health.

The real problem is that people generally don’t stop at two or three cookies. When they open a packet, they eat every cookie, and most of them do this every day. This continuous eating invites diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and obesity. So, you should either control your cravings or go for the healthy alternatives to live healthily!

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